Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are the best in depth questions about your love life to ask a psychic ?

I am doing a psychic reading soon .. And I want to ask in depth questions about my future an my future love life.

The best questions would be the ones where you get multiple answers back after asking only one question.

Please be serious and send some serious future life and future love life questions to this page.
So I can use them or a part of those questions when seeing a psychic.

Please as many questions to a psychic as possible .

Thank you . x

Answer by Samuel
What are the Power Ball numbers is a good one.

Answer by Dianne Wallace
You’ll have more luck if you just go to the library and get a book on palmistry. Look at the affection lines underneath your little finger on both hands. It will show how many loves, how long they last and how many children come out of even shows whether you are gay or not..

Answer by Jesere
You do NOT want to ask a Psychic “In Depth” Questions

“You ask “What Do YOU See Concerning MY Love Life”
The Let the Psychic Tell You…
Make sure either You or they Tape your session.

You want to be Vague and Have her/him do their Job and
give you the In depth information on your Love Life….

Some Psychics are Cold Readers
and want you to supply most of the information, they will start asking
you too many questions instead of Reading Your Future…
Red Flag – this means you are wasting your Money
because these people are not real Psychics…

I have been to real Psychics and had readings
which the information given did manifest sometimes
months and even years later….I have the Tape to Prove it…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : should i ask him?

ok my moms like a psychic person . she told me she had a dream that my bf knocked me up and that he left me and was no where to be found . and that i was a teenage mother . im 15 and my bf’s 17 . it took about 2 months b4 we even had our first kiss so .oh and im not a whore. but anyway should i ask him if he would leave me if i was preagant

Answer by AnswerThis.
He prob wont leave you..just dont be too surprised if he FORCES you into a jacuzzi or hot tub for two hours a night SHUD u get pregnant.

Answer by Danny K
You’re mom is psychic? Sounds more like she is trying to scare you into not being interested in boys.

Answer by shayla
haha if he would leave you he would never come out and say it just because you asked. he would be using empty words to give you false security.

Answer by victoria v
yeah but ask it like a joke

Answer by 😀
yeaa bring it up, tell him about the dream and be like, what if that happened? if i got pregnant what would we do? would you leave? keep the convo light and mayb even humorous just to not scare him with the question. maybe this will help you decide if sex is right for you two (if you haven’t already) a baby could be a big mistake for 2 ppl this young, or just anyone who isn’t planning on one quite yet. so yea, it could open your eyes to the need of protection to prevent a baby or decide if hes even the right guy for you in the first place, who’d want a guy who would tell you they’d dump you, anyway? 🙂

Answer by larie_lars
your mom is probably just trying to scare you

Answer by Jennifer J
Um…well your too young to have sex with him anyways, and also did it ever occur to you that your mom might have just been telling you that so maybe you wouldn’t have sex with him, because you would be too scared to have sex with him, if you thought he got you pregnant and ran away? I would just wait on sex though, and you can ask him if you want, do you believe what he says though? I mean is he trustworthy?

Answer by T
Your mom could be trying to scare you or maybe she see’s the bad things in this guy that you don’t… Sure ask him. When in a relationship with someone you should feel free and comfortable to talk about basicly anything! Best wishes!

Answer by Boobug
Just because your mom has some kind of “psychic vision” of that, doesn’t mean you come out asking something outrageous like that.
Imagine being on his side, that looks a tad bit crazy.

Answer by bren c
depends on how long you two have been going out.

if its less than 6 months, dont ask. use protection. double up with birth control. and just dont ask. it’ll freak him out. trust me.

if its over 6 months, you can. it will still freak him out. but by 6 months, most guys are hooked so it doesnt matter. he’ll stick with you.

Answer by Ella D
If your mom had a dream that you got screwed then you should do everything possible to avoid it. You being 15, are too young to even think about having sex with a guy. And the guys now days probably would leave you pregnant and go find some other girl. Guys just don’t want no responsibility anymore. Oh and don’t even think about asking him that. Knowing guys, he’d say something stupid like “Of course I wouldn’t. Your everything to me. I love you.” Or some stupid sappy stuff like that. Don’t let him touch you.

Answer by Pebbles
If mom is psychic then she should get you on birth control. If she doesn’t get you on birth control, quick, run, don’t walk to the nearest Planned Parenthood!

Answer by Blanquita
Yea you could throw it out there if you want just to see wat he says because if he’s ready to take it further than kissing he has to be responsible for his actions especially at his age.

Answer by jennifer_nichole3774
Well, you can ask him, but to be on the safe side since you are 15 tell your mom to take you to get on birth control. Tell her you are not having sex but you feel that it will help with your monthly cycle and all that. Also tell her you are not planning on having sex but that with how things are these days and how teen’s are maybe you would get ‘caught in the moment’. You don’t want to be a teen mom and you surely don’t want to make her a grandma too soon.

If she does allow birth control don’t see it as a sign to go out and ‘do what you please’. Also good idea to use protection because birthcontrol is not 100%. And it don’t protect you from other things out there that are a lot worse than being a teen mom.

