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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does it mean when a psychic tell you “everyone close to you either leaves you, takes from you or dies?

I went to a psychic and she told me “everyone close to you either leaves you, takes from you, or dies. I forgot if she said it was a kind of karma or which tarot card she was reading from. Does anyone know what this saying is based from? It was so true and I was in such shock I forgot to ask her before I left.

Answer by Lover of Jehovah
It means that she just took your money.

Answer by Indalecio Celesta
The psychic was telling you something that is true for everyone no matter what.

It’s not profound.

Answer by Matt
It’s not a saying. You paid for a reading and you got one, seems to me. But don’t worry about the karma thing. Just because you have had unfortunate relationships in the past doesn’t mean you wont have nice ones in the future. Be happy, positive and constructive in life, don’t let negativity get you down, and you will meet the right people as you go through life.

Answer by ssrvj
A Psychic knows NOTHING about KARMA

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