Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does the Quran say about psychics and the paranormal?

I’m muslim and I have a strong believe in psychics and paranormal activites i just wnated to know what the Quran says

Answer by standupandclapyourhands
If you’re a Muslim then you shouldn’t be asking that.

Answer by Muhyi al Din
Science of Physics in Qur`aan !

Surah Al-A’raf – Chapt – Verse: 54
Surah Ya­Sin – Chapt.36 – Verse: 40
Surah Ar-Rahman – Chapt.55 – Verse: 05
Surah Al-Isra’ – Chapt.17 – Verse: 12
Surah Ash-Shams – Chapt.91 – Verse: 01- 02
Surah Maryam – Chapt.19 – Verse: 65 – 67
Surah Al-Anbiya – Chapt.21 – Verse: 30
Surah Az-Zariyat – Chapt.51 – Verse:47
Surah At-Talaq – Chapt.65 – Verse: 03
Surah Al-Furqan – Chapt.25 – Verse: 02

Answer by ServantOfAllah
One a’lim & wise man explained to me that for abnormal incident (inclusive of psychic/paranormal incidents) to occur, there are two possibilities for such things to occur – First the practitioner is a firm believer and strictly adhere to the syariah of Islam & such things were gifted by Allah to strengthen & proof his truth. Secondly it is possible that such person was misguided & tricked by the syaitan in order to lead him astray from the syariah. (It could be either waridat from Allah in the first instance, and in the second instance, waridat from syaitan)

The wise man further advised that in order to determine whether such special abilities were from syaitan or Allah, one must observe whether the practitioner can summon such abilities at will at any time he wishes. If he can summon it at any time he wishes, it is said its source is from syaitan, since waridat from Allah cannot be controlled and compelled by any human.

I sincerely believe the statement from the wise man to be true and accurate since he adheres strictly to syariah and never lacks himself from constant dzikrullah (remembrance of Allah). Another point worth sharing is that this wise man once tried to get another qualified practitioner to exercise hypnotism upon him, however such hypnotism attempt has no effect on that pious person, giving inference that people who are in constant dzikrullah would insyaAllah be protected by Allah.


Answer by adherentofgod
it depends on the will

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are their any real psychics and where do i find them?

I want a real psychic to talk to but can’t find one anywhere? Do you know?

Answer by J C
No, there aren’t.

Answer by ?
nope sorry no such thing exist… buuut if you want i could just rip you off by taking your money and telling you what you want to hear…..if that makes you feel any better
just let me know

Answer by Kara Hunsdon
yes, actually there are. You’re best bet is with California Physics, they are extremely accurate. – The website if you’re interested

Hope that helped!

Answer by ben here forever
Yes, there are psychics and you can find them in places where you might find hand made jewellery, stones, gems, oils, incense, and candles. Some changed their title to being called past-life regression or reader, akashic record reader. Light workers, cranial sacrum practitioners, energy workers all receive psychic abilities. They kind of specify the type of psychic they practice in. There are many places that have mind body spirit books, natural healing techniques, aura readings, tarot cards, astrologist, new age and meditation and in those places that offer those things you might find a psychic. You might find a place where you will see some business cards and will find the psychic you will desire. You can find them in magazines that are geared towards new age events. Yes, I am a psychic and just held an event on opening your psychic energy. if you google those words you may find quite a few in your area. Be very careful, you can run cross some that haven’t fully developed and may not give you a complete reading because they may have blockages in their own life or may have the money in mind. I myself know of maybe six or more other psychics that have been working for many years in the field. If you desire it enough they will appear. You will find yourself in the right place in due time.

Answer by joe714
yes,there are real psychics
finding them.
that’s the problem.
there are so many fake psychics who know the tricks of “psychic readings” that you could be fooled by them.
so for every real psychic there are probably 1000 fake psychics.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can you tell the difference between a genuine psychic and a charlatan?

those who claim to “read” things.

i met a psychic reader and she claims to do “all kinds of readings” and that she’s licensed by the state. she does have a legitimate business though.
is it worth a try?

Answer by Ogo Pogo
Does she have a disclaimer stating that it’s “for entertainment purposes only”? If she does and wants money it should raise a red flag.

Answer by ?
only a charlatan takes visa, the rest take american express.

Answer by EddieJ
There is no such thing as a genuine psychic.

Answer by azred_tx
Ask the “geniune” psychic to predict next week’s lottery numbers, what you will have for lunch tomorrow, or–a *real* test–what object I have in the back section of the middle drawer in my desk at work.

If they get any of those questions correct then they are “genuine”. If not, then they are a fake.

Answer by paradiseemperatorbluepinguin
If she/he does it for profit he/she is a charlatan, and he/she does it for Love, to help and guidance, then you got a psychic.

Answer by Mintz
Licensed psychics? Do they have to take a test?

Answer by scribblo
Easy. Only one of those things actually exists.

Guess which one?

Answer by allan b
A Psychic has demons but a Charlatan does not. Either way they are fake.

Answer by YY4Me
Anyone who says they’re a “genuine psychic” is a charlatan. Easy, eh?

Having a license to be in business does not mean that the state endorses the product or service being sold.

Answer by Scorpion Mother
If her price is reasonable, and you can afford the luxury to pay for the service she is providing, then it can’t hurt to give it a try, but don’t pay more than you can afford. Just because she has a business license doesn’t mean she is a true, genuine psychic. Some psychics do go through testing and get certified in their area of specialty, but there are never any guarantees. It’s always better to find someone through a referral, preferably someone who has already been to the psychic and can vouch for their accuracy and level of professionalism. It’s more important to look at ethics than certificates. Keep in mind, some psychics “connect” better/stronger with some people than others. Don’t be gullible, listen to your own intuition. If you have a good feeling, then open up to change and give it a chance. If you have a bad feeling, it’s probably something you want to stay away from. You won’t know whether she is worth it or not unless you give it a try, but you do need to be aware of some things so you don’t walk in blindfolded and get scammed.
1) Never hire a psychic who claims to be 100% or 99% accurate – no one, not even a psychic, is right ALL the time. A true psychic will tell you the truth about what they can and cannot see. No one can see and know everything!
2) Keep away from a psychic who offers to remove a curse or cast a spell or perform magic for a fee
3) No psychic should ever make you feel doomed, helpless, or scared into coming back and paying more and more fees to “fix” your situation
A “genuine” psychic is one who inspires, uplifts, and offers guidance and positive encouragement to help you reach your highest good.  You should walk away from your psychic feeling positive, peaceful, and empowered. If you feel good about the insight she had for you, then nothing is lost! If you feel uncomfortable or don’t like her or just don’t feel there was a genuine connection, then take it as a learning experience and don’t go back.

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