Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : ummm psychic maybe ??????????

like if a person ask me question i will tell them the answer without knowing if it right or wrong! but it ends up being true! is this strong intuitions? or am i psychic
like it works if i know the person like my dad he askes me question without even knowing whole sitution i tell him tht it wont workout or it will ! things like tht! but i cant c future though like hve real weird dreams but they never come true but wen i was little wen ever i dreamt bout something it came true now it doesnt do tht anymore =/

Answer by milly_1963
Everyone has psychic abilities. We all have psychic experiences daily. Being psychic is not about having some “woo-woo” abilities that one can only be born with. For many of us, we do not have the words to describe or label what we are experiencing thus allowing us to identify what we are experiencing as “psychic experiences”. There are many myths that surround our abilities to utilize our own psychic information. Many people feel and acknowledge that they have intuitive abilities. What they don’t understand, is that the only difference between being psychic and using your intuition is the level of trust that you have that your intuition is correct. Trust is a major component when working with your psychic abilities. One must trust the information that is coming through, the feelings, the inner communication, the pictures, and the just knowing. By not trusting, you are in essence invalidating the information that is coming through to you from your higher self, your guides, and the universe.

Love & Blessings

Answer by ♀
Can you name some examples?
And does this “gift” of yours only work for ppl you talk with in person or does it work anywhere and with anyone, or just your family/friends? What about through the phone or computer with random strangers?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : why are people always asking for psychic predictions on here?

do you’ll really wanna know everything about your future? i have some psychic ability, seeing the future isn’t one of my abilitys, but i mean, come on. psychics aren’t lap dogs that will jump up and tell you everything. i see some people always asking a questions like psychcs, tell me this…..
will this happen….
which one of these would best work out for me….

now i’m not saying that this ability doesn’t exist because i know it does, i’m just saying that psychics aren’t put here to tell you your future all the time. psychics weren’t put on this world to be responsible for always telling you these answers. our future is unknown, and sometimes it’s our lack of knowledge of it that makes it so wonderful.

what i’m saying is, please don’t ask quesitons of psychics all the time. the purpose of this is not to be mean to everyone, but to point this out.
i have a best friend who is a psychic. i’ve talked to her and she feels the same way. some may not feel this way, and that’s alright. i just wanted to giet this out.

love you all though <3 crap, i knew i saw that typo...i'm notorious for typos...sadly

Answer by Galactic Emperor
I think they’re just bored… just like most of us who post in this section…

Answer by rica
they ask because they want a prediction of their desire

Answer by Dan in Miami
It is free . . . and entertaining . . .

I’m not saying that no one has such powers . . . but does ANYONE really think they would be employing such ability to answer crap on Y/A ? ? ?

Dan in Miami

Answer by JetP
applause applause

As one psychic to another – that needed saying.

Sometimes people need help making a decision but to expect a psychic to map out your entire life and how many children and who you will marry is a totally ridiculous way to live your life.

Answer by J V
Most of those people are probably “santhia” using one of her multiple ids! She appears to have some kind of OCD about using psychics.
Unfortunately some other posters feed her obsession and other people see the “answers” and start posting demands and requests for free psychic readings.

Other posters apparently believe online psychic readings are valid.

Cause: Superstition !!!

Answer by Hill Doll Jodie
i completely agree.

happy someone finally said it! (:

Answer by Doom Shepherd
People ask these questions because they’re not very bright.

Psychic “powers,” if they exist, are pretty close to useless. Certainly, you can’t get rich using them. They never seem able to predict anything substantially useful, or without hindsight.

Just vague pronouncements that can’t be understood until they’ve already happened, and it’s too late. That may actually be WORSE than useless.

Until some self-proclaimed psychic gives me next week’s Powerball numbers, it’s all a sham.

Answer by Shakti Svātantrya Isa
I concur.

Answer by morpheus8250
Only an idiot would expect to get a reliable psychic reading on-line.

Only the Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom of Idiots would expect to get a reliable psychic reading on-line, on Y!A

For f**ks sake, half the people on here want to be mermaids or become vampires.

And have an average age of 14.

