Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards and which one would be better to buy and why?

Where can i order the deck online and which one can answer yes or no questions truthfully
what decks give me both positive and negative answers

Answer by JK
They’re both 100% bullshit

Answer by majnun99
I’m not familiar with oracle cards, but I used to have a deck of tarot cards when I was in my teens. I thought they were pretty cool at the time.

I wouldn’t take either one seriously, but they are kind of fun to mess around with. Kind of like horoscopes or whatever.

Answer by Hal Roach
Oracle cards refer to any kind of divination cards in general. Tarot cards are just one variety.

Tarot cards follow a specific format: 78 cards, divided up into major arcana (“Death”, “The Chariot”, etc.) and minor arcana (4 suits), etc. You might see some differences in naming, some decks that use “stones” as a suit and others that use “pentacles” and so on, but the basic format is still there.

“what decks give me both positive and negative answers ”

Any Tarot deck can do this, especially if you use card “inversions” where the same card takes on different meanings depending on how it’s orientated in the spread.

Answer by Watchmen
Leviticus 20:27 ESV “A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death.
Revelation 22:15 ESVOutside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.
To dwell in wicca evil craft you are inviting Demons into your home and your souls..your blessing taken away and replaced with bad misfortune..Satan will feast upon you if you ask him to..should think again about this..if you believe in enough of spirits..then know our spirit has a father and he gave us a book to study on how to protect our eternal is our choice..peace

Answer by Baby Sister 75
Tarot does the negative and the positive.

Oracle cards focuses on the positive.

If you are looking for both the positive and the negative then you you want to get the tarot cards. You have to get a deck the calls to you and before you use them, you want to cleanse them.

Answer by WARREN
The main difference between Tarot Cards And Oracle Cards are that Tarot Cards generally contain the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana.

The traditional Minor Arcana generally contains the suits of Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. These suits are made up of Aces and go up to the number 10 much the same as playing cards. As with playing cards each suit contains a King and Queen, but unlike a deck of playing cards they also contain a Page and a Knight card in each suit.

The traditional Major Arcana are made up of 22 more colourful cards which feature cards like The Fool, The High Priestess, The Lovers.

Most Tarot Card Decks are based on the traditional Tarot, but many modern decks may differ and follow a theme.

Oracle Cards on the other hand simply follow a theme and there are many on the market. Popular themes are Angels, Fairies, Unicorns and Saints. Most Oracle Cards have a short one or two sentence message written on each card.

Oracle Cards are easier to read than Tarot Cards and as a result, most people start of using Oracle Cards to begin with before progressing to Tarot.

There are many on-line retailers selling both Tarot and Oracle Cards.

Tarot Cards are better for giving both positive and negative messages as they contain cards such as Death, The Devil and The Hanged Man, although these cards can be easily misinterpreted. Death symbolises transformation, The Devil symbolises power and energy imprisoned and The Hanged Man symbolises sacrifice. These later cards appear in the traditional Major Arcana.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the difference between a Book of Shadows and a Book of Mirrors?

Since the beginning of this previous summer, I’ve been striving to become a Wiccan. I’m not one officially yet. I hope to fully dedicate myself after doing enough research. I’ve been reading books, I’ve been going online, talking to people, and so on. I started my own Book of Shadows and have been keeping it close by for a while.

In my high school, I’ve met someone with a similar interest. I won’t give out his given name, but his taken name is “Amethyst Crone.” He told me that he had a Book of Mirrors. My research tells me that while a Book of Shadows is meant to keep spells and information, a Book of Mirrors is more like a diary. A journal meant to record one’s experiences and point of view.

One thing that I keep running into with my Metaphysical studies is how imprecise everything is, hence all of the bad blood my stupid and impractical questions here on Yahoo! Answers is causing. Yes, I know Wicca is an evolving religion and that people have different ways of practicing it and so on, just to let you know. It took me months to figure out my Tarot cards.

What I’m getting at is; is what I’m saying about the Books correct or incorrect?

Answer by Archer2000
As you said, you are involved in something that is evolving. There won’t be any solid, actual guidelines that fit everything that you know or want to know about your studies.

