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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What brands, models, and features should I look for in an affordable digital video camera?

I’m looking into getting a video camera in the next few weeks, and I know positively jack about them. I’m not looking for HD video or state-of-the-art features – ease of use and affordability takes precedence over all that.

I have a budget of probably $ 300.00, though if there’s anything decent for even less than that, that’s the way I want to go – in case I need extra accessories.

Answer by pureinsomniac
the cheapest and best HD camera I have found with top end feature and functions are SVP t-500 camera’s they are around $ 150 and will fulfil and meet your expectations and requirments , the favorites are there for you to , but they are a bit more expensive , have a look around

Answer by darknyte
Your price range may just be perfect for this one … interested? read on

check it out …i got a JVC Everio Hybrid Hard Disk Camcorder from, online purchase and, as far as i’m concerned, works beautifully, advertized at $ 335 at that time but i got online purchase discount and paid only $ 275 for it. The internal memory is 30 gigabytes so you can take thousands of still pictures and maybe lots videos. and for indoor and evening shots, no problems, the lens adjust automatically to the proper exposure.

it comes with a flash bulb too, in case you need it. i never had to use it for my evening/indoor shot. adequate lighting – you got yourself a clear picture. nice toy .. i love it

never had any problems loading the files onto my computer and editing.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do i compress a video thats about 330mb to a smaller size?

I want to upload it online but its to big, how can i do this?

Answer by yap_jp
Normally compression on video, picture and music file will have no effect since it’s already in compressed mode. You need to convert it to another format. Just try which one will give you smaller size

Answer by Mars
If its an AVI or mpg file,

Get virtual dub, and in the video tab, choose the compression you want (often X-VID) or DIVX…..

Read the documentation abt virtual dub to get the best possible result.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you convert a Limewire video file to a format compatible with Windows Movie Maker?

I have downloaded video files from Limewire and I want to use them on Windows Movie Maker. I have imported Limewire video files onto it before, but now it won’t let me. How do I convert a Limewire video file into a format that is acceptable by Windows Movie Maker?

Answer by Jeffrey L
Basically, if you want to convert video AND keep the same quality, your BEST bet is going to be Replay Converter. It does require you to be online, but I’ve used a few converter programs and this one is my favorite

There is a post about it on this online forum:–Audio-Files.aspx
Or if you just want to read my review on my site for it, it’s located here:

I hope this helps, drop me a message on the board if you have any questions!


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