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Can someone please help me decipher what these cards mean in this reading? I used the celtic cross spread and my concern is: I would like to know if anyone has done any sort of witch craft/black magic on me? I’m confused..thanks!

1) 8 of Cups reversed
2) The Sun reversed
3) 5 of Cups
4) Knight of Swords
5) Ace of Wands reversed
6) 7 of Cups reversed
7) Knight of Pentacles
8) 6 of Pentacles
9) The Devil reversed
10) 10 of Swords reversed

Please someone help me. I need to know because it seems like someone did something evil to me..I’d like to know if it’s not just in my head. Thank u. I really appreciate it!

*Please, I am serious. If you don’t believe in tarot cards, don’t reply. Please..thanks.*

Answer by Horror

Answer by Archer Blaybourne
Don’t worry so much about “reversed”…get the Thoth deck painted by Lady Frieda Harris for Aleister Crowley and read his. “Book of Thoth” book that goes with it. Also, if u r under psychic attack, read Crowley’s, “Mooon Child” about the Simple Simon technique to deal with it: basically, the point is that, if u do not PARTICIPATE in the psychic attack by exhibiting any of the expected fear and symptoms, it can rebound upon the sender.

Answer by In The Cards
If you’re interested in an interpretation of the spread, I do quick interpretations for a fee. You can visit the tarot card interpretation page for more information.

Briefly though, I don’t think you have been cursed or had black magic directed towards you.


Miss L

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who ill i take to my prom and who will i marry please answer this ? I want to know and if mystic answer this ? i just want to tell you im thankful for your help and i shift my ideas about my height thanks

my name is brandon lamarr dunn my dob is 4/24/92 and i was born 10:43 am at the christiana hospital in delaware and im a taurus

and could u describe my wife looks and my prom date look and tell me there name please

i know im young but im just curious haha please answer them though

one psychic said

Prom date:Red hair girl named Lisa with a blue dress, green eyes, 5’3.
Who you will marry:Blond hair girl named Anna, blue eyes, 5’2.
You will meet your prom date at a video game store and you will meet your future wife at a local park.

and if she is right when will i meet lisa like in how many months


Answer by ♥Mommy to Raynah and Ryland♥
i’m not a psychic but I do read tarot cards. I can try to give you an idea of the asnwers to your questions with a FREE reading. I have a little website. check it out. don’t worry its not a scam.

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I was hoping someone would be willing to do a free psychic or tarot card reading for me since i am having career troubles, or in other words dont know what to do..


Answer by Robert
Science will tell you that ‘readings’ are crap and do not work.

Answer by Perfectly Imperfect
no u should stay away from that stuff

Answer by Pro-Voodoo Pin-Pusher Man
I’ll read your palm if you describe it.

Answer by mw_littlewinnie
Hi if you would like a free reading go to this group
and they will read for you

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