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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the name of the psychic from the radio on sunday nights?

In NH there is a radio station (Cant remember what station) that every sunday night they have a psychic medium and a motivational speaker on the radio so you can call in and get free psychic readings. I cannot remember the guys name but he is popular in new england and does events and stuff too. ANy ideas?? Im desperate.. I cannot figure it out

Answer by James
I think her name was Shanaynay Johnson.

Answer by Allura Masters
Here are a few possibilities:

The Sky Psychic Radio 104.1 Boston
WNHU 88.7 Gary the Psychic
Walk 97.5 Jeffrey the Psychic

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i find a free psychic?

I am looking for a free psychic, I have a few questions, and its very hard to find a free psychic. If there is a free psychic, could you please IM me? I am not online all the time, but my phone stays connected to the IM…..Please some one help?

Answer by Oolon_Collupid
LOL *FREE* Psychics?!

They ONLY do it for the money you know! They don’t really have special powers.

Answer by мᴀD Dσɢ
You’re looking at him.

Here, let me predict your future.

“You will waste $ 19.99 on a stupid reading that’s not worth sh**!”

Answer by Keerie
I doubt you can find a free psychic, unless someone is feeling very generous. But if you feel you need to spend your money on one, please don’t. Psychics are fake, there’s a book on how to train yourself to read people and get them to tell you their own answers. It’s fun to do, but it’s not real.

Answer by Carmen R (Now a Koala)
Why not go to a hairdresser? OK, so you have to pay for the haircut, but at the same time they will sort out your life with amazing insight, for no extra charge. Get a gay male one if possible.

Answer by Arthur Always
Why do so many people think con artists work for free?

Answer by عايشة
I think many psychics just say random stuff that could be interpreted in many different ways. I wouldn’t waste my time on one.

Answer by Dutchgirl
that’s a contradiction in terms……being psychic is a lie invented for financial profit….lol

Answer by Tracy B
No need. If they’re really psychic, they’ll find you.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best site to join for psychic chat?

I have been looking al over the net for a chat room for psychics but I always find that it is over a phone line or you have to pay. Is there a free psychics chat room?

Answer by lala
I do not think it does exist ; because like you ; I look for a psychic site and did not find any

Answer by JohnG
Have not found a chat room, ever. I have only found the phone version that you mention. The phone psychics do give you a free sample.

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