Answer by Jayne
You can ask him but most guys will say they won’t leave you when they aren’t in the situation and then when it happens then they take off anyway, so just asking him isn’t a good indicator if he will actually leave.

Why do you say your mom is psychic? has there been other times when she had a dream and it’s come true?

I would suggest in this case she is just warning you to please use birth control and condoms.

Answer by Josh D
No you shouldn’t ask him to leave if you were pregnant. It is his decision if he wants to stay with you or leave you. Leave it up to him on whatever he wants to do.

Answer by vibecop
It never hurts to know another persons intentions

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : People asking for psychics’ help?

I am just wondering why so many people on Yahoo Answers ask for a psychic’s help. Don’t get me wrong; I do believe that some people have special gifts. However, I believe a genuine psychic/ESP ability is extremely rare.

In other words, do the people asking these questions realize that they are almost always being answered by frauds? Usually teens or young adults who believe without any basis in fact, that they are “psychic” when it is completely untrue? Usually the cheesy Pagan/fanatsy types answer these people’s pleas with such definite answers, and it’s just ridiculous.

(Don’t get me wrong, I have HUGE respect for Paganism, and I love fantasy…but by cheesy, corny types, you know what I mean. The flakes.)

So just to restate: I believe psychic ability exists; however I don’t think genuine psychics are waltzing around YA on a regular basis. So why believe that 15 year old with the witch hat avatar that thinks she’s a high priestess dragon caller? LOL. Just wondering.

Answer by dyLO the wise
haha i love those questions
i always give magic 8 ball answers :]

Answer by Prophet
Your’ll be turning your back on God.

Answer by Arthurlikesbeer
I see confusion and delusions in your future

Answer by Spring Thyme Jingles
You know in your heart there is something to it, but if you develop your own, it will be worth more, than any $ 3.99 a minute phone call – do you understand?

Answer by robert k
Psychics/satan are always ‘hanging out”. Weather it be here on YA or in psychic communities.

Answer by oso_loco1961
Good point.. This is an age old struggle for people who think they have to know fate whether or not it has any truth to it… We need to remember that for every Godly prophet there are counterfeits…

Answer by master_of_the_magicians
that 15 year old with the witch hat avatar is not a psychic, The viking on the sled being pulled by polar bears is though.

Answer by little miss obsessive
Prophet- No one is turning there back on God…Have you not heard of fun and I am religious too, have you not heard “you only live life once,” “Oh, well what the hell?” just go with it….

And now, to answer your question, I agree with you, it is pretty rare, dont let anybody tell you anything different then what you truly believe and live life to its fullest, I am young and I love life everyday I do something crazy…Although Ide never do a physic reading, but I do horoscopes
Jada Nicole Madden,

Answer by rabid_scientist
People get desperate sometimes, and sometimes they just want to be comforted. Waiting is one of the more subtle tortures of life, and usually people turn to psychics when they can’t stand the waiting any longer.

Funny thing is, most people who turn to psychics don’t want real answers–they just want an answer that will comfort them. If they know they might hear something they don’t like, they won’t ask.

Answer by Michelle D
I answered a question with what I thought was appropriate sarcasm and had the fellow message me asking if I was telling the truth. O.o Some folks will believe anything I guess.

Ah yes, and my tea leaves say a turbulent time approaches in your future.

Answer by Scorpio Dancer
Not all of the naturally intuitive people online are cheezy pagan/fantasy types under the age of 18. But I think you will find that the mature ones don’t just rove around and answer those questions..Plus even some of those immature pagan types can have some intuitive ability.

Answer by Hestia’s Priestess JPA RT
There are actually quite a few genuine readers on here for other reasons. The problem is that the questions for psychics are usually one of two types.

The first type is made up of people who are trying to “debunk” psychic/paranormal ablities. The other type are usually people who really need someone to advise them but do NOT need a psychic answer — they just have come to the conclusion somewhere that the answer is somehow better from a psychic than simply coming from common sense.

In either way, the ethical psychics on here will NOT respond as psychics and in some cases have even started telling people that. Many of the ethical readers on here consider it to be a religious calling — I myself have been reading for over 20 years and have made a vow to my Gods to never mislead someone about what I see in a reading (or even if I see anything at all — sometimes I don’t see something for a person)

Answer by wolfswren
There are intuitives who have what is known as the second sight,
mostly they are born that way but not always the case
Some things are not meant to be known or might not be
exactly what they seem and misinterpretation can happen
Prayer is always a good idea and patience too.
Most psychics who are real psychics know that some things
in life are a test of courage and Karmic.
How do we know that there might be more than one choice

If someone is looking for a person or animal or trying to solve
a crime that is a good reason to consult an intuitive or maybe
they are dealing with a haunting which also is a difficult task
for the untrained…

There are phonies of course and do be careful
Most charge but some do not. Native Americans do not
charge if they are true intuitives,it is not permitted!

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