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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think of online fortune tellers?

I went on a website similar to yahoo answers and I asked about my future and someone wrote that I am gonna die soon.What do you think about those websites?

Answer by Bunky the Clown
I think they’re just as full of B.S. as in-person fortune tellers.

Answer by ROBERT R…..

Answer by blase~
If you’re not actually giving your details to them (such as DOB, name, photo etc), then there’s no way they can do ‘readings’. What you found was probably just an automatically generated machine that provides answers..something for entertainment purposes….It’s not real.
To get real readings you actually would need to talk to a person, and to provide some info about you with specific questions.

Answer by Michealla
I so don’t know which site you went on. In my case, i have
been told things from my mother and my grandmother, and
when i was little the middeivel town we came from , knew how
to do these things, pretty much , including interpreting dreams.
Which is what i have discovered i can do pretty well.

I don’t tell peoples fortune, and i know that on the net how
can ;you tell whos who, when in real life we can’t ell either.
Really this industry has got a hold of everyone and it is luck
of the draw ….if someone genuine reaches you.

Answer by Aunnika
It goes against anything remotely close to what it is based on.
How can they connect with another person???

I was sceptical about telephone psychics….now they have these online things and it’s just wacked

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is 20 questions an evil game according to christians?

ATHEIST PLEASE STAY OUT OF THIS!!! They say anything that tries to guess what u r doing is the work of the devil but I can’t find that in the Bible. All I heard was fortune tellers can be one of them but that’s it.

Answer by Lexi
Okay, what? How is that sinful? It’s just a game.

Answer by john wondering
Are you addressing one particular atheist?

Answer by Buiscuit
In the Bible when Moses asks what to tell the people His name is that was leading him, He said just tell them I AM I AM. He told Moses this because before consulting with Him, Moses kept trying to think of what to tell them His name is without consulting Him. Moses kept saying I am????? I am????? I am????? Understand? Just tell them I AM I AM.

Answer by Jackie
I don’t think so.

Answer by Christina
So asking a question is the work of the devil? Guess you’re goin’ to Hell…

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