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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are good teenage birthday ideas?

Answer by Aparna
going out with friends and have a party with them……..or doing good things on that day as our parents wish

Answer by Caitlyn K
Depends on if it’s like 13 or like 18
If it’s a boy or a girl

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Answer by candy<33
Surprise for the birthday guests:
Birthday person’s parent goes to each house to pick up the guest and places a black cloth around their eyes and led to the vehicle.
From there the parent drives to a planned party area such as a camp, etc. While blindfolded they are asked to act like a chicken, moo like a cow and other things…Use your imagination. This should be videotaped.

If camping is planned, the tents and food should all be set up.
Next day go went back to the birthday person’s house and watched the home movie of all of the events…How embarrassing!!!
-from Crystal

Girl Friend Party:
(a special day for your friends’ birthday day)
Blindfolded her and take her to get her haircut pay for that. Next pick up some videos and put the blindfold on her again. When you get to your destination (a made up salon in your house or a friends) take off the blindfold. Decorate the area like a salon…you will need to make signs, get streamers, and put accessories (make-up, hair products, facial products, nail products) on display.

Have some new makeup for you girl friend and do her nails, make-up, and hair and if possible pick out an outfit for her to wear. She never know what was happening next.

When you’re done and have watched a movie, blindfolded her again and take her out to dinner with your male friends.

Titanic Party:
A formal affair. For girls let let them dress together and make each other up.
Have servers and a Captain present for an elegant dinner. Find young musical entertainers to provide the background music.
After dinner have an adult can man the black-jack and roulette tables.
Hire a Caricaturist to draw the guests (this will be their party favor).

Fortune Telling Party:
Hire a palm reader or have an adult dress like a gypsy and have their palms read. Also use tarot cards to learn to tell fortunes. Serve fortune cookies. For party favors give bangles, moon and star items.

Write Horoscopes: pass out pencils and paper to each guest. The “astrologer” asks them to write various items, the paper is passed to each player AFTER each item is written. Turn the paper down, so no one can read what is above. When completed, the last person signs their name to the bottom. They are then turned in and read using the ‘story.’ See link at horoscopes to get more information.

Mall Fun:
Scavenger Hunt:
Prepare the night before by going to the mall to find or think of things for the hunt. i.e.: number of stairs, escalators, things in shop windows, lost receipt, etc. The day of the party give each team a list of the items and within a specified amount of time see who comes up with the correct answers/items.
Party Favor / Game: Give each person $ 5.00 and see how many items they can purchase in a limited amount of time.
Hit the pizza parlor (or other) afterwards.

Regression Party:
Party like a 4 or 5 year old. Play traditional party games like pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, hot potato, drop the clothes pin in the can, scooping cotton balls from one bowl to another-blindfolded., etc.

Limo Romp:
Hire a limousine. Pick up the party goers and take them to a restaurant for dinner. Best best would be an “50’s Diner” someplace were they can play goofy games. Make sure the limo is stocked with soft drinks, music, etc.

Hotel Party:
Get a two bedroom hotel room. One for the kids and one for the parents. Make sure it has all the amenities like pool and game room. Bring lots of popcorn, sodas, videos, etc (or if you prefer room service). Let the maids clean up the mess the next day.

Clothes Exchange and Redo:
Good for girls of roughly the same size, or a couple sizes. have everyone go thru closets at home and find clothes they don’t want or that don’t fit, clothes, purses, bags, shoes, socks, anything…Buy bits of ribbons, buttons, fabric, zippers, patches and sewing supplies. when everyone gets to the party, make piles of clothes that are around the same size. Then everyone can sew on the ribbons, iron on patches-make the clothes look different, maybe even buy some tie-dye, a kit should be around $ 20.00. Then swap clothes.

Beauty Salon:
Take the girls to a beauty salon to have their hair and nails done. Or do up their hair and nails at home in conjunction with a slumber party. For an activity, decorate pillow cases. Purchase one plain white case for each girl.

