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tarot card readers what is your favorite type of deck to use or brand of cards to use? and why? and where do you get them?

Answer by SNAP!
i don’t read cards, but i thought i’d tell you about a cool website…you can get your cards read for free….it’s ….they also sell all kinds of different decks….check it out, you’ll be able to look at all your different options

Answer by Radagast97
I hate using tarot cards.

I have never ever gotten a full house, straight, or a flush with a tarot card deck.

And do get me started on trying to play Bridge with them….

Answer by Tirya
This is going to sound dumb, but the deck I currently use the most and have the best connection with is the deck that came with the $ 4.99 “Tarot Kit” from Barnes and Noble. The book is worthless, but for some reason I’ve connected with the deck.

My favorite deck overall was an Ancestral Path deck that I lost due to various reasons.

Answer by TheMysticOne
My favorite deck is the deck of my own design, of course. But I do quite well -and enjoy using- the Universal Waite deck. The re-coloring of the standard Rider deck is superb. I also do past life readings, and for that I use the Sacred Circle deck for it’s depth and clarity. I want to get the Gilded tarot, though, as I am so attracted to it, and every time I see it, it seems to call out to me.

Answer by Rena B
My favorite cards are the Thoth deck. They are very powerful and accurate. I got them from a store in Colorado called Isis Books. I believe they have a website. You can buy Tarot cards at any Barnes and Noble Booksellers or Borders Bookstore. For a beginner, I recommend the Rider-Waite deck or the Marseille deck. If you go someplace with several decks to choose from, pick the one you feel most drawn to. Good luck, and happy hunting!

Answer by drampor
My favorite is Madame Endora’s fortune cards, they’re way cool!!! Most any deck will do though. I really like the Angel cards from Doreen Virtue as well. My Girlfriend has a lot of diferent types and I’ve made myself comfortable with most of them as well as all the books that explain some of the lesser known nuances. You get them from occult shops or book stores in any decently populated town or city. Take care.

Answer by Broken_upon_wheels
The thoth deck is good for a broad,deep ,reading but I like the vampire or green witch’s decks for the artwork.

Answer by Sid B
Favorite deck mythological tarot, because I have a good knowelege of the greek myths so know the stories behind the art.

Answer by rosevallie
The one deck to avoid at all costs is the Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Deck
he included some pretty perverse symbolism that skews the readings unless you are a strong personality that can overide it.

Answer by raven blackwing
Gothis tarot. Got it from on-line store.

Answer by BlueManticore
My fav deck is The Shakespearian Tarot Deck. I really like the artwork. Got it from an Amazon auction.

Answer by Nelly
I prefer the Rider Waite because I like the pictures. They help me to interpret the meaning easier. It was the first deack I learned with. And the one I get my best readings from. I got my first deck as a gift. I got replacement decks at Borders Books, including a mini pocket deck, a playing crad size deck, and extra large deck. I like the mini because I can easily carry it around with me.

Answer by psychic-junkie
I like the Hanson Roberts deck, the Robin Wood Tarot and the Connolly Tarot Deck, because their imagery works well for my readings. I don’t like the darker cards like Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, but each to their own.

The many different tarot decks available will all portray symbolic imagery which must then pass through your psychic senses and, given the context of the questions asked, bring forth a tarot card meaning that significantly answers your question.

I am a professional psychic and always have at least 4 different decks on the go at any one time. When a deck get’s a bit too well worn I buy a new deck (often from eBay). I prefer to work with as new a deck of cards as possible so the shuffle and deal smoothly and quickly. I usually sell my old decks on eBay too. Here’s a live RSS feed for Tarot Decks on eBay at the moment.

You can use this four minute video as a brief meditation on the tarot that, repeatedly viewed, will help you learn how to read tarot cards psychically.

Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days to study meanings and spreads!

Answer by kara3967
I use the Unicorn deck. I was looking for a deck and one day when I was in Salem, this one called to me. It’s not one I would have selected for myself, but you can’t ignore that pull.

This deck is the one I used for a reading that really freaked me and the inquirent out. He had a question in mind and the answers I was giving him had nothing at all to do with it. Instead it was telling him of an impending betrayal by a very close person in his life. Nothing that was going on at the time would have lead him to even think about this, but sure enough within 2 months, the betrayal happened and it was his mother that did it. Needless to say, I now know that this deck is the one I should use for any reading I perform.

