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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What christmas song is this does anyone know for sure?

ok what christmas song is this im posting a link so what is the very first song that plays in this video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THv1m71xIHs

Answer by Lena
all i want ofr christmas is uuuuuu

Answer by Carl Grembly
i dont think it is a christmas song because it sounds like just instraments playing a piece

Answer by Carol M.
Feelin’ hot hot hot!

Hey, gypsy woman, roll your dice for me,
Read my Tarot cards, so I can see.
I’m razor sharp, cool sunglasses,
Pocketful of backstage passes.
Lady Luck, roll your dice for me.

The boys are feeling hot, tonight,
Fingers crossed, they get it right.
Women to the left, women to the right,
The boys are feeling hot tonight.

I ain’t too proud to beg for what you got,
You’d melt a heart of ice, babe, you’re so hot.
So pump it up, raise the dead,
Squeeze it, honey, ’til it’s cherry red
I ain’t too proud to beg for what you got.

The boys are feeling hot, tonight,
Fingers crossed, they get it right.
Women to the left, women to the right,
[From: http://www.elyrics.net/read/d/david-coverdale-lyrics/feeling-hot-lyrics.html ]
The boys are feeling hot tonight.

Feeling hot, feeling hot, feeling hot, feeling hot, hot, hot, hot.

Feeling hot…

Now I just wanna make sweet love to you,
I’ll do anything you want me to.
So rip it up, slip an’ slide,
‘Scuse me if my tongue gets tired
An’ I will make some sweet love to you.

The boys are feeling hot, tonight,
Fingers crossed, they get it right.
Women to the left, women to the right,
The boys are feeling hot tonight, hey, hey, hey.

Look out baby!

The boys are feeling hot tonight,
The boys are feeling hot tonight,
The boys are feeling hot tonight.

Rip it up, baby…

Answer by Utah But I’m Taller
don’t know the first song, but i don’t think it’s christmas. the second of course is jingle bells.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How to strengthen my christianity?

Hi, I have just turfed all of my tarot cards, runes and other junk. I also said a prayer asking jesus for forgiveness and into my life. What is the best way to strengthen my faith, as it is still weak and could still easilly be broken.

Answer by LetsRunAway
Just have faith in him, he will do the rest.

Answer by Missionary Kid
Prayer and Reading of Scripture

Take the time to evangelize, to encourage your Christian friends, but make sure you do everything with Love.

Also, take time out of your day to read other Christian books. Two I highly suggest are “Practicing the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence and “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster.

Specifically you will see yourself growing spiritually when you take time to intercede on behalf of others; those in your life and those not in your life. Choose a country that your heart really longs for and pray for the Christians there, the missionaries there, and all those who have not heard nor received the gospel. If you do this, you will grow spiritually.

Good luck and God bless ya =]

Answer by barrabas
Constant prayer

Answer by The Patrician
Congratulations. You just chucked out one bunch of junk from your life to let another one in.

Answer by Chrissy
I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as Jesus, so he won’t be coming into your life.

Jesus helps no one, so what makes you think he will help you?

Learn to be confident in yourself. And exercise. Physical activity boosts your moral which will strengthen your faith. No one can strengthen your faith for you.

Answer by karan8113
worship is the best way to be strenghtned by holy spirit
you say “hallellujah, hallellujah…” continously for half and hour (because the bible says angels do so) by sitting alone you feel the strength

Answer by ThatsRight
You have to tell all your friends what you believe and they will help you out.

Answer by Anticore
Seek out the wisdom of a religious leader. Someone who can assist you in your path to Illumination.

Find a church you enjoy going to.

Love others and help others as much as you can.

Search for God in all things.

Many Blessings, and God keep you!

Answer by zekemilli4
Read the bible, it is the best source of wisdom and will help you in your quest to become a better person. Congratulations and I wish you all the best of luck. Also, RELY ON YOUR CONSCIENCE. If something doesn’t feel like the right thing to do then don’t do it chances are your conscience is right.- James

Answer by Thanatos
Have faith, brother. Believe in him and he shall not forsake you. Try also praying to St Jhudiel, the bearer of God’s love. Psalms 30:1, In you I take refuge, let me never be put into shame, then 1 Our Father, 3Hail Marys, and 1 Glory Be.


Answer by Tiger Eyes
I asked the same question to my friend the other day, she said “Drink alcohol”….it works!!! woohoo….!!!

Answer by Ray M
As said
Study the bible. Find good commentaries and study guides. Especially ones that examine the culture background & history to understand from the point of view of who wrote it, not just from our view.
Pray. Find ways to link everyday activities to prayer.
…Shower->baptism, forgivenes
…Food -> Thanksgiving.
…eventually, your’ll begin to appreciate much of life that were just mundane before.

I’d also recomment hanging out more with those who share your beliefs. The quickest way to have problems is to hang around those that are verbally disparaging about your faith. I’m not saying avoid all non-believers. Just those who are going to keep on dogging on it. I have several friends who believe differently. We just respect each other and don’t attack each other’s views. (a good christian shouldn’t be insulting others anyway 😀 )

Keep asking the question.
If you are having problems – seek out help.

