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just got a full life reading by a psychic and damn are they on point about how I’m feeling

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I’m running a psychic reading service where you roll around on the floor of my room and then I read the dust and bottle caps like tea leaves

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Get a psychic reading from
and take care

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Were/How can i get a psychic reading on my future gay love life?

Im 15. Im single. never had a bf. WANT one =D i also want a straight up pyschic, yes psychic, reading. not by some fraud. but i dont kno how to do this?

or u could play a game! ^_^ hah.

just tell me who my first bf will be and when. this month? this year?

soul mate?

any other stuffff?

lol i guess im feeling a bit desperate with my life.

Answer by joe o
I have no idea, but just for fun…

You will find a guy when you are 18 that you really like. It will not work out or for some reason you break up after a year or two.

You will have a few guys in your early 20’s that you won’t really connect with. Then around 27 you will meet a guy from your past. (I think he might be black). Maybe the guy from when you are 18…. But I am not sure.

Anyway, he will be the love of your life for a few decades. Sadly he dies. You are alone for about 5-6 years. You then find a newer, deeper love with a guy you spend the rest of your life with.

Okay that was for fun. And just something I saw. I do not know if any of that will happen. I have an active imagination.

In real life you can guide your own life. Just think positively about how you want your life to go. Keep your eyes on the prize. See your life working out as you see fit.

I read the book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise L. Hay. It is all about guiding your life through affirmations and positive thinking.

Good luck and have a great life…

Answer by jcj099 – lsbn
i don’t believe that there are many ‘real’ psychics out there… u’re sooo young.. be patient.. the right guy will come along.. and a few before him i’m sure… to put urself out there a bit more.. u could always wear a pride bracelet or anklet to out urself to others. u’re still in highschool i suppose… so it’s just a random band to some and something else to 10% of the others lol….

Answer by YingYangSensei
follow the waves…..

Answer by Star Cherub
I’m seeing that you won’t get into the boyfriend pool until you are old enough to drink. Not the bar scene, that’s stereotypical and can get you sick if you’re not careful.

You have a chance of meeting someone sooner at an organization for gay rights, or an organization for gay teens, or some celebration event. So get out there and get a support network.

Honestly I think it’s not so bad to be single at 15.

I don’t know about your first boyfriend, but you’ll meet an older man at some special event that will act as an advisor or mentor in your pursuits. A general friend, not a date.

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