Disco Party:
Rent a disco ball, strobe light and get together some 70’s movies. Have your friends come dressed for disco. Serve TAB

Games & Activties:
Are the above just a bit much? How about a regular, stay at home, do it yourselfer. Here are a few games and activities.
Prepare slips of paper, enough for each player. All will be blank except two. One will be marked “Murderer” and the other “Detective”. Let the players pick no one can say who they are. To play, turn out the lights and have everyone mill around. The Murderer

Answer by Jan
Ballroom dance lessons.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are ghosts demons in false bodies?

They have all these videos and tv shows about ghosts, but i dont believe theres any way these could be humans, since our souls go to heaven or hell. Are ghosts demons trying to imitate humans?

Answer by Sweet Tea
Ask a reverend that question.

Answer by Connie
Yes, I also believe this, but there are two parts to this, Children are not here, I have watched paranormal shows where they capture an EVP of a child, it’s not a child, it’s a demon, god tells us that in his scripture, Satan and his demons come in all forums, What better way to get the living to connect with a demon, they mask themselves as a child. Now I do believe that there are spirits that don’t cross over because they are scared of what lies on the other side, so they stay behind. Walking the earth until god comes back, Demons walk the earth, Angels from heaven walk the earth but children that die are not walking the earth, they are in heaven. Just like that Villisca ax murder house, that family is not there, demons are and people flood to see that house, Demons will use anything they can to connect to the living, the more develop technology gets, the more we see, Digital camera’s pick up orbs, in twenty years what else will be developed and what else will we see? I hope I’m in heaven by then. I don’;t want to see it or connect with it, Stay away from Ouija boards, tarot cards and seances, this is one way demons come into an innocent person’s life. I also feel if a person is saved and baptized, god protects them from demons and the evil that lurks in the darkness.Demons will come as your family member that past on, friend, so yes, you are right.

Answer by Vicky S
you got it all wrong . ghost bodies are in false demons . yeeeesh . everyone knows that .

Answer by Panche Bozhikov
I don’t know much but i know that ghosts can’t be seen, since the soul leaves the physical body all the physical elements are left behind , so you cant see them. I believe that there are good ghosts and evil ghosts(demons). So i think that demons can’t imitate humans …. but that’s just my opinion

Answer by Nameless
I believe that demons can posess people.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Objects moving on their own and street lamps turning on and off?

I’ve had a few objects moving on their own they only seem to happen when I’m feeling a strong emotion last night my computer mouse moved and inch by itself, and one time when I was looking in the mirror and I was thinking about something I was going to say to someone that I was mad at and when I decided on what I was going to say the mirror moved back slightly as if something gave it a light push, the most notable was having a ceiling fan move on it’s own after having an epiphany about something that was on my mind alot, when I saw it moving, all I could think was “spin the other way” and then it started spinning the other way!
I also have noticed streetlights often turning on and off whenever I pass by. and I remember one experience with a streetlamp I was looking at suddenly turn off and came back on whenever I thought about wanting it to come back on and visa versa about 5 times before I decided to stop?
I’ve heard of streetlight interference syndrome where people have enough electricity in their body to interfere with streetlights but some believe it may be spirits that follow them.
I also have these tingling electric like sensations in my body, I’ve also read somewhere about feeling chi energy it it sounded very simular but so did tactile hallucinations, but sometimes I hear surrounding material objects click and creak the same time I feel these sensations. and sometimes is I put my hands on my head where I feel them the most I can feel it in my hands too!
Could it be spirits or powers of my own?

Answer by Pish and Fiddle
Could be nothing more than motion sensors. No magic there.

Answer by Enigma
I felt the same thing!!
I used my mind to think of something perverted, then all of a sudden, the front part of my pants were levitating! This usually happens in the morning.

Answer by Cockfighting
God farted on you?

Answer by John Ashland
Never go to any school dances.

