Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best and coolest aliens of the science fictional world (including video games & movies)?

I think the Protoss of StarCraft are way cool and they seemed to be much more powerful with their psychic abilities, psi-blades, starships, and everything but then again there might be others (aside from the Zerg) that I am not aware of.

Answer by chadtripper
you are the biggest weenie i’ve ever had the pleasure of making fun of.

Answer by fax_monkey
Protoss own, but you forget the Covenant from Halo. Grunts scream and run around and laugh when you shoot at them (always good for a chuckle, by the way), Elites add a little bit of a challenge to what may have been a normal encounter, and Hunters have the plasma cannons and those huge alloy shields. Not exactly someone you want to run into when youre having a bad Monday. (<- watch yourself around these guys, Im still working on getting past the first two on Legendary mode...on Halo one). Plus, they've got plasma weapons and flying machines. What else could you possibly need?

Answer by ¿The Question?
The Predator he had some cool abilities and seemed believable

Answer by Nintendoman08
Star Wars battlefield II

Answer by buttandgutt
the elites from halo

Answer by hana_no_chi
I would say Kripto (is that how you even spell his bloody name???) from the video game Destroy All Humans it is so freakn’ cool ^.^

Answer by SCHOOL HaTeR
chad ripper is a b**** but i would say the aliens in area51 for ps2

Answer by kesa91
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Answer by Chris
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Answer by me

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why does the volume on my computer go up and down on it’s own when I’m listening to music or watching a video?

I’ve done all the windows updates, checked all the wiring. It didn’t do it until I did a restore on my computer.

Answer by HUKAS
Wiered… your computer is possessed, call a psychic!!
just kidding

check the volume button on the keyboard, may be it is broken or pressed in.
and full scan your computer for viruses

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone tried the psychic potion kit at potionmixology?

Supposed to produce instant astral projection under lucid dragon kit, and reveal personal notes of King Solomon…$ 79. Has anyone tried this? Is it real obe, or just hallucination like salvia? Only good answers. thanks.

Answer by Fatima
*prays to Allah*

Answer by ?

Any one with seventy-nine dollars is going to have better sense than to spend it on THAT.

Answer by GOD1333
IDK, but if thats real or not…WHY? cuz i never tried it, and probably never will cuz of its price.

You don’t need any drugs for astral projection.

Astral Projection is the shifting/projecting of your consciousness to your astral body, which is ALWAYS on the astral-planes.

OBEs is when you are “Real-Time Projecting”, meaning you are a 4th dimension being in the 3rd dimension (Physical world).

The best way to astral project is by way of dreas, or DREAM CONTROL.


Imagine the Astral realm as the ocean.
Dream is the sandy beach and lucid dreaming is like walking barefoot in the tide.

Lucid dreaming, for most, is the most practical doorway into the astral world and second to that is the best way to become aware of how much control you can have of the circumstances of your life and how you can pursue the depth of the “rabbit hole” on purpose and with better information retention……READ MORE~

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Psychic Ills – Another Day Another Night

Written by SuperPsychic

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