Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Tarot readers… for those of you who do readings online – how do you handle high volume of requests?

There is only one of you and alot of request. When someone pays for the reading – how long do you usually take to get the phone call or the email reading to them? Have you ever been too overwhelmed that you have not answered a reading or diverted the reading to another reader? If you own an online shop – is it just one reader or are there several readers? Thanks for SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY.

Answer by Slade88green
I do tarot reading, but not for anyone online as I feel you could never get a good reading that way. To get an accurate reading, the person your doing the reading for should touch the deck. I think that most people that try doing readings online for people are there just to try an make a buck.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How many of you go online looking for a free tarot reading?

I’m guilty of it!! Was hoping i wasnt the only one, lol. I myself am a novice tarot reader, i use playing cards instead of tarot and i practice on anybody i can find, lol. Anyways, do u know of any free tarot sites??

PS…i could use the practice, get ahold of me if your willing to let me practice on you!!

Answer by Tril
no not me..

ive never done anything of that sort..

but hey whatever rocks your boat right

Answer by thinkin’ out loud
Not hardly…

Answer by Janie S

im guilty its fun to read what it says so dont feel alone

Answer by Baby Girl
I did it once every blue moon……………….I dont know any sites as of right now.

Answer by ruwi
i dont

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

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Answer by Jenny
I used to use the same site as Jamie^ but eventually I went out and bought myself an actual deck. I use the Celestial Tarot deck
I’m really happy with it. But if I was to get a new deck I would get the Animals Divine deck:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you know any website of free tarot card readings?

Yea so any stuff like that would be cool

Answer by Red Red

Answer by zipknitter
Do you realize that many of the so called tarot readers are doing it just to make money. Used to work for a woman who worked for one of the big online sites and she just laughed like crazy about how easy it was to get the information she needed in 20 seconds to give her customers the answers they wanted and how easy it was to keep them on the phone longer so she could earn more money, but she was just BSing them so they would spend money for the readings. She had some who thought she was just wonderful but she considered all of the customers total idiots for contacting a stranger to help with their lives.
There are tarot readers that are good, but you really need to watch which sites, phone centers or other places that you get involved with..

Answer by Somya

very useful and detail site. hope it will help.

Answer by Mighty Reddy Red

Answer by Angela
You get what you pay for.

I wouldn’t trust the reading if it’s free!

Answer by pot
This web or not.

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