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@R_E_S197 (Raffi Safadit) tweeted the following :
Omg I’m a fucking psychic !!! My prediction came true. #boss

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“Tarot Prediction & Divina: “Bring more depth to your tarot readings and unleash your psychic se

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Psychic* smh RT @R_E_S197: Omg I’m a fucking physic!!!! My prediction came true. #boss

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Psychic Twins Prediction Of Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Divorce

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the worst prediction a psychic ever made about you?

As listed above!

What is the worst prediction a psychic ever made about you?

I had a psychic predict I was psychic once.

Answer by whosgotthekitty
I have never been to a psychic, but I have always wanted to just to see what they would say!

Answer by holiday3024
They said I’d get married
And then have 7 kids!

Isnt that horrible?

Answer by hitesh2192
Im supposed to have ‘passed on’ by now, according to one of them.
I think im alive.

Answer by Stephanie
They told me I would die within five years, eight years ago

Also, the same one told me I was a first mate on a ship in a past life, and I go “really? you think I could put that on my resume?”
they got pissed =)

Answer by Aia P
told me i’d be rich and have lots of sex.

Answer by Barbara B
not kidding,a so called psychic told me when i was only 23 i would get aids unless i paid her 300 dollars to remove a curse!what a faker.happilly married and risk factors for that disease.but i was young and impressionable and that prediction messed with my head for awhile,but it was obvious she was trying to scare me into parting with money!!!i think some people are psychic-but she sure wasnt one of them!

Answer by גַּבְרִיאֵל
The eighth card, the reconciler, is placed below the cross in the third vertex of the triangle. This is the force that will resolve the conflict between the bottom left and bottom right cards. By meditating on this force and bringing more of it into your life, you can bring the matter at hand to a swifter conclusion than would naturally occur. 7 Mazze (Valor), when reversed: Failure to stand up for your beliefs in the face of a hostile majority. A self-fulfilling fear of failure or embarrassment. Great challenges met with cowardice. Quarrels, perplexity, and indecision at a crucial moment.

Answer by Gypsy Queen
that I was gonna have 2 marriages but wouldnt tell me how they would start or end….scared and still does scare the living daylights out of me when I think about it.

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