Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot Cards – Rider Waite – What manual is best to learn?

I have the tarot cards and the book that comes with them, but it is really hard to decipher. Anyone know of a manual that actually shows photos of each card and interprets each? It is soooooo confusing when I look in this 100 page booklet with no identifying photos, and try and figure out which card is being referred to and how to actually do this!

Answer by fooles.troupe
Have you tried Googling for this info?

Try looking here for a start.

Answer by WebWeaver
1st off understand that it does take time, and practice. One of the best books for a beginner, and that has RWS (Rider-Waite) pixs is Learning the Tarot.

I suggest this book because the layout of the information is really well designed. You can use the exercises or just use the card information pages. The pages for the cards also has room for a person to make their own notes. You can also test it out online 1st. I’ll put the link in the source list. I used the book for about 2 years before I could afford it. It’s always easier to have the actual book, cuz you can’t take a computer to bed with you 😉

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should i get tarot cards? what kind and how much do they cost?

my mom was really good at tarot cards, but when she was in the middle of a reading she broke down crying and asked the person she was reading if they had been abused as a child and they got all offended and called her a witch for knowing that and so she never did it again… but i’m not afraid of the super natural and i think she had a gift. and i have intuitive dreams just like her, so i think i might be good at them =) how much do they cost and what should beginners get?

Answer by inteleyes
You can do it without cards, just talk normal and wait for the information to come to you, you will know within or even hear a voice within, or a vision may come to give you information….you have to take your time and wait for it to come to you unexpectedly. iF it even works that way for you.

Answer by Voices In My Head
Did you know you can use a deck of regular playing cards in place of tarot cards? The website link will explain how to do it.

Answer by Tarot by Meg
Heh, you’re going to get split answers on this but here goes. I reccommend Universal Waite by Stuart Kaplan, the art is gentle and easy for a beginner. Also, Robin Wood Deck isn’t that bad either. I’ve grown to love the art. Some might tell you this is a Crutch to open abilities. however, if you listen to some interviews by some of the Tarot greats such as Scotty Roberts, or Rachel Pollack, or Mary Greer, some of them even mention in their interview that they wouldn’t have some of the gifts they have now because of the tarot. You read day and night for friends in school, you’ll find about 78 percent of the readings will be about relationship so don’t be shocked, If you are not in High School just bust the cards out at parties. Take any experience you can get. Get books from Nancy Garen, Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack and join groups so you can learn to interpret the tarot. A deck typically runs anywhere from 15 – 30 bucks, or you can buy used if all 78 are there. Also, tarot are not evil, even though I will get a million thumbs down for writing this. Best of luck to you on your tarot journey!

Answer by Michael
I’d reccommend picking a non expensive deck for the begginning, as for anything, if u’d plan to get good at playing guitar u wouldnt get the very best in the shop, because you still dont know if thats what ur really into to, and you dont know ur personal preferences either, so.. if u see u really have the “gift” or whatever then u can digg in a little more and find what suits u best.

Answer by Graybeard
Only if you want to be involved in deception. Tarot card reading is a complete fraud.

Answer by Miss 6
I agree with Tarot by Meg! She gave you a really good answer. The only thing I have to add is to look at the different decks and whichever one speaks to you go with that one. The Rider-Waite Deck is the most popular one its based of the original symbols – but that may not appeal to you – you may prefer a deck that is an offshoot of that deck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is the Hanged man (Tarot) a positive or a negative card?

I’ve read a lot about this card and I have been reading tarot cards for almost 11 years now and this card is the hardest to interpret. To me, it has a negative significance and should be more feared than Sword 10 or “The Tower”… But some books describe it as positive: “out of self sacrifice comes enlightenment”.. something like that…

How do you interpret this card: in relationship or love Questions? In profession / career questions?

What is your opinion about this card ?

Answer by Eris’s Gift
Like most cards, it has a positive side and a negative. If you are using reversals, it can denote the inability to decide between multiple choices, or an unwillingness to take control of a situation to further it.
Generally, I consider it a positive card because it basically means that you’re open to anything that the world throws at you. This card implies that you have faith in the process and that you are exactly where you need to be at this time.

*That is truly the most boring troll we’ve ever had here…

Answer by Kristy
I’ve never seen it as a negative. To me, it hearkens back to the story of Odin hanging on the World Tree for nine days to gain wisdom. It’s self-sacrifice, it’s surrender, and it’s also patience – knowing that enlightenment will come in time.

When I see the Hanged Man in my spreads, to me it indicates that this is not a time to act rashly. It’s a time to accept the position you’re in, even if it’s an uncomfortable one to you – maybe even step back and let another person “win.” Take some time off from striving to succeed, and instead contemplate the situation. Metaphorically speaking, hang from a tree for nine days and see what wisdom it brings you!

…also, wth was with the “TD” guy?? Seriously, that was dumb.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
There is no single card in the deck that is “positive” or “negative” outside of the context of a specific reading. Even the 10 of Swords and Tower are not negative… they merely represent conditions within reality… anxiety isn’t always a negative thing as it can help us plan for the future and tragic pride isn’t always bad because from tragedy we can grow.

The Hanged Man can mean stagnation, pause, waiting. It can mean a rite of passage, enlightenment and peace. It can mean sacrifice, discomfort and feeling trapped. It can mean gaining a new perspective or looking at things from a new angle (he’s usually up-side-down, isn’t he?).

One way to get a good idea about a card that is bothering you or that you are having difficulty with is to “walk in” to the card. Sit with the card, stare at it, memorize its appearance. Then, close your eyes and start a meditation (whatever method you prefer)… once you reach a good calm meditative state, visualize yourself standing in front of a life-sized version of the card, then step through the frame and into the scene. Walk up to the character in the card and ask him questions… ask him yourself if he’s positive or negative. Ask him yourself what he means. Start a conversation with him. Let him tell you his story on a one-on-one basis in his own words. Journal about what you observe and discover.
Forget the books written by “experts” because these are YOUR cards and YOUR interpretations of them. Doing this may also show you not just what the card means, but may show you WHY this particular card is giving you difficulty. Something about it may speak to a deep part of your psyche that needs healing… it bothers you because you have a particular problem with something that the card indicates. For instance, I had a breif period where I disliked this card and after some journaling and self-exploration, I realized his message of sacrifice bothered me because I had an issue with selfishness and needed to work through my own bitterness towards thigns that had happened in my past. You might have a similar issue or your issue might be completely different. Cards dont’ have singular meanings… they’re interpretive tools and have layers upon layers of complex meanings.

Answer by Pam Richards
Hello BB

As others have said it is neither positive or negative, like all of the cards it can be both.

It is a wise card, it shows independence. Being able to stand away from the crowd, to see things from a new perspective. As well as the usual delays etc.


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