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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what does the wild horse tarot card mean?

my friend read my cards and the third one was the wild horse but she didnt know what it ment.

Answer by Lilly
I don’t read tarot, but I do have oracle cards. For my oracle cards, the wild horse is a sign of freedom, learning to ask for help when needed, and leadership.

Answer by Spider man
it means Moses ate all that garbage long time ago and you need serious help when you get into the spirit world as they live 1000 years each and will haunt your ever generation to come when you play with black magic that is only an ilussion into your sins.

Answer by bad tim, dance the maypole
there is no wild horse tarot card. there’s death on a horse, which means transformation, and there’s a child on a horse on the sun card, which signifies light and mastery of the outer world.

there are also court cards with horses, but you’d have to specify which of these you’re talking about. the knight of swords represents being headstrong, and the knight of wands represents false appearances.

tho, interpretations may vary.

edit: also, a single card in a spread is affected by the cards around it, so the individual meaning of the card is useless without seeing its context.

Answer by Nickname
There is no “wild horse” tarot card.
She must be using some other deck of divination cards.

Answer by Monkeyhead el Banditos
There isn’t a ‘wild horse’ card in traditional tarot.

0-21 Major cards


The only cards a horse appears on would be either a Knight riding a horse card or perhaps the Chariot. Sometimes Death is pictured riding a horse.

But there is no card known as the ‘wild horse card’

I can only assume that this is a non-traditional pack.

Answer by vid
There is no “wild horse” card in a Tarot deck. Perhaps you need to find out from your friend what card it was because again there’s no card with that name in Tarot. Are you sure your friend used a Tarot deck? If so find out the actual name of the card.

Answer by Your Friendly Jewish Accountant
I read cards for years and I’ve never seen a wild horse card. What deck are you using?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do these tarot cards mean?

I forgot the past one, but the present card is the emperor and the future card was the page of cups. What does this mean regarding a man. Does this mean he loves me?

Answer by gutbucket
In reality, nothing.

Answer by Zombie Jella
It means nothing. You can’t predict the future with a bunch of random cards…

Answer by Troll Sadist
he want you to buy him drink

Answer by A Canadian Atheist
It means you’re gullible enough to believe that printed bits of paper can tell you ANYTHING about life.
I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn if you’re interested…

Answer by Christian Von Kreize
not unless you got the lovers tarot if you dont got it you dont got love acccording to tarots of course

Answer by David H
Absolutely nothing.

Answer by Gypsy_magic
I don’t have much of a answer for you it’s best when i can see the cards in front of me but I can tell you the the emperor in an authoritative figure, could be somone you look up to, or someone strong and stable enough to take charge in a given situation, regarding your question this could refer to your feelings toward him or could be saying that he would be a good strong husband type. The page of cups is probably a message of love as you you will receive a message from him of love.

Answer by Evren B
Please stop asking this sort of question here. If you want to know what they mean you can google ‘tarot card meanings’ in Google, and all the answers available on the internet are yours.

Answer by Tea
Present: The Emperor card is THE card that represent masculine power. The Emperor card suggests that either your love interest is a very masculine and dominant man or perhaps he is the dominant partner in your relationship.

Future: The Page of Cups represents fun and playfulness and not taking things too seriously. This card suggest that in the future, your partner is probably planning on keeping the relationship casual and unencumbered and avoiding letting things get too serious.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does this tarot card reading mean?

I don’t know how real the tarot card reading are or if I really believe in them at all but I just did one on my phone via iPhone app and I want to know what it means I will list the cards in their order here. It was a Celtic cross reading. Please explain it in like a way were it flows, not just telling me what each card means. I would like someone who really understands the cards enough to break this reading down for me so I can know if it really applies to me. I don’t want to give the reason why I decided to do this because then it wouldn’t make it a prediction. Here it is:

1. Present: Revered wheel of fortune.
2. Challenges: Seven of swords.
3. Root causes: Five of swords
4. Past: Eight of cups
5. Goal: The Tower
6. Future: Death
7. Contexts: The World
8. Environment: Ten of wands
9. Guidance: The high priestess 
10. Outcome: Temperance
Tell me what’s going on and what this means to me personally.
I’m sorry I forge to mention that 1,2,3,5,8 are reverse..wat does that mean for my relationship life?

Answer by Alistair
It means that you recently wasted money and will continue to do so.

Answer by A Canadian Atheist
It means if you’re gullible enough to think that printed pieces of cardstock can tell the future, you’re gullible enough to get a con-artist to “read” them to you.

Answer by Cauliflower
I’m not a tarot reader and I don’t think anyone can answer this specifically…
But you can use http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/learn/meanings/ to find out what the cards mean and think about it with your present, challenges, etc.

Also, this is just for fun.

Answer by Ms.Bubbles
I can’t seem to find my good book on tarot reading… but i have one with simple meanings that will suffice. I’ve done tarot quite a while.

1. When reversed… Times may be hard to find opportunity right now. You will have to look harder if you seek opportunties.

2. Carful of those around you. This is a warning card there may be someone who wants to make trouble in your life. Its also a warning of theft so keep an eye on your most prized items.

3. Perhaps there was a conflict. This shows, whatever the conflict may have been now is the time to move past it and make it right. The conflict is dead.

4. This may represent actual movement in the past. Also, it is possible it represents a past realtionship that moved to a mature level together but you grew apart.

5. The tower shows that no matter what may have happened, you can rebuild. The tower is strong, like you. It may be saying your goal is to become a stronger person possibly though your past troubles.

6. Typically the death cards represents and ending of something in your life. Often something you grew very comfortable with. Its okay though, the death of something in your life brings room for new experiences.

7. The world card shows that you will recive what you need in the end. Great satisfication is coming your way.

8. Carful of too much ego. It may bring you down. Its good to listen to well meaning advice. Do not ignore health problems. It also warns of over excertion.

9. It can be a few things. For one it can be saying, follow your hunches. It can also mean you need a break from the rat race of life and your spritual side needs the attention it deserves.

10. Keep a watchful eye on temper, money and health. Over doing it should be advoided. Think before you speak, you may want to give someone a peice of your mind and now is not the time. You will be thankful later.

Tarot readings are a reflection of your situation. They help you see what you may not be seeing in your prespective.

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Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning Video


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