Good luck. God bless.

Answer by cardtapper
I think the Christian church recommends three things to help a person know the in-dwelling Christ: prayer, study, and fellowship.

Bible study is important so that you can learn what Christianity is all about, what it’s tenets are, and what Jesus taught. You also are responsible for seeking Christ and preparing yourself to receive the grace of God.

Christian fellowship is important because we are social beings and need others to help us and to share faith with. One definition of a church is “wherever people are gathered in His name,” and the Bible speaks of the importance of “breaking bread together,” clearly acknowledging the importance of fellowship.

Congratulations on beginning your personal faith journey.

Answer by CaTcHmEiFuCaN
Finding others that believe as you do will be a great encouragement. A good study group helps and read the Bible starting in the book of John in the New Testament. A great resource is www.blueletterbible.org. They have alot of resources and several versions of the Bible that can help make it more understandable. I suggest either the New King James Version or if you want a really nice read the New Living Translation. The NLT is a paraphrase but is still a good place to start when you want to understand the Bible and get to know who God is and just how much he loves you. And don’t forget about prayer. You have constant access to the one who made you and everything else that exists. No one can answer your questions better than the one who did the work so you could be saved.

Answer by wgr88
Hello, and it is in the trials of life that ones faith gets stronger, because you see, trials are NOT to inform God as to anything about you, trials are to tell YOU about you, in mark 6 we are told of a story about Jesus starting about verse 45 when Jesus commanded His disciples to get into ships and go to the other side, they were rowing hard trying to make it to the other side, a strong storm came up [a trial] then something else happened, read it all, that trial was the very thing God used to make them have stronger faith in Jesus and He uses your trials in the same way, find out more free bible lessons www.amazingfacts.org God bless email me also wgr88@yahoo.com

Answer by tracy211968
Prayer and reading and studying the Bible and getting into a church that you like.

Answer by MONI B
Spend time reading the Bible, praying, and meditating on God’s Word. As you draw closer to Him, He will draw closer to you. My prayer for you is that you continue to grow in God and His love and that you gain wisdom and knowledge as you journey with Jesus. I am so happy for you. How sweet it is to dwell in the safety of the Most High! Praise God!!!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Irregular patterns and unusual signs bothering me.?

I have trouble deciphering the strange patterns that has been happening around me since 2009 up until now. It started out during college when I have noticed these strange occurrences. I have noticed for instance when I see the time it is always matched at 12:12 or 11:11 and even 10:10 for several times. It has kept occurring when I go on YouTube I see a video time listed as 11:11. Or even when I go outside during the day a girl would shout out ‘Make a wish it’s 11:11’.

Another sign that I see is religion. It started right after when somebody told me ‘You should have a religion.’ Ever since, I have seen more biblical quotes that are dropped right in front of my door, I also see when I try to ride the passenger’s seat of
Another sign that I see is religion. It started right after when somebody told me ‘You should have a religion.’ Ever since, I have seen more biblical quotes that are dropped right in front of my door, I also see when I try to ride the passenger’s seat of my friend’s car, I have seen so many times on Facebook status. I see it also on the cover of a newspaper with a picture of a headline of a Football team ‘Saints’, saying ‘cut off his AC torso.’ I also see it on blogs that related to religion by the author mentioning something about, ‘An idiot atheist’. I would see more of these signs while riding on the subway, I would see a father with a cross necklace and his son on his lap and the father would have his arm directed towards my neck and he would make a slanted downward motion as if he was cutting of my head. I see more signs of my head being chopped off after listening to a bible passage saying “If your hand or your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and throw it from you; it is better for you to enter life crippled or lame, than to have two hands or two feet and be cast into the eternal fire. If your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out and throw it from you. It is better for you to enter life with one eye, than to have two eyes and be cast into the fiery hell.” There were numerous instances where I would see the news at 5:30 A.M. of a statue’s head cut off.

I have also noticed ‘How Smart People Fail’ would come out during a conversation at a bar. I also saw the cover of the book entitled, ‘How Smart People Fail’ while riding the shuttle bus. I also saw the same book in a church. The week after I have noticed the same book was removed from the shelves and I later discovered it in a bible group session. Some girl had the book in her bag.

I have noticed more people talking in the language of tarot card reading on and after, after paying a tarot card reader $ 10. I hear people during their conversation using words such as spirituality, material things, negativity, positive spirit, journey, and ‘On a mission’, too much. It comes on articles, it links with Buddhism, Torah and sometimes Christianity. I hear people that I have met recently, saying to me ‘You don’t need materialistic things’. It was unusual because it did not sound like a casual thing to say during a conversation. And also I keep reading technical blogs using Buddhism and ‘Living without Materialistic things’ that is quite not words that people would actually use. I want to stop hearing these words, but keep comes up everywhere.

There were other signs showing me that I should not eat processed food. I would walk outside and I see people protesting against processed food. When I walk inside McDonalds I see two young couple bought a set menu and the boyfriends would say right after purchasing the food, ‘Buying processed food is bad, Mu hahaha’, it was odd because he was eating the processed food. When I walk downtown I have noticed a veggie restaurant being extremely popular with 20 people walking in front of the door to get served every night, which was unusual. I have noticed through my emails I have received a stock advice saying that Whole Food Market went up by 300% within three months, which was abnormal for any stock price to go up that fast. These are only few of the patterns.

