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I wanted to get a deck of tarot cards and wanted to know if there is a difference in the different decks? If so, which is better. Where is the best place to get a tarot deck, and a book explaining what each card means?

Answer by Stormwind
Find a deck that’s appealing to you. That’s the main thing. You can be recommended tons of different types, but if you don’t like the layout, you’re not gonna use it to your full ability. As for learning the meanings, meditate on a single card for a few days to divine its meaning and symbolism, and work that into your own method of using the deck.

Answer by jolb73
I think your name says it all!

Answer by Gazoo
No difference. They are all absurd.

Answer by Deacon Knight
raider-waite is the most commonly used, and any deck comes with the book–try www.azuregreen,com

Answer by kak is “how” in Russia
Check out it has reviews of tarot decks and sample pics. Just look around and find one that you just connect with and that’s the one for you. There’s really no deck that’s better than another, it’s just a matter of if you feel drawn to a particular deck. Most decks have a little booklet explaining what the cards mean and information about that particular deck, but you could find a book with general tarot information anywhere. Myself, I’ve got the Spiral tarot deck because I really liked the artwork.

Answer by The Prophet ENSLAVEMENTALITY
Not much difference in the meanings of the cards in different decks.I suppose the choice of artwork is a matter of personal taste.I started off with the Rider-Waite deck, but I have several now. You can get them from any bookstore that sells New Age books.Tarot cards are supposed to work better if someone gives them to you as a gift.

Answer by Mike A
Tarot cards, confused??

They are a phony. Buy a mocha latte, relax and consider all the beauty found in creation, then consider if your Creator is speaking to your heart.

Answer by floydbeme
PLEASE do not get into the dark lies of SATAN.
The Bible clearly states that we are not to seek out fortune tellers (seers), soothesayers, etc.
Psalm 118:8 states that we are to seek the counsel of God and not put our complete trust in man, because man will mislead you. AND man is misled by the Devil. Which is why the Devil (a/k/a Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub, etc.) is known as the “Great Deceiver’.

Answer by milly_1963
You could try at the books store or online book store
It is called
A Tin Of Tarot
It comes with a book and the cards it’s $ 22.00 Aus
So it maybe cheaper

Love & Blessings

Answer by Wiccan~Momma
I agree with what someone else said. Find a deck that is appealing to you. The deck you choose needs to reflect some part of you personally. If they don’t… They probably won’t work for you. The different decks don’t really have different “meanings”, but reading your deck can be easier or harder depending on which deck you choose. Some decks are more complex. Most beginners choose to start with a normal deck or a “beginner” deck. I didn’t start with an “easy” deck, however, and I’m doing just fine. It all depends on what you want to do. And all the decks I’ve ever seen came with a small book that tells you what every card means. You can also buy something online if you want a book that will explain the cards better and maybe even give you some spread ideas.

Answer by snootymcpooty
I went to a couple of different shops because there are many different decks — I picked out the design I liked and that was that.

They all come with the instructions inside the box.

Answer by Carnac
One way is to buy them all and do scientifically controlled experiments to evaluate the effect of different types of cards on your individual divination style.

A better alternative is to use whatever brains you may have between your ears to consider whether pretty pictures printed on scraps of cardboard drawn at random from a deck really has any relevance to your life. Think about it, it ain’t rocket science.

Answer by milomax
There can be some differences in the decks – some cards are illustrated and interpreted slightly differently from deck to deck. But those who said find one that appeals to you and start with that one are correct. I chose mine because I had seen the artwork on several sites and fell in love with it.

If nothing else, book stores like Barnes and Noble and Waldenbooks have tarot decks and books. You can go online to and get them, too. I bought the Osho Zen deck and book for a friend at Amazon.

Answer by skay
I like the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck and the best book is Tarot, a new handbook for the apprentice, by eileen connolly.

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Answer by Ashley D
each card has a meaning (two, if you take into consideration when cards are upside down), and you read them based on the spread of the cards. theres so many spreads so there are a lot of differant ways and situations the cards can be read for.

Answer by lexi m
Get a free reading online.

It reads the cards for you……..

Answer by Stephen K
It gets complicated, as not only do the cards have dual meaning (depending if they are deal top up or bottom up) how they are arranged also comes into play

Answer by Amber
When you buy a pack of tarot cards, they usually come with a little booklet that explains the meanings and a few simple spreads, to get you started.

There are loads of books you can buy (or get out of the library), but you should always buy books that fit your particular deck, as each deck can have a subtly different meaning.

Here is a free online course you can do as well, if you’re really keen:

Answer by philebus
Probably, however you like.

All meanings that have been attributed to the cards, along with the various methods of laying them out, have been the product of human invention – and relatively recent at that. Tarot cards were created in the mid 15th century for playing card games, the trump cards took as their theme, not an occult philosophy, but a Christian triumph procession. This is why the games were able to spread throughout continental Europe without, contrary to popular myth, the Church ever objecting!

It took three-hundred and fifty years for people to forget the real origins and for someone to try and suggest an occult origin and attempt to describe a method of divination. Before long, more occultists jumped on the band wagon and were making up their own myths of origin, meanings, and methods of reading.

So, if you really believe that the future can be read from them, you don’t need to read any books – just do what the occultists before you have done and make it up.

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is there free tarot reading online?
i want something that replies yes or no.
plz tell me one that’s accurate ^_^

Answer by vanessa

Answer by Virgo in love too late?

go to horoscopes…then go to tarot i one of the above thumbnails…you’ll find what you’re looking for

really trust your gut instinct…you dont need to do this…you’re secretly hoping your gut is wrong…hoping cards will tell you different so you can have false hope…dont betray the gift you have within…accept truth

Answer by d.e.c
yes at but it is just for enjoyment so don’t take it seriously. Anyway try it out.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Jerusha

If you do find one, it will be computer generated & there fore for fun only.

see profile

Answer by silvia
is he coming tonight or call me?


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