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I like someone, and I know it’s next to impossible for us to be together cause he’s my manager and he has a long distance gf…

but I asked the cards whether I should ‘wait’ for him and I got:
The Lovers, five of Pentacles, The Sun

and I asked again whether he’s about to make a move or something (cause he kind of flirts with me sometimes) and I got:

Ace of Cups, nine of Swords (Reversed), and Page of Cups

I could use some outside perspective, can you tell me what you think?

(also I asked about another guy who likes me, and I got: four of Pentacles, two of Cups, and King of Cups)

what does all of this mean?

thank you for your time and energy in advance.

Answer by Tomb Raider
Tia you best bet is to go on line and type in the search bar the meaning of tarot cards,it will show you a site and explain each card and their meaning,hope this is of some help to you.

Answer by Alicia

Answer by emmaFreeze
Pentacles always suggest money. The Sun always suggest attainment of Earthly things. Lovers suggest that you are attracted. This sequence would suggest that you…yourself are attracted to money and power. NOT the man. Its his position you want more then his physical Beauty. As for the second pattern. This man will not remain close to where you can become more that letter writers.
Ask yourself this question with the cards…what kind of man am I looking for?

Answer by TR
It really means anything you want it to. The cards don’t hold any meanings themselves except what the user ascribes to them, and that can be anything. Keep in mind there is nothing “real” about tarot cards except that they are little cardboard cards with printing on them. Since this is the Science & Math category, its important to answer that there is no scientific validity to using these cards to predict or know anything.

However, if you want to know what other mystics believe about these cards, you can get some information at the link below.

Answer by Witchy Mel
A three card spread tends to be past, present and future even if you have something different in mind when shuffling and pulling them.

The Lovers tends to represent having to make a choice between two paths or two people. It is rare that it is actually about love.

The five of pentacles has to do with material loss and looking upon others who have what you wish to have…that is one interpretation. It is also can mean experiencing a time of financial troubles but the situation not being as bad as it appears…change is possible.

The Sun is a really positive card, it talks about success, happiness and joy.

I’m pressed for time so I am going to skip the ace of cups since it’s in the past position.

The Nine of Swords is not a good card, upside down or right side up. It talks about feeling despair and outcast…no source of help, extreme depression.

The Page of Cups is a bit tricky to define for me. It could be about you taking some time out to truly reflect on what is best for you and if being with this guy is what you really want. It could also signal a message of engagement or marriage…which could possibly mean that this long distance girlfriend is more serious than you think and you could get the message soon that this guy is off limits whether he is flirting with you or not. It could also signal a serious relationship in your near future.


Two of cups is a much more romantic card than the Lovers. It talks about new love and romance.

The king of cups seems to be talking about your manager…perhaps there is going to be some sort of conflict between these two situations if you aren’t careful.

You can find all the meanings here:

My psychic vibe is that you need to shake off this crush you have on your manager and see it for what it is. You are attracted to him because of his power and authority, he might be cute but something tells me that if he was on your level you wouldn’t be so into him. I think that if you allow yourself to go further with him, even if he reciprocates initially, it will only end in heartbreak and turmoil on your end. Maybe something bad like a one night stand or his girlfriend ending up moving close to be with him and them getting engaged and him choosing her over you.

This other guys sounds much more positive…I think the King of Cups is your manager. If you look at all three sets…it seems the last set is the most positive outcome and it puts your manager in the proper position in your life. Your manager/friend.

It would be helpful for you to do a spread where you just ask generally “What should I focus on?” Sometimes we ask the cards a certain thing but they are telling us what we need to hear, totally ignoring our actual question.

Please keep it friendly but not romantic with your manager. That situation is all bad news for you. I almost feel like even if you do hook up with your manager…eventually your future is going to right itself and be very positive but you have the choice to avoid the negativity if you choose to.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Please help with tarot cards?

I’m only a begginer at Tarot cards. I always forget which of major arcana cards corresponds to which zodiac, planet or element. Is it bad if I draw the symbols the cards to remind me??
Is it bad if I draw the symbols *on* the cards to remind me?? (sorry bout the typo)
it’s not me thumbing down 🙂

Answer by Matthew
My best advice for Tarot cards is to set fire to them.

Answer by James
Doesnt make any difference, just remember to cure the cards by keeping them within your aura for a minimum of one day preferably in a black velvet bag with some rock salt.

EDIT: Whats with the thumbs down? All either of us did was answer the question! my answer could of in no way upset or insulted anybody! Blooming thumbs down monkeys!

EDIT: I know Hala, its those blooming monkeys, they always escape from their cages and cause havoc!

Answer by macadam_julia
Try keeping a tarot journal, writing the meaning of each card in the spread.

And yes, you can write on them, they are yours.

Answer by Mysticman
Do whatever you need to do to learn them. I’d suggest drawing on a spare deck or writing short list. Didn’t they come with a booklet? There is no right or wrong with tarot cards, just learning experiences. When a true Psychic reads your future with tarot cards, the cards are just for show. It makes the subject calm to believe that a ritual is involed in reading the future. In truth, a psychic knows everything about you, past present & future, the moment they look into your eyes…
For most people, that is a scary thought…

Answer by zoro
hmmm, what is this???

Answer by Frou Frou
well, to be hoenst, i cant be of much help, but i can say there is nothing ‘bad’ about anything you do with them
is probably best you dont deface them tho, ie draw on them specifically, if you draw the symbols to remind you on paper etc, thats cool, i draw pentacles all the time, i love pentacles

im no expert at all the details,i just shuffle, sleep on them, and do my readings, and look up the meanings in the books i have 😉
its nice and simple that way
really, its not soemthing you can be good or bad at, but with practice you get better, its not important that you remeber all teh details, thats what the books are for, and you can learn that as you go 😉

Answer by big nickel
Tarot cards have always amazed me I do not know much about them but one day I plan on having a reading done for me

Answer by Lori G
I can’t see any harm in drawing discreetly on the cards but it would be much better to remember them. Try learning a couple a day – keep going over them in your head or writing them down. Just keep practising and eventually it will become natural for you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does this tarot card mean?

This is taken from the Marie Laveau voodoo deck.
“The card in the center represents the present status or challenge of the relationship. Ancestors (Judgment): A swift and conclusive decision. The resolution of a matter long unanswered. A change in point of view, most frequently towards greater enlightenment. Final balancing of karma.”

Some one please interpret this for me.

Answer by ♕
The Judgement card in that position means that a decision is currently being made about whatever you asked about . The situation is still up in the air. Basically, Judgement in the starting position means come back later..things haven’t developed yet.

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