Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what is the web site to ask tarot question on your cell phone?

It was a web site When it came on it said think of a question and ask the cards. please tell me what web site that was for my cell phone mobile web. thank you i hope u have the answers it is driving me crazy.

Answer by TasnimOfKuwait
On your cell phone I’m not sure but I know this website has free online tarot readings that I really like .

Happy readings.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic readings?????????????

I realize more people will answer this ? rudely with terrible responses. Dont answer with ”you dont need this, get a life..” just dont.
It may be unfair to ask this, but I need a psychic reading or atleast somethig to guide me a little. PLease message me if you can provide this. I will be so greatful and will try to give any favor back!!

Answer by turnin 15 dis year yay!!
why would you need a phsic reading they are not true. i sugest you pray and let God give you a reaing

Answer by Gold Digger
i just gave this link to some 1 else…. its an awsome online site for free tarot… rune… an iching readings…

some 1 here gave it to me a week ago… the readings r automated… done online by computer… an free… they have links there to live physcics to… but i think u gotta pay for those… gud luck…

Answer by Sean
psychic readings aren’t real, neither are ouija boards, or tarot cards, rule of thumb, if it says “made it japan” on the side, it won’t give you a real spiritual guiding

If you need a little guidance, get religion, it’s more reliable(note i am NOT an atheist, just don’t think man made products can be used to commune with the spirit world)

Answer by Sherry
Please go to my web site. I will try to help you out.

As far as I know…I don’t have ‘made in Japan’ anywhere on my body 😉

Blessings and Smiles!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : tarot card reading (personalized)?

anyone who is REALLY good at this stuff. & you know what you’re doing. NO JOKES ok? only people who seriously do tarot card readings & have that talent & would like to do a personalized reading for me? past, present, & future? i’m more focussed on the future part but i kinda want a reading on all three, to see how accurate it is. my birth date is september 18, 1992. if you need anymore information, email me. again, i’m serious. aha. i’ll let you know how accurate you are with the past & present part! i have had one of these done before, online too, & surprisingly a lot of what the woman told me about my future is what i am living right now. so, yea 🙂 lol

Answer by The Epitome of Sardonicism
This is a very satanic question… i do not believe in any pagan rituals

Answer by Taylor
Hello, Tay. As of right now, I am shuffling my Tarot deck for you. To get an accurate reading, you need a question. I chose one for you:

“What is next to come in this individual’s life?”

Past Influences: Three of Wands
Where You Find Yourself: The Empress
The Outcome: Ace of Pentacles

Interesting. Let’s break down each card.

Three of Wands- Implies a stage of initial completion of a creative idea or project. Good foundations have been laid, enthusiasm is high, and there is a feeling of satisfaction and optimism about the project’s future potential. But there is still hard work ahead before the full promise can be realized.

The Empress- Suggests the onset of a more earthy phase of life. A marriage or the birth of a child might occur. You enter the realm of the body and the instincts, as a place of both peace and stagnation, life-giving and life-suffocating. You are not only a creature of spirit, but also of earth.

Ace of Pentacles- Augurs the possibility of material achievement, because the raw energy for this kind of work is now available to you. Often money is made available through a legacy or some other source, coupled with ingenuity and persistence to utilize these resources effectively.


In the past, you worked hard for something that never came to fruition. You felt it would pay off in the end, but ended up being more trouble than you originally thought.

You find yourself in a very confusing time. Life seems to give as much as it takes, and can oftentimes be exhausting.

Your hard work will pay off in the end. Be it financial, or emotional, you will be rewarded.

Let me know if this fit you.

P.S. My burritos are cold now. Hope you’re happy!

Answer by Hida
Crystal balls, tarot cards, barcodes, tattoos, talismans, masks, skulls, amulets, etc. attract demons. Meditation, chanting mantras, and astral projection lead to demon possession. Casting spells is asking demons for help. Ask Greek Orthodox priest to help you out (blessing your house, etc.) Most dreams and thoughts are from demons. To break any curse, pray slowly the Psalm “the Lord is my light and my salvation” 40 times a day for 40 straight days. That’s 1600 times in total. Also, if you’re in any trouble (like sleep paralysis), scream: JESUS !

Answer by Joseph
im sorry but you need to find a reader near you the cards only work if your the one to shuffle them.

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