I do have a ferret deck that is a limited edition that I have tried to work with, but I don’t have very much success with it.

Answer by jetblackhairdownmyback
♥♪♦♫ I will tell you what I use that is a regular playing deck of card they are the most powerful cards that I have ever used they are on time and they are the most efficient deck of cards. ♥♪♦♫ I hope that I have helped you. ♥♪♦♫

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i am very into the spiritual world and really wanting to teach my self tarot cards
does anyone know any good websites that might help
or any other kind of tips would be great thankyou

Answer by Adana Washington
There’s this short eBook that goes into the basic meaning of each tarot card and gives some good spreads to use.

Answer by Luke
dont bother with them, research catholicism instead

Answer by Elaine M
The standard Rider Waite type deck meanings are online both at Aeclectic Tarot (click ‘cards’ then look for the ‘meanings’) and over at

The BEST book to learn the meanings of the cards is one called 78 Degrees of Wisdom, you can pick up a used copy for cheap over on Amazon. It discusses each card how it developed, how the pictures indicate the meaning and all sorts of little details.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
One effective method of learning tarot is to journal. Go card-by-card through your deck in order and spend some time with each card. Study the image on the card and record your impressions. Break down the symbolism (out loud if you have to) and record what you think it means. Then get out your books… the guidebook that comes with the deck and any other book you have with tarot meanings (at least having one other book can be helpful. I recommend either “Tarot: Your Everyday Guide” bu Jenina Renee or “The Tarot Workbook” by Nevill Drury) and read through the entries while examining the picture on the card. Record whatever information seems important or relevant. When you are through with the deck, go back through your notes and study them… compile a short statement about the card, maybe a couple of sentences describing what you think it means… then see if you can break this down further into a keyword or two that describes the card… this will help the meanings you see by studying the cards stick in your head a little.
The next thing you might try is comparing the numbers. Take out all the aces and compare what they mean… the things they have in common will refer to the essential meaning of “ace” and the things that are different about them will refer to the essential meanings of each suit. Go on and do this with the twos, threes etc until you’ve gone through all the minor arcana. I found this to be extremely helpful, myself. Next find a reference for the “Journey of the Fool” and the story about the major arcana and why they are in that particular order and what they symbolize in our greater life’s journey. Journal about the Journey and how you feel about the major arcana… these things were all very helpful to me in my training.
To do a reading, leave the book alone. Don’t even keep your guidebook with your deck as you don’t want to be tempted to reference it during the reading. Read from the images, even if you have no experience with the cards. Look at the people on the cards and figure out what they are doing, how they are feeling and what the various symbols might indicate, then try to apply the behaviors and symbols on the card to the situation at hand. Use your intuition to focus on what seems to be the most important and relevant aspect of the image or symbolism.
If you’ve never read before, you might be better off leaving more complex spreads alone. Leave the complex 10-card “Celtic Cross” spread for when you are more experienced with the cards and stick with simple spreads like a one-card spread or 3 to 4 card spreads where the positions are fairly easy to figure out. Once you’ve got a better handle on the cards themselves and the positions of your spreads, you can experiment with more complex spreads and trying to read the relationships between the cards.

Answer by Enchantress
A lot of useful things have been suggested here.

The most important thing is to find a deck that appeals to you so that you’re interested in the cards and don’t grow bored. It’s best to make sure it follows the typical Rider Waite Smith 78 card structure, though. If you want to get an actual RWS deck but don’t like the deck itself there are loads of remakes, like the Radiant Rider Waite and the Universal Waite. But of course, you can pick ANY deck of your choosing, RWS or not!

As far as resources, there should be a balance of intuition and book knowledge. Keep a journal(!!!!), write down what the cards say to you at a glance. Some will be more apparent than others, and that’s fine.

Get a few good books. The little white book that comes with the deck isn’t all that helpful. 78 Degrees of Wisdom is good but can be a bit daunting at first. A good beginner book I still flip through sometimes despite having learned the cards already is Tarot For Life by Paul Quinn.

Youtube is an EXCELLENT resource. Check out:

The Four Queens: I’ve linked you to the first episode in a series of 10 where she goes in depth about different parts of the tarot. She covers everything from choosing a deck, defining your goals as a reader, history of the cards (without being boring), books/resources and much more in a very down to earth, easy to understand way.
John Ballantrae is an incredibly wise card reader. I have no idea how long he’s been reading but definitely for a while and he always has a ton of helpful tips and perspectives
Tarot Readings By Kate. She does readings on her channel as well as go over decks and symbolism and tips for beginners
LunareWisdom/MomCalzMeSheri – same idea as above, though he whole channel isn’t dedicated to it. (Neither is The Four Queens, actually.)

