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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some fun things to do on Halloween night after trick or treating?

i know the idea is kinda stupid but i love candy!!! what are some fun things to do after trick or treating at night with my friends that do not involve spending money

So far i have…

1. Watch Previews of scary movies on video on demand (that way i don’t have to pay for them)
2. Make Chocolate milk (put syrup in your mouth and then milk and run around until it’s mixed)

Any other ideas??? The longest list of ideas gets best answer!!!!

Answer by live_love_laugh098
-truth or dare
-go outside with a flashight and tell scary stories
-watch scary movies on tv
-pull pranks on each other
-scary blind folded makeovers
-who can scream the loudest
-play would you rather but like do scary would you rather’s
-make your own scary game
-prank call other friends you know
-after trick or treating go to a hauned house ride/haunted hay ride
-wrap toilet paper around each of you and time it to see who can wrap the other person the fastest for a “mummy”

Answer by Julia
1 Go to the bathroom and write scary messages in chap-stick. When it gets steamy, people can read it. And scream!
2 Make brownies and stick candy corn it it!
3 Watch scary movies on Youtube.
4 Go around neighborhoods in scary masks. Jump out and scare people.
5 Go around neighborhoods in hospital gowns. Mutter weird stuff like “They think I’m crazy they’re the crazy ones they all deserve to die.” It creeps people out.
6 Dance to scary music.
7 Put your halloween candy in ice cream. It’s good.
8 Prank people by TP there house.
9 Have a seance.
10 Decorate pumpkins.
11 Do Halloween skits. Putting it online is optional.
12 Make those cottie catchers and put really weird or funny futures in them.
13 Go to your nearest abandoned house. See if there’s a ghost.
14 Have a sleepover!
15 Ding Dong ditch. Kind of lame.
16 Do tarot card readings.
17 Read each other’s hands.
18 Ojie boards.
Hope you like these suggestions! ­čÖé

Answer by Ôść Kiley! Ôść
blinded makeovers
scary movies
Go around the block dresses as nerds… I have done that before not on halloween night ;] ITS FUN!
have a sleepover
dance the night away
make funny youtube vids
mix candy with icecream
make candy brownies
prank eackother
Do scary stories outside
put ketchup on your face and go around the streets
have a dance contest (winner gets some candy)
scariest costume contest
DO a mummy fashion show. Have people on the streets judge :]
(have teams and dress them in toilet paper)
Get high off your candy

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can a teen like me make money without any kiddie job?

I really want to start making actual money! I’m to young to get a job and I feel I’m to old for babysitting, lemon-aid stands and little things. I need some cash so I can have fun with my friends. Are there any ways that don’t envolve internet survays or something that would not be scam like???

Answer by Bishnach
Internet surveys are all scams. Believe me most people here will post stuff like heres how I make 500 dollars a week. All I can advice you to do is use Ebay etc and sell some stuff (Buy and Sell) Or get a job if your 14 +. If you want you can check out my site http://www.teenwaystomakemoney.com for more tips and jobs teens can do. My site is legit no scams etc.

Answer by TiDaLxxWaVe
There’s this great book called “Quick Cash For Teens” that i suggest you look into. It clearly outlines the hard work that it take to open your own business, but shows you that even people our age can do it with a lot of commitment. It was a great help to me, who is 16 and in your same dilemma. I give you the list of teen businesses from the book You’ll probably sneer at some. Ahaa!

Astrologer/Tarot card reader
Balloon animals
Beta Tester
Bicycle repair
Biking Tour Guide
Bill Reviwer
Bird houser builder/designer
Car Washer
Care Package maker
Chauffer/Children’s Chauffer
Cher for Hire
Children’s Lunch Maker
House Cleaning
Room cleaning
Elder Companion
Craft maker/instructor
Data Entry
Decoration Maker
Desktop Publisher
Dinner Maker
Dog Walker
Drink Stand Operator (Think lemonade, but more!)
Entertainment Center Installer
Environmental Consultant
Errand Runner
Event Planner (I’d stay away from weddings)
Face Painter
Fish Tank Maintainance
Flyer Distributor
Focus Group Organizer
Garage Cleaner
Garbage Removal
Graphic Design
Card Maker
Holiday Yard Decorator (Not much summer demand. Ahaa)
Homework Checker
House Sitter
Ironing Service
Lawn Mower
Leaf Raker
Mail-Order Business
Messenger Service
Mobile Concession Stand
Online Cosignment Retailer
Online Magazine Publisher
Opener and Closer of vacation homes
Open-House sitter
Interior/Exterior Painter
Painting and/or refinishing old furniture
Party Assistant
Personal Assistant
Personal Shopper
Photo Editor
Event Photographer
Print Photographer
Plant Caretaker
Plant/Flower Seller
Pool Cleaner
Product Tester
Professional organizer
RV washer
Shoe Shiner
Snow Shoveler
Song Writer
Sports Tutor
Toy Assembler (Really?)
Travel Agent
T-Shirt Designer
Used Book Seller
Video Game Tester
Virtual Assistant
Wake-Up Caller
Walking Tour Guide
Web Designer
Window Washer
Yard Sale Assistant

That’s 99 (I think) Things. I hope this helped. And by the way, just because you like something on this list, doesn’t always mean it’s profitabel. Get the book!

Answer by Cass6789
I dont think you are too old for babysitting…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some hilarious YouTube videos i can watch?

If you know any funny ones that will make me pee my pants thats perfect!

Answer by stephen c
charlie bit me

Answer by Ashes

Charlie Bit Me… 15 Years Later

Answer by Kyle N
go and watch kylemonkey if u have a username add me as a friend im Mclovin171

Go to utube, type in monkey sniff

Answer by Samantha B


the sequel to the one above this is:

sorry there all the same movie but 1, lol its the only thing i watch on youube XD

Answer by Kari W
mad mad max

Answer by Bob W
I think these Ronald McDonald tarot videos are funny! It turns out that tarot cards were really Christian in origin and were made for a card game!

Answer by JC
Diddle-ly! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKnCrWUFoYQ

Answer by Fizzi
Watch anything by Personman1234 (thats their user name) some of their videos are Owens Nature Walk and Flogers in your cup!
The flipbook is so cool!


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