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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some short mangas i can buy?

So i bought Darker than black, and i bought Death note before that, I want a manga thats 1-2 volumes, but good as well? Because it’s kinda expensive here, i know i can read it for free online, but reading online a pain, hurts my eyes and i get bored just staring at the screen, So any suggestions?

Answer by tribe_chief

” My personal favorite is , ‘ Ninja Scroll ‘ ,

in Japanese , with the English subtitles . ”

( The English version without subtitles

is also available . )

Answer by Project : Nyu~ Magpie.
– Goth (one volume)
– Fairycube (3 volumes)
– Blood+ ( 5 volumes)
– Princess Ai (3 volumes)
– .Hack//Legend of twilight (3 volumes)
– Vampire to Shinigami (one volume)

These are a few of what i’ve read.

Answer by Shawlene

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I learn Russian for free online?

Hi where can I learn Russian for free online? I want to learn how to sound out the letters and learn how to read each letter. Any online lessons in learning are okay with me 🙂

Please do not spam me with dumb software I have to download that isn’t free.

Answer by Ronel
Rosetta Stone. Normally you’d pay for it.
But then, you can illegally TORRENT it.
I provided a source link. INSTRUCTIONS should be there.
Follow them exactly and you’ll be set.

Answer by yyyyzz (wise)

Answer by languages
most of the lessons are given on youtube goodluck

Answer by Erik Van Thienen
Free online Russian language courses :

Answer by ♥♥ एमिली Loves आप ♥♥


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to find free online sweepstakes?

What is the best site to find free online sweepstakes? I’ve tried a lot of these blogs but they are really no good.

Answer by LoveSweepstakes
Honestly the best way to find free online sweepstakes is with the directory at . It is always kept up to date and they don’t put all the bad sweepstakes that are wastes of times. I have had good luck using sweepstakesscout to enter online sweepstakes.

It all comes down to what the site offers you to help find the ones right for you. With the blogs they are easy to read and are updated but have no tools to help. I like this site because it lets me bookmark ones I know I am going to enter again, so why have to find it again everytime?

You could also try they are ok too but I think you have to pay like $ 5 a month.

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Intermediate Learning English Lesson 2 – Mental Power – Vocabulary and Pronunciation

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