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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some questions you can ask a fortune teller?

Answer by mississippi150
Well, basically what do you want to know about your future. If you want to know the outcome of any relationships or upcoming events then that is what you ask. Usually fortune tellers are straight into telling you what’s up and coming.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Whats the first question you would ask a Fortune Teller?

Answer by gdcoton22 has a terrible cough
How come you’ve never won the lottery?

Answer by ARZ
Why do you CARE!

Answer by frankzilla- naked at the beach
you are not honestly wasting my time are you?

Answer by Shadow
what will i eat for dinner tomorrow

Answer by rachieboo24
Will my dream come true?
When will I fall in love?

Answer by My Snow Man Has a Heart On
How old will I be when I die

Answer by Soul06
‘Wait a minute, I know what my fortune is, I like to party’

Answer by Ariel is the fever doll
The first thing that popped in my head was, “Is my crush going to ask me to the Valentine’s Day Dance?” So um, I’d most likely ask that. xD

Answer by Kim
i’ll be like,
“yo, hoe, gimme the future. will i have cash?”

i’m actually serious

Answer by shadyzlady08
When will I die???

Answer by Warlock of Id
How, where, and when will I die?

Answer by phelpsfan
wat’s in my future??

Answer by Napoleon Mcgregor the 5th
What are you smoking? and where can i get some of it?

Answer by Khun Bob
How much is this going to cost me.

Answer by Bella
Will I ever be happy?

Answer by .Tha QueeN.
Have you ever had a mental evaluation before?

EDIT: Jack the Ripper, that is a trick question. You do not wear any underwear, I am sensing.

Answer by Heather S
what’s my name?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : whats a good question to ask a fortune teller?

Uhh just want to know some

Answer by Comp designer
Who taught you how to lie?

Answer by Jenna
Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

Answer by Cleocattra The Fortune Telling Cat
Oh yay!
I’m a fortune telling immortal cat.
Questions to ask:
How long will I live?
Will my life be purposeful?
Will I ever find love?
When will I have a iq higher than 4?

Answer by Leonardo Lopez
How old are you? ask that if you dont belive in them if you do ask what will be my biggest mistake

Answer by Valerie A
Please dont go. Many are scam artists and will only take your money and scare you with negative fearful stuff so you will go back to them to take the bad stuff away. they have NO power to do this. They thrive on creating fear in you that is hard to put out of your mind once they put it there. They try to sell you more appointments or good luck charms. ,etc. Be in control of your own life.

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