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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean to dream a psychic is telling you your future?

I had a dream I went to a psychic and it was very realistic, I thought it was real. The psychic was reading my and sensing me she told me to relax and let my future come to her. Then she said I will fall in love young and get married at a young age. I thought this dream was weird considering I’m 14 and don’t really think about my future that much any one know what this dream means?

Answer by noallegiance
it was likely recoil from your t.v. the government tells us what they’re going to do to us all the time, before they do it. Like the ban on sugar. this will cause people to buy, buy, buy, then they won’t pass the ban. and another corporations takes the investors money and runs.

just “listen” the mouthpieces on the news; they aren’t hollywood-grade actors.

Answer by Ryan
Well if you want to break it down, dreams are made up out of your subconscious. If your dream is made out of your subconscious then you aren’t really talking to a psychic you’re talking to your image of a psychic. That means your subconscious is telling you what you want to happen. Whether these needs are below the surface or above, that is what part of your subconscious is hoping to happen in the future. Every young girl wants to get married and have a husband, don’t make too much out of it.

Hopefully this helps ^^

ps. The best person to interpret a dream is yourself. Nobody knows you better then than you.

Answer by Rob
It could also mean that you are anxious about your future and you wish that you have a psychic that could take away all the uncertainty and worry from your head. Dreams are outlets of unexpressed wishes. You often end up dreaming about things which you long to happen deep inside, but outwardly you ignore those feelings. My take on this is that you are wishing that you are at a marrying age, but you’re only 14. consciously, you know it can’t happen now..but you’re subconscious is telling you that you want to get married sooner. That’s my take on it.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
There may have been some prediction in this dream but it could also be just a dream, made up of fragments of information you picked up from songs or TV or some other media.

I wouldn’t be concerned about it because you have free will and you will choose what path you take and how young you will get married.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Did you have psychic abilities or hallucinations during pregnancy?

During my pregnancy I heard a voice twice and footsteps once. I am not sure if it was paranormal or hallucinations. I haven’t had any mental illness that could case hallucinations before or after my pregnancy. I’ve never been psychic either. I wanted to know if other women had this issue!

Answer by Jayleigh
um.. no.. cant say i did..

Answer by Janis, Chad’s wife
No but I’ve had some pretty weird dreams and some great sex dreams.

Answer by Belizean Princess
No, but when I was younger I had pretty accurate premonitions.

Answer by Chal
Hormonal changes can do some pretty weird things. Yes, I do think I was a bit more emotional and “aware” (paranoid) where I thought I saw a shadow or heard a voice.In fact, now that I remember, right after the baby was born, I used to hear him crying, only to run to his room and find him asleep. I also thought I was a little nuts. I’d say it’s hormones. After pregnancy and a few months after the baby, I went back to normal (whatever that is!)

Now, if you start hearing voices that actually tell you to do things… tha’ts a whole otehr story, go see a shrink asap if that happens.

Edit: I just remembered, that I too remember my name being called actually more than once. I was freaked out, I thought my husband was calling me and I would leave the room and say yeah? and he’d be wondering what the heck i’m talking about because he didn’t call me. I would say psychic abilities is not so likely. I mean, if spirits could talk to you, they’d probaly say something more interesting than a whispered mumble…

Get good sleep, relax, and don’t worry so much 🙂

Oh yeah, and crazy dreams are normal too.

Answer by MegMaj
I’ve had the same thing as Chal, I seriously am more aware and paranoid and always “see” things out of the corners of my eyes. lol. It’s weird, and then I freak myself out. And I’ve had some BIZZARE dreams too.

Answer by **Serenity**
I think it’s just the hormones. I was having the craziest dreams a few days before conception that someone had died etc. And once I was pregnant I was dreaming about these little girls for days at a time. Hormones makes your imagination run wild.

Answer by sesme
yes, to the psychic abilities, no to the hallucinations. i knew the sex of my baby (told to me in a dream) and i didn’t know i was pregnant at that time. throughout my pregnancy, i could predict small things–a flat tire, a family member’s pregnancy, a phone call or two… i don’t know why, but there were certain events i just knew were going to happen and then they did. i stopped calling it coincidence after about the third time it happened and just chalked it up to having an extra boost of psychic “juice” in my body. my theory is you have to be open to the possibility of this stuff being able to happen–psychic predictions, esp, whatever–in order for it to happen. some people don’t believe; i believe in it strongly. perhaps you are the same and that is why you are having these experiences. don’t let it freak you out; it’s just nature’s way sometimes…. good luck with the baby!

Answer by you’re lost satan get behind
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