Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some good forums to talk about Psychic phenomenon?

I’m trying to write a book and would like to frequent a forum where I can ask polite questions.

Answer by Hello Dolly
You’re on one now. You get all sides here, believers, non believers and a few trolls as well : D

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
Here’s one for you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is this true Can a psychic talk to the dead ?

Psychics around the world will tell you that there is an after life and that the dead do speak
Can psychic Sally Morgan really talk to the dead?

Answer by tony
no none of its true they tell you they can or they would be out of business.

Answer by johnny b
No, it’s a scam. See if you can find one who does it for free.

Answer by Anna

Answer by Demitel
depending on what type of psychic yes. I am one and i can talk to the dead so if you have questions talk to me k? ^^

Answer by Barcadcadacada
No these people are complete and total frauds, if you listen you will find they speak in general terms until they see someone’s body language back up what they are saying. Then they narrow it down all the while the person they are “reading” nods in aggreement when they hear what they want. They will always start with something like “I’m thinking of someone with red hair, or maybe dark hair or maybe blond.” Its a scam and they should all be in jail.

Answer by gpz1100
Those who talk to the dead or attempt to are loosers and have no life of their own so they have figured just another way to get money from people by talkking to their grandadds who arent here anymore.

If you loved your grandad youd speak to him yourself. Youd honour him.

Really ita a load of shite.

Answer by Red Rooster
They are not talking to the dead, rather some entity that counterfeits the dead. You can however talk to a loved one through prayer, ask your heavenly father to contact them, you may even receive a message from them, sometimes in your inner-voice or in a dream. Love has no boundry.

Answer by MeanGene
Aaaahhh, NO… She can make you belive she can that’s all. It’s fake… If I sucker punched a psychic in the face wouldn’t they have seen it coming?

Answer by DaltonCullen
There’s different types of psychic but the ones that usually speak to the dead are called Mediums.

Answer by Charles
I agree with others that it is more artful scamming with mad guesswork that is what they are playing at.

Answer by anna
There is an afterlife, but the dead do not speak to the living. They are where they go when they die. We will go to them but they will not come to us. Jesus Christ is the only one who ever returned from the dead, and He is the one who told us the dead cannot speak to the living. He returned because He is alive.

No “psychic” can communicate with the dead. It’s all about money.

Answer by kilroymaster
I have said this before and I will say it again. And I will keep on saying this until it sinks in… There is no human being on the face of this earth that can talk to the dead… It has never been done nor will it ever be possible for a human to do…. Sally Morgan is a fraud period……… And by the way what they are talking to are demonic spirit that come in the disguised of the recent or ancient dead….. Now you can run around with your thumbs up your butts… But you better believe that demons are real and very dangerous creatures and there is a horrible price that must be paid when you deal with one of them………….

Answer by the X
i might be the only one that yea i believe certain psychics can “talk” to the dead. they can pick up what the people are trying to convey. dead people do came back to their family to tell them they’re ok and all that. i believe it sorry if others dont believe me. yes there are people who scam but there are truly genuine ones.

Answer by Mike C
its called a meduim
and i cant be 100% certain they can talk to the dead (im not a medium)

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

The type of psychic who can communicate with loved ones in spirit is called a Medium.


Answer by adherentofgod
no, it’s just another soul, not the dead one

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