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Psychic Paralympic Prediction. News Feature. See For Yourself How This Prediction Came True! Amazing!

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“I think Im psychic! My 1st prediction, I will either fly or ruin that families picnic.” “Hey you ruined our picnic!” “Psychic!!” #FamilyGuy

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2013 Psychic Predictions – Economics

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Were the Iraqi people in a better, more positive position in 1977, 1987, 1997 or 2007?

I’d like to ask that political Ms.Cleo wanna-be’s leave their psychic predictions on the doorstep. America has a different president coming and I know many are excited, but that as nothing to do with this question. I’m asking to hear to hear thoughts on history and Saddam’s impact on Iraq.
Paki, Saddam came into power in 1978. This is about Saddam. I thought I made that clear.

Answer by ram
They are clearly better off now, as a result of the surge that started in 2007.

Answer by johnsonreyliu
due to oil, the iraqi economy is booming

Answer by greasymadness
Back in 1977, Iraq was a good place to live. If I had to pick anyplace outside the US or Western Europe to live in that year, I would not bat an eye to choose Iraq. Of course, ever since the Iran-Iraq war it’s pretty much been a hell hole. Not much has changed in Iraq in the last 27 years.

Better them than me.

Answer by dnafairy
They are in a much better position now. Even though there is pain now, the next generation will be able to live out from underneath Saddam’s boot heel.

Answer by Steve J
Only someone living in Iraq knows the answer.

Answer by mumtaz k

Answer by BHO is a Marxist

Answer by iamct01
1997, Iraq had a strong growing middle class that now lives in Jordan. Saddam was a bad man but he did keep the different religion tribes from fighting. Saddam`s biggest problem was he was about to start trading Iraqi oil in Euros which is not good for corporate royalist.

Answer by Paki24
THey are worse off, I mean Suddam really wasn’t that bad what he did is all exaggerated trust me…. Many iraqi’s have died in this conflict, this is what makes the people mad, they hate the U.S. for coming in for no reason then killing them all and then proclaiming freedom for all wtf? They were already free in a democracy, wth did we do? Nothing just kill a few 10,000 iraqi’s and give them a new leader.

Is that a trick question cause haven’t we been bombing iraq for the last 30 years? I’ll go with 1977

Sorry: I’d say 1987 or 1977 still, cause I don’t know who was there before sudam


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