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@MaslowxStrucked (αyo вreeвree! (•‿-)♥) tweeted the following :
If it wad james you woulda never let him go, and let him put that dick on right?… — you must be psychic holy shit

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@Israel_brehh (Brother Israel) tweeted the following :
@ItsLauren1123 That’s just an awkward question to ask… want to go to a psychic to see when it’ll happen?

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@NasserElamine (I Am A FreeNason) tweeted the following :
Can you usually tell who’s asking the questions? — Im not psychic habibi, but sometimes patterns do collide

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is a yes or no question i can ask a psychic?

what is a yes or no question i can ask a psychic to get under their skin or see if they’re real or fake? Or just a really tricky question?

Answer by I can’t think of a name!
Are you a psychic?

Answer by OMGimso bored.
this isnt a horoscope sweetie

Answer by sissy
You can’t.Unless you want to ask a question about something which has already happened,in which case you know the outcome and see if thier answer matches.
See if they have a website,if they use fancy names or their own,if they provide an address and phone number. If all of the above are a yes,it’s a good sign.
The more they want to stay hidden,the more the chances of their being fake

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