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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean to dream of Tarot Cards?

I had a dream last night about Tarot Cards. I am a Christian so I really feel in my heart that Tarot brings negative energy. I used to practice witchcraft and paganism some years ago before I became a Christian. However in my dream, everywhere I went there were Tarot cards. At one point in my dream tarot cards began flying everywhere and each one contained beautiful art and colors (lots of blues, whites, reds, and golds). It brought me some joy and comfort in that moment. But then I ended up getting rid of them and then ended up feeling depressed and anxious for the rest of my dream.

So anyway, I am really confused this morning. I feel like I want a deck, but don’t want to displease God. Any interpretations, ideas, and advice?

Thank you 😀

Answer by Robert S.
God forgives you. Go buy yourself a deck.

Answer by Zia Lucia
You can look at this dream in two different ways.

The answer that would be most consistent with most folk who follow the popular evangelical form of Christianity would be to regard the dream as a temptation. This view would regard the joy and comfort as deceptive pleasures of sin, and urge you to renounce everything vaguely related to “occult” practices.

Or, you could do some research and discover for yourself some of the history of the Tarot and different ways that the cards are used in addition to the common idea of fortune telling. In the same way that common ideas about “witchcraft” have nothing whatsoever to do with the practice of Wicca, most common ideas about the Tarot are false.

If you are willing to look up some Scripture, you might consider Romans 14. The point is that just because something is unfamiliar or because someone used something for a bad purpose does not mean that the something is bad or evil or forbidden for everyone, everywhere for all time. Applied to the Tarot, some people might regard them simply as intricate works of art, and interesting artifacts of another time and tradition. Others see the symbols of the Tarot as insightful images that relate to the subconscious and deep unconscious mind, that express the universal experiences of humankind. Some psychological therapists use the Tarot to help clients talk about their deep feelings, dreams and fears. So you see that there are many different meanings to the Tarot beyond carnival fortune telling.

Then you might also be interested in these links that provide some different information about the Tarot than you may have been told.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do “the clow” tarot cards work?

I got a set of “the clow” tarot cards and I want to know the meanings of the cards and how I use them. Any help???

Answer by Dave P
You can Google it if you want an official answer but that will not be any more valid than if you decided on your own what the cards “mean”. Tarot is just a way of tapping into your own subconscious, nothing more.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
There are many books on meanings of cards. When I was learning, I used several different books and found that I got different insights from each one.

There are also books that you teach you how to do Tarot readings. Personally I suggest taking a class. Most New Age bookstores have them or know where to find one. They give you hands on experience and you can practice with other students.

Answer by Maralee Fox-Heins
I do not have this deck nor have I used it so try these sites:



Joy to you,
Maralee Fox-Heins

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