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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is one question you would ask a fortune teller?

Pretend that they are real

Answer by x_Hayley_x
what is my fortune??

Answer by Billie
How will I die?

Answer by Handsome Black guy
do i get get rich?

Answer by Reminiscing
Will my life turn out as I expect?

Answer by K Soze
Can you tell me how much you foresee me paying for this bullcrap.

Answer by Big B

Answer by Magic 8 Ball
How come your answers are more vague than mine?

Answer by luckford2004
Who stole our car?

Answer by Dr Universe
will i ever get rich

Answer by webdoll62
Will love ever enter the world again?

Answer by mrs.b

Answer by shop2early
Will I ever find a good decent Man.

Answer by Sheraton B
what are the winning numbers for the lotteries around the country – state ones, Powerball, superball

Gambling casinos results[ roulette wheels, crap dice throws, stuff like that].

I’m greedy you did say one question, sorry.

Answer by coolchef
Ha ha, that`s funny. But! Providing she makes a lot of money, I would say, Will you Adopt me, I`m young, I`ll work hard? -S

Answer by kja63
Where the hell is Jimmy Hoffa?

Answer by princess.cupcake
when will i find my true love

Answer by rocky34892
how many kids will i have will i get married??? idk these i guess

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : has anyone ever tried using a fortune teller to ask someone out?

im just doing a survey to help out a friend of mine

Answer by jasin
fortune tellers are charlatans. Better to just ask out the girl you’re interested in.

Answer by ♔ ㉿╋㋲レノイム ♔ イん乇尺乇乙乇 つ乇 乃レムくズイんロ尺刀 イん乇 ム丂丂ム丂丂ノ刀™
Sure, anyone tried the fortune teller to ask someone out. Some people do while others don’t. This depends on their choices to move on to certain actions

Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can a fortune teller (or a physic) could tell you when you’re going to die? and how?

I really would like to know when and how I’m going to die. I wanna know the date, the time of day, and the cause of my death. I’m thinking about asking a fortune teller…but do they really know?

Answer by Brutally Honest
They do not have a clue, they are things for people to waste their money on.

Answer by wordangel2
No, they do not. Why do you want to know. Better to know how you will live. Hope you find what you need…emotionally, that is.

Answer by mellishw
They know how much money you have because all info is the same. Well dressed and a fat wallet? They will tell you anything.

Answer by Lilqueeny
If they did know, you’d probably try to avoid it and it would mess things up.

An unexpected death is a lot better than knowing you’re a day closer to dying.

But to answer your question, they don’t know.

Answer by TONI D
Physics used to be called fortune tellers, and before that witches. They operate using satanic powers. They cannot tell anyone when they are going to die. Only God, the Creator, has that knowledge.
Those who allow satan to work through them can claim to predict about lives because satan watches our moves. If you have a Bible, take it and read Job, chapters 7 and Job, chapter 14. We all have an appointed time over which we cannot pass. Our months are numbered with God, and God alone. Case and point— a relative was shot 9 times— is alive and doing very well. Please do not be so concerned about dying— be concerned about living. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. He is the Living Lord and wants to live in your life to make you happy and abundantly blessed. —Be Blessed Now and Comforted— Toni D.

Answer by LARA
No, it is impossible to tell the future and fortune tellers and psychics are scam artists. Far better to try to find ways to live your life to the fullest no matter how long you may live.

Answer by ethereality
Maybe if you were lucky enough to find a good one that wasn’t just pretending to be psychic. But like someone else said they might not tell you because you could try to avoid it and mess up your fate.

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How to make a fortune teller


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