Answer by miss save the animals
I totally agree with you. I see into the future about many random things, and it isn’t anything I can control. I know what you mean and its very anoying when people that I go to school with ask me if I can tell them what’s going to happen to them and when or what. It is very annoying. You put out a good point. I also can tell if someone is lying to me or being dishonest. Also another point is how would the person honestly think that someone can and will tell their future on the internet or phone. I haven’t heard of being able to see anyone’s aura or all their different energies from on the internet or phone, but I have in person. Also Why do people ask if someone can tell their aura on here, it isn’t only based on personality that is written down on the internet. I don’t get why people ask this kind of stuff on here, it doesn’t make much sense.

Answer by kilroymaster
Of course you are correct in what you say And I also believe that psychic should only be used in time of dire need… But I find people to be in a hurry and they are very lazy at the same time so many people have become so lazy that they don’t even want to work on having a decent future…… So many people feel that there are shortcuts to having a bright future that many people turn to witchcraft to get quick answers….. and how many people out there know that they are trying to replace God with the movements of a piece of rock that move randomly are planets that God has created……… And these very same people are hoping that they get to died on 2012… Its no wonder that greedy people have made money their God… So they wonder around hoping that their money can stay them from death… Can the people of this earth become and more sadder then they are already…………

Answer by TERRY S
Earth is a school where many souls of different levels of maturity come to learn through experiencing the challenges of life..

Most humans judge the maturity of the person they are looking at by the age of their physical body, because older souls can look very similar to younger ones, except perhaps when we look into their eyes.So although we may all look similar, the truth is very different…

Because 3D humans are very *dumbed* down due to their DNA having been genetically engineered down from 5D 13,000 yrs ago, so that we would be more easy to control by those who STILL rule our society (shortly about to change!!), their distant memories deep within about their true past, power and purpose draw them to people who seem to be able to access more clearly those distant *dreams* within, and psychics are often viewed in that way..Our fascination or horror about death too is linked to that lack of being able to remember..

What folk dont realize is that, as you say, the future is not set, and we actually create much of it as we go along by how positive or negative our thinking and believing is..So although some psychics can get a *snap-shot* of the future, it is obtained only by viewing the current direction that person is travelling along a timeline potential, and of course that same person can change the direction of their intention at any time and alter the probably outcome..

We actually create, because we are all powerful Children of God, and we create by how we think and believe..That*s why positive people tend to succeed and negative people tend not to..

For some of us not born psychically aware, we need a *trigger* event in life to push us into needing to learn about these things, and my own *kick up the butt* was the deaths of my mother and 23 yr old fiancee many years back, but Ive not looked back since!..

However, at that time, I met up, not coincidentally of course I now realize, with a person who was a sincere psychic and healer, and it was his caring assistance and teaching that steered me through a very dark period in my life, but one that enabled me to discover my own abilities which I try to use to encourage and teach others..

At the time when those things happened, I now realize, I MYSELF was one of those people FASCINATED as I glimpsed the possibilities and wanting, NEEDING to ask question after question to understand more as it seemed like manna from Heaven and subsequently completely transformed my life to one of purpose and value..So we need to have patience if we sense that the person asking is sincerely needing to understand more about these things..

But of course, as you say, possibly the majority of those who ask see it as a game or entertainment but we need to show patience at their lack of understanding, for their time will come when they are ready..

Answer by Tobi
I have no clue, curiosity I would assume.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : okay didn’t know you could ask psychics but here it goes?

what is in the future for my love life? as far as partners goes? I really want to be with this boy that im with forever….(yeah i know this question is really kinda like asking a question to a unicorn princess dragon pixie but i wanted to try at least)

Answer by Linda
Well be careful what you ask for

Answer by rac <°Ԓ**Ԓ><
He thinks that people who believe in psychics are silly.

Answer by Ravenwolf_mn
As a psychic i can assure you that NO ONEcan predict the future.

Answer by Armored Saint
i knew you were going to ask this question.


Born and brought up in India. When I came in to senses . i was able to see strange figures in surroundings. When ever i told this to my mom. She used to laugh at me and always said you are day dreaming.

I was always able to see dead people ever since i was 10 years old. My journey in to the field of Tantra started at the age of 14 years, when a neighbor gave me Durgasaptshati book. which is very powerful stotra path of goddess Durga.

Also i started studying Palmistry. When i was 16 years old i was attacked by a demon while i was sleeping by that time i was following tantra and saved my self by mantra power. Since then I never looked back and I kept trying new Dhyan Yoga, Mantra and Tantra sadhnas procedures.