Decide what is right for you and how you want to define things. Practice what you know and accept that others may use different words to mean things that you say with your own words.

All religions are personal, no matter how many years they have existed.

Answer by Mackenzie
Traditionally, a Book of Shadows was your spiritual journal & record keeping system. You copied your info from your coven, you put your own beliefs, rituals, experiences, etc… obviously anything you feel is pertinent to your spiritual journey.

Only later did the concept of it being a “spell book” come about, but that was certainly never its intended use. A lot of Wiccans never use the BOS for this purpose, however, as Wicca is not about spells and not all Wiccans practice Witchcraft.

Book of Mirrors is not a traditional tool in Wicca… which means if anyone chooses to use one, they give it whatever meaning they want.

Tarot cards, for the record are also not from, required or even integral to Wicca. Originally they were a Christian system. Like many things, they’re certainly not prohibited in Wicca, but people confusing learning tarot, herbalism, crystals, astrology, etc. with learning Wicca– that’s just not the case. Just because they’re not banned doesn’t mean learning it is actually going to teach you anything specifically about Wicca.

For further info, try and check out the articles, as well as the recommended reading list. It’s one of the best sources out there on the internet.

Answer by Aandeg-Maiingan
A Book of Shadows is a journal-ish type book where you record what you do within a Wiccan construct (i.e. rituals you have performed and the outcomes, etc). It also holds information you may need in regards to your religion/path

A book of mirrors is book of personal reflection…detailing your journey…worries, fears, joys, etc. Not really a Wiccan book (like the BoS), but can be used if you wish.

Answer by philosophyangel
“Book of Shadows” was a term the Gerald Gardner thought was a cool name for a spell book/journal. He came upon it in some Indian novel or something that he had read. The term does not have a history or tradition beyond the one fabricated by Gardner. Spell books, however, were commonly kept by medieval and Modern Era (17-19th century) practitioners of folk magic and healing (“cunning folk” , magos, streghoni etc. They generally did not call themselves “wtiches” and the term Wicca, from the word wicche, had not yet been invented). The spell books were passed down to their apprentices (usually 1 or 2 other people). From this comes the concept of the Book of Shadows. I have not heard the term Book of Mirrors but I am guessing that it is just another term for the same thing– a magical diary.

The cnbeyer link that something already gave you is one of the best places to find real information about Wicca. Too much info out there is based on made up and misinformation that keeps getting copied and pasted and regurgitated as fact and tradition and it is not.

Answer by Robert
A Book of Shadows is used by White Wicccans. A Book of Mirrors is the book used by Black Wicccans- it contains black magic spells and curses.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What cards in the tarot are the “yes” cards and the “no” cards?

I noticed that when i do an online tarot single spread reading online, i get to have precise answers when i look up the card meanings. Now i want to know what are the “yes” and “no” tarot cards so that when i’m asking a yes or no type of question it would be easy for me to know what is the result. From what i read, the sun and 9 of cups are the “yes” cards, and i want to know the other cards. Thanks.

Answer by *Star*Light*Acrux
I only go with meaning and make a specific question
never do yes/no spread. I always use either 3, 5 or celtic

you can create your own spread as long as you remember meaning of each card
in that sense, you can decide what card is yes, what is no . also
so if your Yes is 9 cups then your No is 9 swords, just suggestion

Answer by Tea
These cards mean yes when you ask a positive question (i.e. “Will I do well in the contest?), but they mean no when you ask a negative question (i.e. “Am I going to fail my math class?):

1. The World – Your heart’s desire
2. The Sun – Good new, happy endings
3. 4 of Wands – Something to celebrate
4. 6 of Wands – Success, recognition and accolades
5. 9 of Cups – Your wish will come true
6. 10 of Cups – Contentment and happy relationships

These cards mean yes when you ask a negative question and no when you ask a positive question.

1. 10 of Swords – Utter defeat
2. The Tower – A disruptive or upsetting change. It can also mean disaster.
3. 5 of Cups – Something to grieve about. A loss.
4. 5 of Pentacles – Falling on hard times. Bad luck.
5. Death – Something coming to an end
6. 3 of Swords – Heartbreak or betrayal

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