Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What kind of people are going to hell?

I ever went to a fortune teller one time to ask them about my future. And I used to visit web sites that tells fortune frequently to know my fate. Will I go to hell after die? Do people who visit fortune teller or is interested in fortune telling must go to hell as well as doing fortune telling for a business?

Answer by David
people who use the internet

Answer by trashtalkerxx

Answer by FAT STUD
Atheist, politicians, Obama, Mickey Mouse, Edward Cullen

Answer by Psych Lapse
Bigots, Prideful people who think they are somehow more deserving than others are the ones who will spend eternity in hell.

If, that is, there was one – which there isnt…

Answer by amyshortname
bad,bad people 😉
no yuo won’t,if you are a good person and don’t kill or steal regulary you will be fine 🙂

Answer by Water To Wine
The kind that make the choice to.

Answer by wolfsmoon71
All those who reject the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Answer by Scientific Pandeist
Jayden’s Mommy

Answer by Pantheist{P3D}
the smart ones .

Answer by God_Loves_us_so_much!
If you don’t believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as Lord and Savior of your life, then yes, you will go to Hell when you die.

Fortune telling is a sin, and God warns us in the Bible not to have anything at all to do with it.

Answer by Flamesamuray
Firstly , fortune tellers are fake and they make up the fortune telling. Secondly,bad people go to hell, so if u havent done more bad things than good things then ur safe from going to Hell!

Answer by Matthew

Answer by -Dave-
There’s no such thing as hell.

Answer by Tiger
people who believe in it

Answer by darkhorse
people who always sin and is so proud that they don’t repent. Fortunetelling is somehow a sin against the 1st commandment so if you don’t repent yeah you’re going to hell

Answer by Christine
No one goes to hell, it doesn’t exist, or if it does, its right here on this planet.

Going to fortune tellers is not a crime or a sin, at best, you’ll get some great advice, or have something to look forward to, at worse, you’ll waste money.

Answer by Dreamstuff Entity
Fictional people.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know a place you can rent a butler or doorman for a halloween party?

Im Having a Halloween Party and I wanted to make it the scariest yet and I was wondering if there was a place you can rent a butler, doorman, or fortune teller for the night. Thanks!

Answer by chinchy101
Normally, doorman are aka bouncers, but I’m sure they would be interested in earning some extra cash, so you may want to approach one at a local venue that would have such people as security. If not, try asking an uncle, male cousin or friend you feel could handle this and see if they’re interested in doing this for you.
I posted a link I found, where you may be able to email them and find out about how to go about hiring someone locally, for the same kind of service. They may be able to give you helpful information about how to approach and what to look out for if you’re not dealing with family or a friend. Good luck and have fun!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What enetertainment should I have for my birthday?

My sixteenth birthday is coming up, and i am going to take a limo into the city with 6 of my friends. After we eat dinner and shop we’ll be going to a hotel. In the morning i have decided that i want a henna artist and a fortune teller to come to the hotel and perform their services. Does anyone have any other ideas of what kind of entertainers i should get to come? anything that might be fun!! thanks guys!

Answer by Joy
To bring their computers lol, jk… Ummm.. jam with music.

Answer by james
You can arrange for Dj, magic and laser shows etc. In addition to this you can have personalized birthday background theme, cake in the limo for celebration to make your birthday memorable. For more details visit

Answer by morten
You have already planed very well but if you really want more entertainment, then you can play some quiz types games and also many more game available for play in group(when you stay in hotel). I hope it can full entertain to you at your birthday.

Answer by Victoria
That sounds like a lot of fun! Make sure that you have a reputable limo driver, because I’ve had some really awful ones that don’t know the locations of where I was supposed to be going and they had to stop and ask for directions because they didn’t know how to use the gps! lol.

Anyway, after you find a good limo company, some good entertainers may include a hypnotist. I’ve seen them perform at school and they were amazing! That night you could hire a DJ too.

Answer by v.t.
I know Stretch Limo guys have a sale this weekend for their most popular RV party bus in Chicago

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