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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when a guy just wants to be friends? Should I believe a psychic?

So i asked this psychic about this guy and i said does he like me more or just friends, she’s like just friends. But before she told me 2 yrs ago that he liked me more then a friend and to go slow, does going slow mean being his friend first and getting to know me before having a relationship?

Answer by John
Stop wasting your money on psychics. It’s all total BS.

Answer by ♫Rojas♫
if he wanted to be more than friends he would tell you. men are not that complicated. that is no offense of course, just true and it makes life easier when you remember that.

Answer by Carrie
First off stop wasting your money. If you wanna know if you and this boy are friends or will ever be more than friends you need to ask him. He’s the ONLY one in the world who can tell you how he feels. and don’t be shy or coy about asking however if you are shy and afraid to ask him than heres a plan… Go up to him and start joking around and say I went to see this psyic and she told me we would be friends now but in time we were going to hook up… See what his response is maybe he just might say “Why Wait” or if he seems happy about it you could say “Why Wait” Joke around about it. That way if he doesn’t like you, you can keep your head held high and say psychic are so crazy aren’t they. Then no harm was done to your friendship.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when a psychic says this?

I asked a psychic if I would ever meet someone I would fall in love with to where he would reciprocate the same.
She told me I feel a potential relationship coming into your life without too much effort, but it will not find you, you will have to find it. Some effort will be required.

What exactly does she mean by saying “it will not find you, you will have to find it.”????

Answer by Aries Astrum
The future is constantly changing. She will never be accurate, only by guess.

If you go back to her in a few days, I can assure you her “senses” will change.

Answer by Mike Farley
sounds like a bunch of crap

Answer by LisaL
I’m guessing that you will have to put effort in your search. Maybe try a dating website?? or get the courage to walk up to guys you are interested in you. She was basically saying, they arn’t gonna come to you, you go after it

Answer by Sanne
She meant that you’ll have to make an effort to get out and socialize at a pretty steady rate to find your relationship, but it was a sloppy statement, on her part, to make. It’s pretty vague.

I wouldn’t put too much into that one remark. These things happen when you least expect them, so just go out and have fun.

Answer by Angie C
Umm.. let me tell you something, okay. Now, guys shouldn’t be chasing girls. If you go out and search for a guy it will never last.

Guy’s aren’t suppose to be chasing girls, guys are actually the ones to be chasing the girls. When you’re a cougar and chasing guys it will never last. Because you don’t know if the guy even really likes you.

If a guy really likes you that much he will find some way or confidence in trying to win you!! So, your psychic is wrong.

Some are accurate, some are wrong! Without too much effort? That doesn’t sound good. That makes no sense. She said without too much effort! And then say’s with some effort. That makes no sense at all. seriously.

She say’s effort and then doesn’t say any effort at all? That makes no sense at all!

I’m just warning you that you don’t chase a guy, and I know! I remember I use to like this Anthony Kid. I’m so dumb, naive. I was like omfg! He likes me. 🙂 And I’m like Jenny he really likes me!! LMAO. She’s like omfg, really.

It turned out he didn’t, just blocked me. Please don’t take everything this psychic said but then there’s some that are real.

One told me this guy has a criminal record, has a violent personality. She say’s he’s just trying to bring you grief, he is. He’s been harassing me, stalking me. Having people pretend to be him and harass me.

She said.. he just wants to use you for a piece of butt, has a controlling personality. She say’s he’s self- centered and doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. And it’s true. The guy has a criminal record, is a trouble maker.

He’s greedy, and I busted him out talking about sex a lot and bringing up the bible! He has the bible on his facebook, she told me he doesn’t believe in god, that he’s a charlaton.

He’s just using that as a form of manipulation to try to get inside your pants. Well.. I do believe in that because A.) He doesn’t respect me, is stalking me. Stalking is a form of possession, harassment. It’s controlling, possessive.

B.) He is giving me grief bc he doesn’t seem to understand the word “no”. Ive asked him many times to leave me the f8ck alone. Annoying as that seems, it does bring me grief. He’s also 2 faced, a lier. Trying to make me jealous, keeping tabs on me. Like a psycho!!

C.) He did the togune thing with his mouth which is vulgar and disgusting of wanting to eat me out, I busted him out talking about sex. Knowing that I’m a spiritual person he tries to let others know who aren’t having sex. To have sex! Basically trying to use the bible to.. pretend like he cares, then trying to seduce me into having sex with him.

I also notice.. that the guy watches Porno with the body structure with what I have, everything is sexual related. Even being that I’m half asian. I know he imagines having sex with me, looks at my breast.

Probably wants a bl0w J0b as well since his favorite food is Pizza!! Plus, I know his sister is using Yahoo answer as well. The Psychic told me to stay away from him, and I’am. So………. yeah. He’s in my past!

So…… I’m just letting you know that some are real and some are fake. I think it just depends on the person!

And, the one who told you this is.. giving you vague advice!! It’s a professional con- artist. But like I said there’s some that are real, some that are fake!!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you EVER used PSYCHICS for ANSWERS or for FUN? What was your experience with PSYCHICS?

Do you find Psychics to be real?
Have Psychics ever answered questions correctly that you have asked the Psychic?

Answer by Ghost Wolf

The best answers are the ones you find yourself

Answer by Girl Raphael
I am a psychic and I use tarot and a crystal ball, if you’d like a reading just email me You can get books and develop your own talents we are all psychic just some are latent talents.

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