Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What ever happened to john edwards the psychic?

So just randomly popped into my head, whatever happened to john edwards the guy that talk to ghosts, well not really just faked it?

Answer by baxterville
I’m not about to assume he’s “faking it” just because there are things on this earth I can’t explain. But he’s still around and very active.

By the way, John Edwards is the sleazy politician. John Edward is the psychic.

Answer by Joss
I used to LOVE his show back in the day. Unfortunately, I stopped watching when my father died, but I think I just lost interest. I watch if it was still on the air. This question reminds me to pick up one of his books the next time I go to the bookstore.

I saw him a few months back – late last year – on one of the home shopping networks (QVC or HSN) and he now sells stuff. He was selling dream journals and some kind of weird necklaces and some other stuff. He was also giving readings to people who called in. I was quite surprised to see him, and I love to shop on TV! – though, I wasn’t interested in any of his stuff. BTW, I only saw him that one time, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been on more.

Answer by bow
one of the people he did a reading for got pissed off because he told them their destiny was to be a meals on wheels volunteer and drive a big stupid ugly white van everywhere, so what he didn’t realize is that they were really a witch in disguise so they turned him into a bag of spiders. end of story 😀

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can psychic/clairvoyant people really give a reading without seeing you or knowing anything about you?

My husband talked to lorena simon a famous psychic on a radio station this morning. He asked a question and she answered it. I’m skeptic that psychic exist what do you think?

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
They sure can as I will demonstrate by reading you.

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Answer by bridal connection
It’s healthy to be a skeptic, and yes a psychic and read a person without actually seeing or knowing them

Answer by Furious Unicorn
You don’t give any details but I am guessing that the ‘psychic’ gave a very general answer which could probably apply to lots of situations and was something fairly positive he wanted to hear? Like ‘if you work hard you can achieve your goals’.

They are all fakes, have a look at her website, it reeks of bulldust and how to pay her to hear her baloney.

Answer by Grimstone Inc.
Before sounding negative I will say, I have personally witnessed and validated psychic phenomena. I am positive it exists. However, what I have been unable to validate is any “true” psychics. The majority of psychics I have encountered have been cold readers or frauds. I did have the pleasure of attending one lecture on “being a psychic” in which the lecturer discussed cold reading techniques, best means to have discussions in which you give answers “as knowing” but vague enough that people draw their own conclusions, and which props are best to use.

My current belief is that there is psychic abilities out there, but they happen much more sporadic under specialized conditions than “psychics” would want you to believe.

Answer by Jimmie
All of the prophets in the bible were psychic just as i am a psychic! There are different kinds of psychics Such as psychic/mediums! I don’t talk to dead people like the psychic/mediums do! But i have seen visions of the past and future events! I have also spoken to the angel Gabriel!
There are phony psychics just as you have all kinds of phonies every where else. People like James Randi are phony and refuse to hear or investigate anything i have prophesied in the past that is a documented fact and has been proven to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt!
Also just as some people refuse to believe in god you have people who refuse to believe in the supernatural also no matter what! But they are just fooling themselves!

Answer by susan
The thing about being psychic/intuitive is that no one has any control over the kind of information they receive. It comes from outside of us, so no one can do much more than get into that “place” where information can be received. Most true psychics/intuitives often do not understand the information that they receive, but it does make sense to the person for whom the information is given.

Just like running, singing, and other skills, some of us are better than others of us at this skill. I know nothing about Lorena Simon, but do know of others who charge 200 dollars for a half hour and are complete frauds.

Just like with all professions, there are those who are out for the money and those who are focused on helping others. Each person has to decide for him/her self as to what they wish to believe.

Answer by inteleyes
Many psychics have the ability in many different aspects…..I am clairvoyant and have medium abilities as well as telepathic and more usually to see and have communicated with spirits out loud, telepathy, and other ways. Like spirits I can read a persons personal thoughts usually as long as I can see them, but it happens unexpectedly……So yes I can answer some peoples questions before they ask it, only when the ability comes to me….like I said it happens on it’s own, I don’t even try, same with visions that are about to happen or dreams that come true.

Answer by William
Over the past 100 years there have been multiple experiments conducted under rigid controls to test whether or not a psychic can give accurate readings. Many times fraud has been proven. However, there also remain a number of instances where the psychic was able to give extremely accurate information without seeing the person being read, and even when being actively deceived regarding the person being read. These studies have been conducted by numerous universities and subject to review by independent scholars. There have even been public admissions by peer reviewed mainstream scientific journals that the evidence of these studies is actively supressed due to its conflict with what is considered generally accepted science.

Answer by Faye
i think they do exist however on the phone i believe they can not tell u anything but bull!!! purely cos u need a connection to that person and a phone line is not a connection ive seen a few mediums/psychics in my time and they all needed me to either be in the room for my presence or wanted to hold my hand or a piece of jewellrey that belonged to me in order to establish a connection

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Forced Dancing, Race Talk and Psychic Abilities

Written by Anabella

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