Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : web sites to read manga online and for free?

100% perfect girl and a lot more i want to read

Answer by Lanna
I’m not sure if these sites will have the ones you want, but I use them:
and .. If you want some places to download them, just ask me, I know a lot.

Answer by sakura
You can tried this site, but you need to sign up and post 1 per day. It’s free, but you need to sign up.

Answer by avancamp
Hi! Here is where I read my manga online for free:

no downloading required:

downloading required but a free service (good one too):

Enjoy reading your new library of mangas!

Answer by mspink93

I’m like, addicted!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : read perfect chemistry online free?

i need to read this book i want to read it online and for FREE its called perfect chemistry by simone elkeles. i dont want to hear the “thats illegal” bull just give me some sites please im dying here!! dont answer if your not going to give me what i want! NO amazon!!

Answer by razorheader
try to check on

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I read free books online?

Can somebody link me a website where I can read any book for free online or tell me a website thanks

Answer by Even Furries need love
For book free of copyrights, I would highly recommend the Project Gutenberg, found here:
There are a few others, such as Google’s:

If you are referring to copyright protected works, then this is the wrong website… goes against the Community Guidelines of Yahoo! Answers.

Answer by Margo

The Gutenburg Project has a lot of free ebooks! Very good website!!!

Answer by Batgirl
The library. Otherwise, you’re violating copyright laws.

Answer by DTKB
Shy Person, go to your local library’s website and check it to see if they offer books online. The library where I work began offering free books on line well over a year ago—all you have to have is a current library card and not owe an excessive amount of fines. We have thousands of books on line–if you want to latest and greatest books–you might have to make a request and then wait for your turn in the virtual line. Be sure to request to keep the virtual book for the longest time offered—you can always return it early–but if you only request the book for 2 weeks and you have yet to finish, the book disappears and you have to get back in “line” for it or re-request it.

My library also offers over 1,000 magazines online for free and you do not have to wait for those or worry about “returning” them. Our website offers interactive programs for adults and children to learn over 14 foreign languages. There are all kinds of things offered online via libraries.

All you will have to do is download the library’s lending program software to the electronic device you are going to be using. Sometimes that can be a little tricky—if you find that it IS tricky—either call or visit your local library and ask them to walk you through the process.

I hope this helps, and yes, the selections are current, as we had a HUGE que for “Shades of Grey” both online and hard copy requested by every age of man and woman that you can imagine! So try it out—its a good way to go!

Answer by Aaron C
There are many full books you can read online for free at: – You might just be the first to discover the next best seller.


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