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Okay I had a reading last year, 2006 in May. I think it was pretty vague but 2 of my girlfriends go to this lady and get semi accurate readings. I have a boyfriend who is incarcerated and myself am going thru a custody case in court and she didn’t mention either of these things in my reading. I was wondering if some people are easier to read than others or what? At the time of my reading I was having alot of stress at work and she did pick up on that and told me to quit my job within 6 months or my health would suffer but didn’t give any specifics. Here it is over a year later and I still have the same job, no health problems. Like I said my 2 girlfriends get pretty accurate readings but mine wasn’t really on point. Any ideas?

Answer by auntb93
I’ve been reading Tarot for some 35 years, and I do not see my own style in anything you have described. For one thing, I don’t expect to “pick up on” every aspect of a person’s life, or to make predictions to any great extent. I do not so much predict as advise.

What I do is lay down the cards and tell the client what I see in them. I don’t claim any special “psychic” power, other than some ability to read rather subtle clues at the subliminal level. But I read the cards. I have studied them and their symbolism, and the ways in which they correspond to other symbol systems, notably the kabalah, astrology and numerology, but some other systems as well in the case of particular decks.

I do not say the reader was a fraud, but I do say she apparently had a very different style from my own.

Answer by ‘llysa
There are those who use metaphysical tools such as tarots to “fortune-tell”, a superficial surface game that when played has the potential to generate limits and fears. Then there are those who use said same tools for psychological soul searching, an activity that permeates a deeper level of one’s personal understanding of universal mysteries and their connections to those mysteries.

When one “predicts” future outcomes, they are “fortune-telling”… and here’s the secret: Nothing is written in blood upon stone. We all have choice, and that includes the choice to do nothing at all, to let things be as they are and thus not attempt to influence the future in some way by changing some behavior in the “now”. Fortune-telling is entertaining, but cannot be taken literally, obviously, due to the dynamic (rather than static) nature of human life.

If you could remember the cards the reader pulled, you could use the symbolism to assess issues and options for handling those issues you had at the time (this requires going deeper into the self, and a willingness to be self-honest with your current “reality” in order to find solutions to problems you’re having)… but, it would be better to just get another reading, and this time from someone who uses the tarots for self-improvement purposes rather than for fortune-telling entertainments, if you’re really looking for “serious” tarot readings. However, if you’re not looking for anything serious, then just keep in mind that seeking someone to fortune-tell for you is just an entertainment that you’ve spent “fun money” on. 😉

My point is that in “predicting” the future, there’s a 50/50 chance that the reader will “get it right”. Thus, your two friends were on the 50% side that the reader “got right”, and you were on the 50% side that the reader “got wrong”.

Answer by Allison W
This reader sounds like a charlatan – how much money did she take from you? Any GOOD reader would have picked up on those two – I would say – very MAJOR issues that are bearing down on you mentally, emotionally and psychically. Find a real reader. She probably knows your friends better and knows what is going on with them which is why she has something to work with.

Answer by Johnny
If you definitely want to go to a tarot card reader, then maybe you should try someone else — what do you have to lose. You don’t mention the type of semi-accurate readings your friends had. For instance, did she give them semi-accurate relationship advice that could be applied to most relationships or did she say something more specific but got details wrong (“your uncle will leave you mone”, but it was the aunt).

The fact that you aren’t 100% comfortable suggests that you should shop around. Alternately, if you have an extra $ 20 and you think it might just be “fun” to see what she says, then go back to the reader. Personally, I’d check out someone else.

Answer by Codrina
Do this – go to and enter as a guest. You can do a reading yourself – free of charge. However, it is important that you clear your mind of all things, and have a specific question in mind, and not a “yes or no” question either. I find the Tarot helps me pay attention to certain areas in my life. One mistake people make is that they believe the Tarot will tell them the future, and that is not so. The future is in your hands; the Tarot just helps you see how you can change it by being connected to the present.

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Have you ever had your tarot cards read? I’m talking about by an actual professional Tarot card reader. What was your experience like, and do you believe the person was actually psychic?

Answer by H.L. Pony
Tarot reading is a very powerful tool for seeing the unseen and knowing the unknowable. For only $ 19.95 I will sell you the secret of the Tarot. Cash only. No checks or credit cards.

Really, don’t be a sucker. There’s no such thing as magic. Embrace reality.

Answer by 3
Nothing more interesting and better to do in Brazil Felipe??? LOL

Call your local mental hospital, I am sure they will help you out!



Ligue para o seu hospital local mental, estou certo de que irá ajudá

Answer by suzie
no never done from prpfessional reader..just the application on phones.
are u a tarot reader?lol..predict mine please 😀

Answer by ChainLightninG
Tarot cards? Astrology? Ha!

I’m a professional Magic 8 Ballâ„¢ reader myself. The only one in the US. My accuracy is unequaled to any other type of fortune telling. Soon I will have the first volume of “Learning the Magic 8 Ballâ„¢ in Three Weeks” also to be on DVD.

So be sure to “Ask Again Later”

Answer by YiYi
Don’t pay attention to these kids on Santa’s naughty list.

I am a professional tarot card reader,and have read for many people. I have lots of repeat business because of my accuracy and honesty. Keep in mind that readings are not set in stone, and your actions can change the course of the predictions.

Example: Your reading can show that you and a previous lover will reunite, but if you write a bunch of nasty things about him on Facebook, that reunion most likely will not happen.

Tarot card readings are very informative, and religion or lack of religious beliefs have nothing to do with it.

Answer by E
Try getting a free reading and you can decide for yourself. Check out for a free reading from an actual reader. Best of luck!

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About 10 years ago i called a psychic hot line simply for fun. I never believed in tarat cards but this lady told me three things.
1. Get to a hospital! She said death was at my door!
2. There was no money in my future!
3. Libras and Pisces are’nt compatible.”im a libra and my wife is a pisces” {FYI she told my wife our marriage would never be fullfilling}

OK, here’s where it starts. 1 month after this reading i had a heart attack and have had another one since then. We are about to file bankruptcy for the second time and although we are still married, our relationship has no passion. How do you break these chains of events? You’ve got to admit, everything she said has came true! Whats your opinion?

Answer by CAB
Thats because there is a curse on your money. You need to pull all the money you have out of the bank and bring it to me so that I can lift the curse. It should only take a couple days.

Answer by Pa
Stop the drama…and being a sucker.

Answer by Lilibeth
Have you ever heard of the power of mind?
Everything you believe might come true, stop worrying about what she says and make your own decisions, work, earn money and save, be a nice guy, how about some flowers? Take her out for dinner,say sweet things, if you love her.
There are many cases of sickness,cancer etc cured by power of mind. Miracle? Maybe, believe and you can everything.
DOnt let this come too you, its like giving up and letting someone else live for you.

Answer by Lily
Ok..Pretend that I am this psychic and my reading 10 years ago said this about you.
1. You will not die in the next ten years.
2. You will cheat death 3 times in the next ten years.
3. You will still be happily married to the same person after 10 years.
Wow!! It all came true , didn’t it? Could you have been killed in those last ten years,but were not? Maybe you did cheat death more than once.. Who knows? Don’t pay attention to this crap..It can take over your life and your peace of mind. Death was NOT at your door, or else you would not be here today. Start eating healthily, put mild exercise into your life and get regular checkups. After 10 years or more of married life, it is natural and expected that the fizz may be gone..Do something to put it back in.Move your ass and make it work.As for your finances, the whole world economy is shitty right now. We are all in the same leaky boat my friend! Life is great.Savor it and don’t call psychics again!

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