Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot cards online site……..?

is an accurate site to use?

serious answers only, please.

Answer by Midnyte
you mean “computer-generated”? They all pretty much the same. But be prepared you might need to interpret your reading yourself. You’ll be given general meanings.
Lotus tarot did free readings.

Answer by Enigma
I agree… from my experience lotustarot does free readings… but its hard to define “accurate”

if youre looking for meanings of the cards you should start with the book that comes along with the cards. from there, practice with them until you can interpret them on your own (not following the book word for word).

I wouldn’t trust online-tarot websites as accurate exactly. I’d use them more for fun than serious questions.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I need expert advice about Tarot Cards/Readings Frequency PLEASE!?

I am new to Tarot Cards. I have done some research on their use but do not yet know enough to fully understand how they work. I have been using an online site for about a month now. It utilizes the 10 card draw from the “Celtic Cross” Tarot Deck. Although I know using an online site is not the same as actually being in front of a Master Tarot Card Reader or Psychic but some of the readings have come to pass with astonishing accuracy!

I have two questions and only two, both relating to each other that I need answered and has consumed my life obsessing over it. The last time I did the online reading was about a week ago and the reading I received revealed the answer to my 2 questions in such a positive way, supposedly in my immediate future that I have not consulted the Tarot again for fear of “jinxing” or affecting its outcome. However, what it revealed has not happened yet and now I am becoming very anxious about it.

Should I do another reading now or should I wait to see what manifests from the good reading I did a week ago? I read that you are not supposed to consult the Tarot again until something changes regarding the first reading or with much frequency?

I am very confused and would very much appreciate any of your advice before the stress and worry over this issue consumes me. Thank you so very much for your time to read this and reply!

Answer by Sarah
Hi. I’m into to Tarot too, and I know what youre talking about, I had a question about this too and I have a feeling no one is going to answer, but what the heck. Soo, you have 2 problems right? The Tarot suggested a change in the near future but it hasnt happened yet. Normal, a week isn’t a long time, sometimes changes take up to a month and I am like you, with the fear of jinxing 🙂

So, normally, how long would you wait in between taking Tarot readings? 2 weeks? A week? You may want to think about that too. It could be also that one problem is resolved already, you just haven’t noticed it, or haven’t realized it, maybe it will happen today. Maybe you took the answer the wrong way. You might’ve misunderstood the true meaning, read what the Tarot suggested and make sure that you aren’t assuming that the answer is better than what it is or perhaps its better than what you think. And if you’re like me, you will absolutely know that nothing happenes by accident, there is no such thing as a coincidence, and everything happens for a reason. Focus on the little things in your life during this time, it could be what the change is.

Consult the Tarot next week to this day, the change will probably have happened. If it hasn’t consult the Tarot anyway, it may suggest something you have never considered.

The future is the future my friend, it is what it is.

Hope that helped 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Online Physic Readings real?

If so can you tell me a good place to find a FREE online reading….Thanks!!!

Answer by CensorshipYahoo
they are real

real stupid

Answer by Pantherempress
Free readings are not free, they have hidden usage charges.

Try a site that sells tarot cards, they usually let you try the cards for free. Not 100% accurate but fun.

Answer by cocoa_baer
No hon, I have a friend who did these and would laugh and laugh… They tell you answers you either want to hear, or give you advice they think you need to hear.

You are better off on Yahoo Answers.

Answer by xtrinitivex
no way you can connect with energy on-line or on the phone with a total stranger, they are bogus this way.

Answer by Tahuti Reincarnate
I generally think they’re charlatans. Go to an in person psychic, then you can better gauge whether they’re being sincere or not.

Answer by MermaidGurl
No, they are a scam.

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