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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best online college for video game design?

I am considering either The Art Institute Online or Westwood College Online. I really want to be able to get into the industry so that I can one day get a team together to make my own massive multiplayer RPG. I have some really great ideas that haven’t been thought of, and I just want to get my foot in the door. I figure getting a degree will get me a portfolio that I can take to a company and get hired on a game design team for whatever. Maybe that will get my foot in the door?

Has anyone here taken gotten a good job through one of these online game design courses? I really need online courses so that I can work while I go to school.

Answer by lianne777
normal people with programming language can learn game programming either online or not.

try to learn Programming.

Answer by snooker
I know of a few people that have taken the Devry online course and are currently in the field working as gamers. I was thinking of doing it myself, but alas, Pong was already made. Good luck.

Answer by love2read321
Interesting question. Actually, I have an MA in Education and blog about online schools so I know a bit about this. ITT Tech has great programs. Colorado Tech does to.

The absolute best suggestion I can give though is to check out a new, little-known of free service that matches students with the right online school for them.

Their unique because they do a very in depth personality and goals test then they direct you to the schools that fit all your needs. There are alot of smaller online schools that do Video Game design but they don’t have the big budgets to advertise that the larger online schools do so it’s hard to find info on them —don’t let that stop you.

The important thing I always tell people is to get info from the schools directly. Yahoo Answers is great but you have to get the course catalogs, read through them thoroughly then even talk to some of the career counselors and teachers if you can.

Good luck! I’ll look forward to buying one of the games you created sometime in the future….

Here’s the link:
Takes about 45 seconds or so to get all the info you need…..

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some things I can do with a fractured ankle to pass time?

I need to find something to do for the next two weeks while my ankle heals. Is there anything i can do to pass time other than read or video games and watch TV.

Answer by [706]
smoke a blunt

Answer by hunnyvikki
I am not sure but what about maybe write a book?
learn how to knit or crochet? cross needle?
paint? I am sorry my ideas are lame but it worked for my mother ( knitting) when she broke her ankle years ago. She has deep fear of technology.

Answer by Bob Sweeny
you can experiment with a little something I like C4 its some awesome stuff and it takes time to make

Answer by Unforgettable
Go walking or jogging – it’s fun and will keep you fit.

Take up tap-dancing



Answer by atakarategirl08
read a book, call a friend, write a song, draw, play a board game, if you have cruches, go outside, ask your mom or dad to take a drive with you.

Answer by Kevin
There are quite a few things. Many of them won’t float your boat, maybe some will.

1. Make a website.
2. Digitize and organize all of your music.
3. Write a magazine article and try to get it published.
4. Get a fast start on learning to play guitar or harmonica.
5. Sort out boxes of paperwork and throw away the old stuff.
6. Write out all of your favorite recipes in an organized format for a personal cookbook.
7. Write down all the funniest things that ever happened to you, around you, or to people you know.
8. Take a class online or get one of those foreign language software packages for the pc and see how much you can learn in 2 weeks.
9. Organize all of your personal contacts on a spreadsheet. Combine your cell phone numbers, home phones, addresses, e-mails, and birthdays into one spot. It will give you a reason to contact everyone on the list and catch up.
That’s number 10.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you put pictures and videos from your iPhone 4 onto a memory stick?

I recently downloaded Cydia onto my iPhone 4, and now I want to delete it. I’ve looked online and everything I read said to completely restore my iPhone 4 and it’ll be deleted.

I’m not fussed to restore it, except I don’t want to lose all of my pictures & videos.

Is there a way to put pictures from my iPhone onto a memory stick?

Or is there a simple way to uninstall Cydia, without restoring?

Anything helpful to help me in this situation is appreciated.

Answer by auteyyy
you can email them to yourself and access them from your computer, then once you’ve restored it email it to the email you put on your iphone.

Answer by Maddy
Plug your iPhone into the computer and transfer the photos and videos to your computer. 😮

Answer by halimsu
just backup your iPhone to iTunes before you update your iPhone. And restore when you finish the update.

Answer by RedVelvet88
whats a memory stick? do you mean memory card????

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