It has been four years since I started seeing these patterns. It had made me uncomfortable because some of them have no correlation between them, some of them are irrational, and sometimes I get confused from the signs because it is immature. I tried to rationalize and not get influenced by these kind signs are kind of out of my age, but it keeps bothering me every day. These things that are happening to me is real, but the rationality of it is highly unlikely that would I take with seriousness. The point is, it has made a huge damage to my life. It happens too frequently that wears my focus down. I tried so many ways to live my life, but it keeps haunting me. I tried to get help from other people, but I am frightened by them as well because I see them acting unusual. Now I try to spend my days trying to live a normal life, but the signs just keep coming back. It knocks my perception of reality away.

Answer by Exiled
( I wrote this a few years ago after recovering from a psychotic manic episode)
Sometimes my mind starts making connections
I see patterns and shapes that have special reference
Songs played just for me when hearing a lyric
No way these obvious signs are pretended
Certain words and numbers are symbolically endless
Becomes importantly clear towards me signs directed
Hidden messages and codes easily comprehended
Secretively work because others cannot be depended
They act strange, ask questions, sound condescended
Try to convince me that mania has fully ascended

Start conversations where no one can follow
Lacking depth, punning verbs, explanations too hollow
Narrow minded ignorance do not stand for or swallow
Impulsively grandiose manifests persecution tomorrow

Questions of drugs and drink, not acting quite right
Such slow minded people concerned i lost insight
Confusion over my chosen existence greater in height
Disrespectfully reject without proof, rage quickly incites
All will see there wrong to doubt ability in foresight
Or already knew monitoring me for weeks both day and night

Stubbornly ignore recognizing significance
Continue rejecting what is blatantly evident
Denying irrefutable proof my brain is not defective
Conspiring against me was bound to be imminent
Insanity over intelligence now every bodies preference
Rumors appear, ‘….delusions’ can hear mentioned
Full blown manic state say i cannot tell the difference
Involuntary hospitalization deprived right of innocence
Single lithium shots, three times daily haldol injections
Infiltrating my thoughts practice brainwashing experiments

Distorted thinking evolves into beliefs changing foods taste
Theres no doubting at all delusions do not leave a trace
So significantly purposed everything blends in to place
Only when episodes over does the meaningfulness get erased
I have a few links here that i think you might be interested in looking at.
“Apophenia is the spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness of unrelated phenomena.”

“Primarily, the sensory perceptions become “wayward” and thought erratically associative”

Below from link -> http://www.meaningofsynchronicity.com/
“This is synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence. It may occur as a single event, or a chain of related events. It often elicits humor; the distorted sense of reality caused from events that seem beyond all probability. The term synchronicity was coined by famous psychiatrist Carl Jung, who had experienced the phenomenon many times.”

•Ideas of reference (excluding delusions of reference)
•Odd beliefs or magical thinking that influences behavior and is inconsistent with subcultural norms (e.g., superstitiousness, belief in clairvoyance, telepathy, or “sixth sense”; in children and adolescents, bizarre fantasies or preoccupations)
•Thought disorder and perceptual disturbances
•Occasional transient quasi-psychotic episodes with intense illusions, auditory or other hallucinations, and delusion-like ideas, usually occurring without external provocation
•Odd thinking and speech
•Suspiciousness or paranoid ideation
•Inappropriate or constricted affect
•Behavior or appearance that is odd, eccentric, or peculiar
•Lack of close friends or confidants other than first-degree relatives

The most common type of delusion or false beliefs are paranoid delusions.
These are persecutory in nature and take many forms:
–Overpowering, intense feeling that people are talking about you, looking at you
–Overpowering, intense feeling you are being watched, followed, and spied on (tracking devices, implants, hidden cameras)
–Thinking people are working together to harass you
–Thinking that something is controlling you- i.e. an electronic implant
–Thinking that people can read your mind/ or control your thoughts
–Thinking that your thoughts are being broadcast over the radio or tv
–Delusions of reference- thinking that random events convey a special meaning to you. An example is that a newspaper headline or a license plate has a hidden meaning for you to figure out. That they are signs trying to tell you something.
–Religious delusions- that you are Jesus, God, a prophet, or the antichrist.
–Delusions of grandeur- the belief that you have an important mission, special purpose, or are an unrecognized genius, or famous person.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on Tarot Card Videos

How to Read Tarot Cards (Celtic Cross Spread)

Written by Anabella

Hi! I’m Anabella. I’m the owner and operator of Seerchat.com. I have been a professional online psychic for over 5 years now. I created this site as a source of information for people looking to learn about the business of webcam psychics.

I began realizing at age, 7, that I had the gift to see past & future events. This became a controversial family matter since my dad didn’t understand it. He had me visit a priest thinking I was possessed. I’ve been actively using my gifts for the past 20 years. “Tools” that I may use during a reading are tarot or pendulum to assist with helping to find answers.