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Hi..i am planning to get a new oracle deck..i havent work with it yet so i need some advice to choose a deck…

majority of tarot decks can be used for all types of RW can be used to answer any questions related to love,job,family,relationships,education,frndships…..

well,when i looked online for oracle decks,i felt like different decks are used for different purposes..i am not sure if i am right…well,if i am right,is there any oracle deck that can be used for answering any type of questions…

1)please suggest me a Standard oracle deck suitable for all purpose

2) why no reversed cards are used?

3)why different decks have different numbers of cards like 44,52,65…?

Thank you

Answer by luck_of_tyche
It’s been my experience that very few oracle decks do anything useful. The majority of “oracle” decks on the market provide conspicuously positive results, regardless of the card or question involved, which is often why you have no “reverse” interpretation in the reading; there is no “negative” aspect to the card, it represents only one thing. This, in particular, is why the interpretation of tarot cards can be so accurate; there’s always another side to the coin, a negative to counter the positive. Oracle decks, on the whole, do not address this. They assign a meaning to an image, or an image to a meaning, and move on to the next card.

Which brings us to the reason they have such varying numbers from deck to deck. This is because there is no shared standard between them. Oracle decks do not follow a set divination system. Tarot has the same prescribed meanings across all decks, and in order to accommodate those meanings, the same number and type of cards must be included. In an oracle deck, there are as many or as few cards as the creators deem necessary. With no universal standard, deck creators are free to assign the meanings they want for whatever reason they want. For instance, say you have an artist who enjoys depicting various types of mermaids. That artist may decide to use their artwork to create an Oracle deck. Using the types of mermaids, the artist decides what that particular type of mermaid represents TO THEM, and writes it down for you to use. Tarot, on the other hand, uses definitions that have evolved over many, many years, but remained more or less consistent. They’re not the personal bias of a single creator, or small group of creators pumping out a product for the New Age market.

My advice would be to stick with tarot if you want an all purpose divination deck that stands a chance of actually serving a purposes. There is such a wide variety of artwork and stunning diversity of styles available within tarot that it’s hard to not find something you’re happy to use.

I haven’t had any useful or reliable results with oracle decks, but I’ve never had a tarot reading miss the mark.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
1)please suggest me a Standard oracle deck suitable for all purpose
There is no such thing as a “standard oracle deck.” Oracle decks are all unique and don’t follow any system the way tarot decks do. Some decks are indeed better for some things than others. Some decks have an overall message in ALL the cards with only slight variations while others may have different lessons in each card but only be able to do certain kinds of readings. I know people who appreciate the “Angel Oracle” deck or the “Druid Animal Oracle” or the Frouds “Fairie Oracle” or the “Shell Oracle”, but I’m not especially fond of oracle decks. I own the “Animal Cards” and I like them well-enough and I think they are suitable for certain things, but oracle decks don’t really function like tarot… they seem overall more vague and less detailed about specific life situations.

2) why no reversed cards are used?
Because the artwork on the cards, tarot and oracle alike, are meant to be viewed and interpreted upright. What happens when you take the mona-lisa and tip it up-side-down? It’s still a masterpiece, but it’s harder to figure out what’s going on in the picture, right? Same with cards. They’re artwork and most artists intend for their work to be viewed at eye level in an upright position, not tipped up-side-down. If you are trying to pull intuitive messages and symbols out of the artwork, it helps if you can see it straight-on, right? I’m not sure how tarot readers started using “reversed” cards, but I’ve never really liked the practice. It only works if you’re memorizing a set of meanings and, to me, that’s not the point of reading the cards… you need to see the images and interpret them, otherwise why don’t the cards just have the meanings written on them?

3)why different decks have different numbers of cards like 44,52,65…?
That’s the nature of oracle decks. They can be anything at all. There is no set system for them and they can contain any number of cards and images because they don’t have to match a specific pattern. You’ll notice that there are no suits in oracle decks, either (well, I’ve never seen an oracle deck with suits, anyways.) That’s because they’re not following a set pattern… the only pattern they follow is the overall concept that the artist who created them was trying to get across. It’s like having a deck with all different variations of wild-cards.
That’s another reason I’m not really fond of them.

If you want an oracle deck, don’t pick it just because it says “oracle” on the box. Find a deck whose artwork really moves you or whose overall concept strikes you in a place of deep understanding. If you chose an oracle deck, you’ll have to learn a whole new system. If you get a second oracle deck, you’ll have to learn a second new system. Each oracle deck has its own system, so you’re not looking for just an oracle deck the way you look for the right tarot deck… you’re looking for a SPECIFIC deck and it happens to be an oracle deck, not a tarot deck. Only get an oracle deck if the artwork and the system look very appealing to you, don’t just get it because it’s an oracle deck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can anyone who practices tarot readings give me a tarot reading ? My birthday is June 8, 1963.?

Answer by Puppy Zwolle
I don’t need your birthday.. I need a question.

Answer by ronrlogan
If you are looking for a good tarot reading you need to do it in person. Your birthday has nothing to do with it. For you to get a good reading you must be able to touch the cards. If you want an online reading go to

Answer by Fuggetaboutit_1
Go to this webpage.

Answer by Twin
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Answer by daisy go to horoscope – they’ve got tarot cards there.

Answer by milly_1963
Do your own go to this link : )

Love & Blessings

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Answer by hello411
tarot cards are fake

Answer by Jennifer Grissett
try or the internet

Answer by psychic-junkie
Here is a free download demo for a great Tarot program. To keep the size of the demo manageable it contains the Rider/Waite deck, the actual program will have 10 complete decks.

This Demo version of Tarot is a full working copy for 30 days.

Answer by Rev. Amy Blackthorn, HPS, DD, RM
Quite a few, You can also do your own readings, here:

PM me if you have any questions! 🙂

Answer by babykatdream099

Answer by Lioncourt
Some will do a reading in one of the Astrology rooms…..Astro 4 is the oddest….tell them “Bebe” sent you, it is the name they know me by…….I would but am ill right now…..missed my won birthday …so I am planning it for Oct 14th…… Stay in contact and let me know if you get qa reading… many ways of doing it. I use reg playing cards, but I would have YOU shuffle the deck, and tell me and tell you how and I will not only interpret it, but explain how to do it yourself.
I perused the answers and tho I agree in part with them the best that I have found is this…try it….I have been doing this for over 30 years and love the details that it gives about your natal chart as well as a progresive look at NOW ….it is so much fun I had to print my own out…..the exactitudes of the rising signs are far better than… me the correct rising sign and hon, that is what you want, tho try a few of them, I think you will want to keep this one! I did!

Answer by tee k
tickle , that a great site it has lots of things there also……

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