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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is a conduit who can talk to ghosts?

well a couple days ago i had someone meet me and they told me all about how i am a conduit and i know I can see, hear, and talk to ghosts, and feel when things are about to happen. Also I know when people are bad and i can talk to the ghosts. what is like a definition of a conduit?

Answer by Christian
A psychic

Answer by Minny Pulsiver
A medium.

Answer by err
its commonly called being a medium, all mediums a repsychics but not all psychics are mediums

Answer by Sapphire
One who has the ability to be the connection from this world yo the other side.

Answer by Adah D.g
A medium which I am also!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic told me I will not win the lottery and some other things, should i believe her?

I talked to a psychic today, she told me I will not win a lottery but will win a few hundreds of dollars, she also told me she sense a dark presence around my bf/father of my son and that he’s headed down the wrong direction but she couldn’t really tell me if I was going to be successful are not should I get a second opinion?

Answer by Ronny
She was lying. Your destiny is totally up to you, and in your own hands.

Answer by Snotfeast420
You just paid her to make shit up based on generic statistics in America.

Answer by CJ
If “psychics” were legitimate, then why wouldn’t they ALL be rich from picking their own lottery numbers? The fact is…….they’re con artists who prey on gullible people.

Answer by CANUK
Those people are scammers. Don’t believe anything they say. They will tell you what you want to hear or probable events such as you won’t win the lottery. I mean come on the chance of actually winning the lottery is slim to none. As for your sons father, he could very well be into some trouble. Some people are. How does she know that? Nothing but a guess.

Answer by Yibyab
personally i believe in psychics as much as i believe in fortune cookies. they are fun to do, but very vague in their predictions. truthfully i can say that most people will not win the lottery. and as for the bf/father, people make bad decisions and they also make good ones, again with the vagueness.

Answer by dm
I think you should listen to her on the lottery thing, chances are you will NOT win the lottery. The rest of it is just crap…stuff you actually have control over. Live your life the way you want it. It is up to YOU!

Answer by ..
You are not going to win the lottery.

Answer by Tim
Whether you believe her or not is only something you can decide. But know this, the majority of “psychics” are fake. It’s just another way to make money off of people’s fears and dreams. No one can see the future, not even a true psychic. So by her telling you that you won’t win the lottery it’s a dead giveaway that she’s a fake. If she was able to tell you about the lottery she should have been able to tell you about your success.

I have a better idea than getting a second opinion. Believe in yourself and make your own future. Don’t focus on what other people tell you. Why do you need a psychic to tell you if you’re going to be successful? If you want to be successful then be successful! What would you have done if she had told you that you would not be successful? Give up and ruin the rest of your life? Your boyfriend is fine. You’re fine.

Make your own future, don’t let some rip off psychic determine it for you.

Good luck.

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Long Island Medium – Coffee Talk with A Psychic


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