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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : video tutorials to learn photography ?

Help needed, can anyone tell me what are some websites offer free video tutorials to learn digital photography

Answer by selina_555
I am not sure videos are the best way to learn……..they somewhat force you to do it at THEIR pace, and in THEIR order.
Pictorial tutorials or books you can do in your own time, and your own order, and go back to whatever you want to re-visit much more easily.

Here are a few suggestions by the way I see it:

Read your manual !!!! Read it several times, and practice in between.

Attend a class, read some books, read/watch online tutorials.

The major camera manufacturers (like Canon, Nikon, Olympus etc) all have very useful sections on their website for learning about photography.

Understanding at least the basic principles of photography (as well as being familiar with your camera) will enable you to make the most of your gear, and will make a HUGE difference to your images.

Answer by YouCantHasPie
Youtube! 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the Best Speed Reading & Study Skills Courses in MA (Massachusetts)?

I need both online and classroom based options in the US State.

Answer by Grand Rapids
Online, this downloadable course covers speed reading, memory learning, effective study skills with note taking techniques, and exam study in a single bundle (text, PDF, audio, video, tutoring):

How to Study Smart in 3 Easy Ways:

It is popular among school (from primary to high school), college and university students in MA, and often considered one of the best books to study from. I have used it too.

Other places where you can learn speed reading / studying skills vary from University extension classes to weekend & evening classes at local community colleges. You also have a choice of private instructional tutoring and special workshops if you’re looking to gain specific educational skills, or improve your course learning objectives.

Locations around MA include Boston, Cambridge, Salem, Worcester, Springfield, Plymouth, Newton, Framingham, Lowell and others. You can find them through local classifieds, Google searches and online directory searches of available educational programs.

Some options:
* Harvard Extension School
* University of Massachusetts Amherst Reading Programs
* Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics
* ExecuRead (this one’s for Business English)

Answer by David
You could take a look at for an original approach to speed reading training. It trains you to see words in meaningful groups rather than individual words. It’s very good for improving comprehension because it teaches you to comprehend faster before trying to read fastet.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : a site where you can make videos online?

well i have to do this project for school and we can choose between a poster and a video and i want to make a video but don’t know how.
basically i been reading about how you can upload the videos that you make with a camera but that’s not what i mean.
i want to make a video with pictures (only)
inti(like from the internet)
i have to burn it on a cd
and i can download a program from the internet that’s FREE
so do you know any?

Answer by the impaler
Youtube. you can record off of a webcam and upload videos.

Answer by Kailey
Microsoft, and adobe might have something online, but other than that there probably isn’t much. Try to find movie maker programs, like free trail period stuff. It should work for the time you need to make the video, then just save it on the computer.

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