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@FuzzyTara13 (#StayStrong) tweeted the following :
um.. yes lol how did you know? xD — PSYCHIC TARA XD

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@_ShivaniPatel (KeepingUpWithPatel♥) tweeted the following :
what song is playing this second — fucking hell psychic,…

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@Elianova06 (Eliana Coronel) tweeted the following :
I have this feeling when I knw a fren of mine is introuble n she’s hurting bt she won’t tell me n if I ask she won’t admit it #psychic

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ASK DR. WEISS: Spiritual love; psychic abilities; changing our destiny

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I am getting a psychic reading soon and ive come up with a lust of questions to ask her. The list includes questions about: Love, friendships, school, career, money, home, marriage, children. Can you think of some questions so i can see if i have them in my list? Thanks.

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