Answer by cavsargetank
Call an Electrician and a Geologist.

Answer by Leonard
Your own bio-electric field is getting into phase with the Earth’s, creating a localized standing wave. Most people just walk around in it and very little happens – their electromagnetic influence stretches maybe an inch or so from their skin, perhaps two if they have been engaging in physical exercise – but sometimes people get ‘synchronized’ (nothing supernatural about it, it’s just statistics – it’s bound to happen) and then generate a subtle field that extends several meters and which responds to their emotional state (not your thoughts so much). It’s not very powerful, as you have noticed, and will probably fade pretty soon.

Answer by Lrac Nagas
A tingling electric like sensations in your body and hallucinations? I would seek medical advice as soon as possible… No Joke……

Answer by Gregory
Could it be spirits or powers of my own? no its your wild imagination

Answer by Michael
cool story…too bad its all a lie. try telling the truth.

Answer by Joline
If you can develop your supposed powers, make sure you use them for the good of yourself and society. When you reach that level get a good designer to create your super hero wardrobe.

Answer by karthik
ghosts might be present,be careful

Answer by Abigail
There are only two kinds of spirits. Good-Angels and Evil-Demons. (No such thing as Ghost…they are demons. From the sound of things it definitely is not of God’s…..for when it is of God it is strictly in harmony with his will and purpose.

Now ask yourself do you want anything to do with the wicked spirits ie. Demons. That can be kinda frightening the thought of befriending or allowing them to attach themselves to you in any kind of way….considering you can’t fight what you can’t see. They can harm you. So if you are sincere in heart in making sure you and those you love are safe and protected. You can pray using God’s personal name in silent and aloud…Psalms 83:18 Jehovah.

In faith (not doubting James 1:5-8) asking him to please remove the wicked one from your midst and to help you rid any and everything that could be a portal for them to come into your home…ie jewelry, books, music, movies, electrical items, furniture from resale shops. (demonic movies, music, pictures, books, video games including the violent ones, anything has to do with astrology, tarot cards, divination, spells, omens, mystical magical…beware.) Throw them out immediately. If that isn’t your situation, the only other thing you have to be careful of is different medications. Satan wants to control the mind of individuals. Sorry to say most of the medication the Doctors give people today for pain effects the mind…persons have to find ways to safeguard their hearts and their minds according to the bible. I’ve learned when they put you on some meds though LEGAL…you can come under the influence of Satan the demons. It is the same as with Cocaine, Meths, Marijuana..they too hallucinate and see strange things, hear strange things…making you feel like your crazy, paranoid.

Ask Jehovah to be your provider and your protector for you don’t want to have any dealings of what belongs to Satan….and to give you divine angelic protection against the unseen, understand there is a spiritual warfare we all are involved…knowingly and unknowingly. However we do not want to be found….siding with the wicked one even in ignorance. James 4:7 says, “Oppose the Devil and he will flee from you!”

Read Psalms 91 in Silent and build faith and confidence in these words.Later read it Aloud…Jehovah is a hearer of prayer and he wants you to have full confidence in him as your God.

WWW.JW. ORG (you can read or listen to bible readings on there as well, play spiritual music, listen to bible dramas) All will bring you great measure comfort and peace.

You may want to consider starting your own personal bible study..John 17:3
https://www.jw.org/en/free-bible-study/ (So you can learn how to protect yourself with the help of God’s word the bible)

Best regards,


Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Tarot Card Videos

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning Video


The old occult saying of “Know Thyself” sounds merely like a cliché that seems overused in many circumstances in the occult. What does this term mean? How does knowing yourself and the power of “I” effect you as a person.

I would like to share a short biography of my life as a brief example. I would like to make clear the synopsis of this essay is to essentially show how the Will affects the the magical user through magick, but this is not an summary of playing the victim of ‘poor me.’ There are other people with worse things than what I serve an example of in life, but I only know my experiences from my personal perception.