Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is my tarot read telling me?

So, I did a tarot read using the Horseshoe Layout.
Past – Two of Swords
Present -Page of Cups
Obstacle – Two of Cups
Future – Eight of Swords
I read up on all these cards with the book I have for readings and I looked online as well. I’m pretty sure I have it figured out, but I wanted a little more input to be sure. Thoughts?
Thanks all!

It means something will happen with someone somewhere somehow.

Answer by TEH TYME KITTEH ~pantheist~
2 armed Homeless bums with cups will get mad at you and call their 6 buddies. Beware

Answer by Rogelio / Stoked for Chreesmahs!
You will create a new Internet video sensation called “4 Tarot Cards 2 Girls 8 Cups and 10 Swords.”

Answer by Helen
You have avoided resolving an issue (it looks like an attraction or a romantic relationship) and the outlook based on your current course of action is that you will feel trapped.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone every used an online psychic?

If you have, how was it, did you find them to be accurate? Was it expensive?

Answer by Valicia P
I have, I have used
its kinda iffy with them being online though, but i guess it’s the same as if you actually go to one. Alot of time they talk to you a few minutes and get a connection with you. The good ones will go a head and tell you things about your personality to see if they have a connection with you. They can be expensice on there, up to even 20 bucks a minute. I usually stick to the 3buck range. Good luck!

Answer by Life Is…
Many psychics and readers are now offering services online. Each one varies in price, depending on how commercialized they are. Lots of readers are independent. Those are the ones who are not so expensive as the big commercialized companies. Tarot readers charge anywhere from $ 20 – $ 100 depending on the tarot reader. They do phone readings or send you a type written email report. I myself read in person, and I also offer my services online via email. There is no real difference between the two concerning accuracy, as energy is in all-time and all-space. A good psychic can connect wherever you are. I am apparently good enough that I get a lot of referals and repeat clients. If you search the internet, find a psychic that you feel good about. Yes, it really can be as simple as a feeling. There are some articles on my website about what to expect and how to connect. Just click on the Blog button on the left and you can browse the articles, which will explain a little more about energy and readings. Alot of my clients are “Drawn” to me, energetically, so this is something you can also tap into. It’s important that you feel confident with and comfortable with the reader you select. Good luck and good fortune.

Answer by Alice
I use and I think this is the best

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there anybody out there who is good at Tarot cards? And how accurate do you think they are?

Hi! I have tarot cards at home but i haven’t used them in a while.I had a friend who used to give me readings regular but we have lost touch.I know you can get online tarot readings but not the same as somebody being there to do it with you.I really need a reading from somebody as i am anxious for some guidance right now.Can anybody please help out?Thanks.

Answer by Wide Awake
Like any other type of astrology, they are completely random. If you choose to believe in such things, go ahead.

Answer by Yahzmin
I AM good and they ARE accurate, but . . .

And that is one BIG but! They work best in face-to-face situations, because they are merely a GUIDE to focus the reader’s concentration and interpretation of what they are gathering from the person they are doing the reading for.

I would never attempt to do a COLD reading on someone that I don’t know or who is not physically present for me to “tune in to”. I’ve only done remote readings for close friends that I’ve known for years, because I can still “tune in” even over the phone!

Hope you find someone you can trust to help you out.

Answer by ste.phunny
You can not do this on line..only in person…the cards you choose are chosen by your subconscious.

Answer by vinslave
I don’t do online readings sorry, the energy is wrong. I only do Runes, Tibetan Mo, and Tarot in person.


Answer by Moonmist
the only accurate way to have cards read is in person, your energy must be present with the cards in order for it to work.

I’m sorry good luck in finding someone to read for you!

check with shops in your area that sell Tarot, they could prob point you in the direction of someone who reads them

Answer by Bull Horn
They are of the Devil, and that is all I want to say about it.
I don’t want to be any where near it.

Answer by Mary Ellen A
You can check out my price list on the right hand side of my homepage….

Answer by TarotByArwen
If you are looking for a reader near you, you might like to check out the American Tarot Association’s website. We list our member websites. You can also get a free one card reading from our Free Tarot Network.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch
President, American Tarot Association

Answer by Fantumofthewinds m
Their are many good readers out their, some say this cant be done on line, but i disagree, energy is energy any way you slice it, I do the Tarot, but im at my best with DREAMs. Your welcome , may you find what your looking for. MP Fantum

Answer by ryorama
They can be accurate, but you really need to be face to face to get a good reading

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