Online resources:

are all good places to start.

Take everything you read/hear/see with a grain of salt. Never take something as fact, but take it for consideration. No two readers read exactly the same!

Good luck!

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I am doing some research on tarot cards and also learning how to do readings. I am getting help from my fiancee, but am looking for books as well. Any help would be appreciated.
This has been so helpful and with the help of my teacher I should do just fine. Blessed Be.

Answer by ocnbrez2003
there is some info here good luck

Answer by 88Angel
Hey i offer free reading to all first time callers also the number is free…Its just my hobby

Torah Means Bible in Jewish which was translated to Tarot The Tarot cards come from incidences in the bible like the towers and the tower of Babel and so on.

For free reading just go on my site and follow instructions.

Answer by Deirdre H
If you’re interested, there is a free 20 week beginner’s course on the Tarot at

While they list it as a beginner’s course, it is actually quite deep, delving into the Kabalistic symbolism and such. It might be worth looking at.



Answer by Debbie A
“Tarot For A New Generation” by Janina Renee and also “Tarot: A New Handbook For The Apprentice” by Eileen Connolly. both are very good, don’t get dicouraged, it’s also important to get a deck that speaks to you with lots of pictures that really “talk”

Answer by neologycycles
Would recommend the articles from the Theosophical Society of America. To quote one of their articles, ‘ Charles Williams, in his delightful occult novel The Greater Trumps, most insightfully describes the figures of the Tarot deck as performing an everlasting circular dance of great intricacy, within which the Fool occupies the motionless position of the pivot around which the entire dance revolves.’ My own interpretation of the story is that if you can get the Fool to dance you will no longer grope towards an intuition of what creation is about- you will know. You will see the burning bush.
Just wanted to add that this is a great page of answers which I have bookmarked for later perusal. I feel like I have gone fishing for the usual minnows and found a pool of dolphins

Answer by Pam R

That is a bit like asking how long is a peice of string.

There is no difinitive record of the first deck, so it is hard to say, most accounts that you find will differ.

For readings – be patient, dont ruch – the tarot is a complex subject. Need any help join us below

In Peace

tarot teacher

Answer by grelics
As Deidre mentioned, I also strongly recommend Magicka School
Other excellent sites are:

History and origins at:

Blessed Be!

Answer by manuel p
they, are good…

Answer by PsiTips
If you are using Tarot cards as an oracle, you may be more inclined to read card meanings and spreads. But if using Tarot Cards as a tool for Psychic Ability you would be less likely to hold to any hard and fast guide lines. I’m a profession psychic and use Tarot Cards in a random way. In 25 years of professional readings I’ve never used any ‘meanings, spreads or reversals’ of tarot cards from any books.

So if you want to develop ‘Psychic Ability’ throw the books and guidelines away and let the images inspire you. But you may need to try the Rider Waite or another imaged deck.

Here’s the how-to of reading tarot cards with your psychic perception in six simple steps.

You can use this four minute video as a brief meditation on the tarot that, repeatedly viewed, will help you learn how to read tarot cards psychically.

To tap in to it more you can go to my free psychic development pages here:

But on the other hand, if you want to use the Tarot as an oracle, a form of divination that needs no real ‘psychic ability’, then keep the books and use the meanings and spreads if you prefer.

Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks. This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days. So you get 30 days to study meanings and spreads!

There are a couple of good documentaries about the Tarot on

Answer by thecityoftownsville_2000
Regarding the history and origins of Tarot cards, one must beware of a lot of false histories still floating about. Few artifacts have been as distorted and as misrepresented as the Tarot deck. I would not rely entirely upon new age or metaphysical authors as they tend to be too attracted to the myths surrounding tarot cards. One should also include playing card historians as the Tarot was originally designed for playing card games and Tarot cards are still used today in Europe for playing card games.

Wikipedia is not a bad place to start. I would also recommend a wiki called Taropedia which I have found to be mostly accurate.
Also do not forget playing card history as this is also an important part of Tarot history

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The Sun Tarot Card Meaning Video

Written by ArthurJames

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