Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the death tarot card mean?

I tried online tarot readings then asked “will i live long?” and others “will i marry?”

then the death card appeared. what does it mean?????????
will i………… know……….?????????????
mr, bluelights, it’s possible??????? so you mean i will…………????
madeleine, thanks. i’m relieved…… yes I think i need to change a bad habit i mean i eat so many things like junk foods and stuff.


Answer by Crock a duck
In Tarot the death card simply means change, new beginnings, an end to old things.

Answer by Mr. Bluelight
A change, not necessarily death, though I suppose it’s possible.

Answer by pǝʞɔıʍ ɥɔʇıʍ™ of the West
The “death” card, or hanged man in Tarot readings usually means a change of some sort. The death of the old, a new beginning. The death of old ideas or ways of doing things, the end of a relationship and the start of a new one.
I almost never means the subject is going to die any time soon.

Answer by Madeleine Haby
No, the death card does not mean death. XD

If anything, i’d be more wary of the devil card, but that’s just me.

Death normally means change and a new beginning. Are you perhaps in a bad relationship? If so, the card may be warning you to leave the other person and pursue other people.

It could also mean you need to change a habit, or some daily ritual in order to start again.

Hope this helps~!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the most reliable source that divines the future?

Wondering if comparative astro charts work best… psychics… online or professional tarot readings…

I’m having some real tough times with an ex who I’ve been on/off with for 11 months now… he’s 600 miles away and has been for a month. You’d think it’d be easy to let someone go, but with him it’s not. My Mom thinks our destinies are linked… I’m not sure… any way to tell?? I’m too impatient to wait to find out…

Answer by ~*~o_O~*~
seventeen . com
go to funstuff
then horoscopes

Answer by moonsister_98
your own intuition

Answer by WooleyBooley again
Not to be mean, but the entire thing is hoopla crap. My ex makes great money being a face and palm reader. Her clients are from Paradise Valley & Scottsdale, AZ. As she says, well heeled suckers. Fact.

Answer by Alex
The stars foretell, they do not compel.

Much depends upon human free will. Both yours and his.

Psychics tap into the astral plane, that one just above the physical. But looking into it is like looking into a pool of water, it’s never crystal clear. One can foresee events IF they continue in the direction they are going; however, human free will has a tendancy to come into play. This can change everything.

check out for your free chart (since you are asking this question in horoscopes) and you can then get your personal forcast under ‘free horoscopes’. It will give you an idea when to act for the best results. But ultimately, your actions, and his, will determine the outcome of events.

Yes, people are often linked as your mother says. But sometimes it is because we have not worked out our karma in the past, so we are destined to meet again until we do.
Forgiveness is one way to let go of any bad karma that may be affecting you. Then you can move on with your life, either together, or apart, as suits your soul growth this sojourn.

Good luck!

Answer by Pam R
hello Astrid

The method or tool used is only as good as the clarity of the reader. The relationship that the reader has with the tool is important.

Find someone who can recommend someone to you – don’t worry so much about how they work – but how what they say rings true to you.


Answer by PsiTips
Arts of divination or extra sensory perceptions are diverse, numerous, ancient and new. My ‘A to Z’ list of psychic abilities is an on going project.

Answer by kjcamel
The Bible.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is a good book on ‘past lives’?

Astrology or non astrology related. Also, what is a good book on tarot card readings?

Answer by ~*CaramelCoolatta*~
Cosmic Love by Jan Spiller. It’s a book on the North and Sound nodes of the moon. It’s actually very accurate too.

As for tarot cards, I have no idea. Everything I know about tarot, I look up online.

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