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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do the core cards mean in tarot ?

There is the fool and the lovers.

And what does it mean when you got the chariot and empress as your power card. The star and strength as desire cards ? thanks

Answer by Russ
I use the book Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning but here is here website

I have several other books but she is the one I use most.

Hope this helps.

Answer by Azure Z
Here is a quick reference list for some of the commonly accepted meanings of the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot.

Fool – Innocence , unrealized potential
The Magician – Mastery, self-confidence
The High Priestess – Mysteries, hidden meanings
The Empress – Fertility, creativity
The Emperor – Authority, leadership
The Hierophant – Dogma, bonded to conventions of society
The Lovers – Love, choices influenced by love
The Chariot – Success, conquest, achievement.(May indicate travel over land.)
Strength – Strength of character, bravery facing incredible odds, resolve
The Hermit – Spiritual guidance, choosing a solitary path, finding a teacher
Wheel of Fortune – Completion of a cycle, luck, easy come-easy go.
Justice – Fair conclusion of matter, successful legal dealings
The Hanged Man – Pausing to contemplate or meditate, acceptance of one’s situation, sacrifice for a higher good
Death – Rebirth, transformation, matter concluded that teaches a lesson.
Temperance – Moderation, blending of opposites.
The Devil – Bound to a particular idea, obsession, manipulation of others.
The Tower – Sudden and drastic changes in one’s life. Disruptions leading to personal transformation
The Star – Inspiration, understanding, hope,.courage.
The Moon – Imagination, intuition, dreams. Uncovering what is in the unconscious.
The Sun – Success, optimism, bright outlook. Can also mean material happiness or a successful marriage, or birth of a brilliant child.
Judgement – Awakening, often of a spiritual nature. Change of position in life or outlook.
The World – Success in undertakings, matter of concern is universal.

Having the chariot and empress as your power card and the star and strength as desire cards would probably mean something like –

You are a creative individual that has been successful in projects that required imagination. However, you could benefit from exposure to more types of inspiration. You would also benefit from being more forward, outgoing, and assertive towards others.

Answer by philebus
Essentially they can mean whatever you intend them to.

Tarot cards were created in the mid 15th century, commissioned by the Duke of Milan as part of the celebrations for his daughter, Bianca Visconit’s marriage into the Sforza family. They were formed by adding a fifth suit of card to the existing 56 card pack. This extra suit of cards took as its theme, not an occult philosophy or magic symbols, but a traditional Christian triumph procession of the time – hence they were called trionfi, meaning triumphs, and from which we get our word trump. It was the invention of tarot that marked the invention of trumps in card games. It was for card games that they were created and exclusively used for for 350 years. They are still used for games today.

My point is this: There are many different meanings and systems attributed to tarot cards and they are all equally valid because all of them have been invented.

I do not myself believe that divination is possible but as you clearly do, may I suggest that you create your own attributions, ones that are personal and meaningful to you? This is close to what a number of tarot readers who fall into the school of intuitive reading do.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello Morgan

You have 22 Major Arcana, all of which have some very deep meanings & are Archetypal images, not the sort of thing that can be shown in yahoo. Way too much information! 🙂

Join forum link below & you can talk tarot as much as you like!


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what does she is your star mean in tarot card reading? ?

I went to see a tarot card reader and she told me that the girl she was looking at in the cards..that she was my star..what did she mean by that..any help is greatly appreciated..thanks in advance…only serious answers please.
and a big heart also appeared what could that also mean?

Answer by Maurog II
That she only looks distant and cold, but up close she is a flaming ball of passion about 50 million miles across?

Answer by sexy butterfly
It depends on the deck the reader was using but usually the star means: hope and faith; a bright prospect; selflessness and sacrifice; one of a generous nature; renewal after loss or abandonment. Or it could mean: refresh and renew; hope; guide; the depths of her abilities are endless like an eternal stream of water.To those weary in body and soul, she promises peace.She’ll bring you to a place where you can be refreshed and find hope; then once you are renewed and feeling stronger, she’ll serve as your guiding star to help you find your way. But first you must rest. But like I said decks vary in meanings but that’s around about what the card itself means. She’ll heal you in a nutshell. Unless it was reversed and then it means the opposite.

Answer by A Touch of Class Psychics
I think the reader was trying to say that this could be the girl for YOU but it sounds like you did not ask enough questions about your reading. Do not be intimidated by readers. It is ok to ask what you want to know.

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Answer by Sadhara Satguru

‘Your Star’ means nothing to me as a psychic, I could only guess that it would mean she would be special, a guiding light for you maybe?

What that phrase meant can only be explained by the psychic you visited.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the meaning of the Devil tarot card.?

Please don’t answer that without reading this first! I know the overall meaning of the devil tarot card but in this specific reading I’m thrown for a loop. The devil card res present ego, fear, restraint, addition and many other things. I’m honestly trying to figure out if I should invite my Fiances so friends (a husband and wife couple) to our Baby shower. They have tried on numerous occasions to make major waves in out relationship by spreading rumors about me and saying they have a problem with me but not coming to me directly and telling me what I did. The wife has even asked my Fiance what we do in our bedroom. I since stopped coming around them because I will not gravitate towards their drama and I wanna keep my own peace for me and my Fiance. Obviously this is a very dysfunction all friendship to me.

I have since been working on forgiving them and moving on. I want to be nice and invite them since my Fiance has no siblings and no Family besides his Mother…I mean no Family AT All! I have done three readings to help me figure out if it would be the right thing to do do and I keep getting the Damn Devil on the final outcome card. I’m no fool,I’m just confused. Is that the Devil representing me (I’m a Capricorn). The astrological sign Cappy represents the Devil. Or is it them? The are a couple and have a marriage. Or does it represent the dysfunction relationship my Fiance thinks he has with them, which is disguised as good for him. Or am I obsessing about it? I Please help.

Answer by Goblyn Queen
Well, I can’t give an insight about what the card would mean in this reading, as I don’t know the other kids in the reading, what layout you did and where each card fell.

However, I will give advice. If they have spread rumors several times in the past and even asked your gal about what you do behind closed doors, it should be obvious to not invite them.

Answer by Rev.Fred Lee
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Answer by George
The Devil card refers to bonds into which we place ourselves which only we can break.

If you look at the Rider-Waite-Smith Devil card you’ll see the same couple from The Lovers who have fallen from the garden of eden.
In answering your question the part of the imagery that is most important is the chains around their necks that are attached to the Devil’s altar. These bonds are self imposed.
The couple also have grown animal tails which represents following our animal instincts and not our moral good sense.
Usually the Devil card refers to vices (smoking, drinking, drugs, bad (abusive) relationships, etc).
These are the things which we can break away from if we have the will power to do it.

Your situation sounds like a bondage of sorts. You feel you have to invite these people even though common sense says that you shouldn’t.


Source : YoutubeWatch this video on tarot card meaning

Six of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Video

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