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RT @PiscesAreUs: A #Pisces born on March 15 is a mediator on the intellectual level and a medium on the occult or spiritual level.

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RT @PiscesAreUs: A #Pisces born on March 15 is a mediator on the intellectual level and a medium on the occult or spiritual level.

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RT @PiscesAreUs: A #Pisces born on March 15 is a mediator on the intellectual level and a medium on the occult or spiritual level.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What religions seem to lean more towards religious and what ones lean toward spiritual?

Yes there is a difference between the two. Religious has more to do with rules and ritual while spiritual is more felt and not restricted or at least how i define it anyways.
well… spiritual would be more metaphysical and peace loving focus i guess you could say.

Answer by Glu††øn ƒøℜ Pun!shmℇnt †
Define spiritual.

“felt” in what way?

Could be more fiction to grab your money for all I know.

Answer by Jack
Least spiritual is Orthodox Judaism for sure.

Answer by David O
For Religious:

If you’re defining religious as following tradition and rules in hopes of attaining salvation, Judaism is probably one of the most religious.

If you’re defining religious as existentially sound in origin, individual, and ends, then Christianity.

For Spiritual:

If you’re defining spiritual as living transcendental and taking everything as symbol rather than actual established meaning, Buddhism is probably the most spiritual.

If you’re defining spiritual as liberal, relative, and dependent on personal perspective, then Paganism.

Answer by Flying Above the Lotus
Lets take the religious stamp off of God and get to know Him as He truly is. Self is a delusion that mixes and dilutes Truth (reality) with illusion. God gave us this mixture so that we can have a taste of Truth (Reality) and decide if we want more or if illusion and it nature suites our desires more. Death is simply the result of the nature of illusion which is to pass away like a mirage. God is Love because He is the selfless image-less Spirit of Life our always in the Present Origin and Loving Father who Jesus was relating to by lay down his time oriented self identity and now is introducing us to Him also and ask us to do the same. God is Eternal which simply means that He is above the relativity which gives us our self identities and fragments and therefore causes our conflicts. Those who enter into the Un-Relative One by humbling the time created and Illusion rooted self identity prove they are son of God and that the Spiritual genes have precedence over the physical ones and therefore they become peacemakers. Illusion is that which appears, seems real, but then disappears while Truth (reality) is that which is and has been always. Time is just a word we use to describe illusion and its nature. God allows us to enter further into Truth which is Eternal Oneness or to walk in illusion which gives us the nature of Illusion which is to pass away. One day the Eternal fire of the Truth is going to destroy all illusion along with those who decided to walk in it because it suited their lust and desire and they will cease to exist even in memory after judgment. The bible is a example over time of those who were dealing with the Truth and also those who were not in different degrees. Now those who were seeking the Truth (reality) were actually leaving the nature of relativity behind more and more.

Answer by Miguel
forget buddhism,

I’d go for Hinduism,
Paganism, Kaballah, Hermetica, Roscrucianism, Roeri, Theosophy, Alchemy.

Answer by Michael
I would love to try to answer this if you had asked the question in a clearer more concise way. For now at least for me you didn’t give quite enough details for me to be able to answer this…

Answer by majnun99
That really has more to do with one’s individual path; any religion could influence a person in either way depending on how one looks at it.

Zen Buddhism and Sufism seem to be the least dogmatic as far as religious movements go.

Answer by Momofthreeboys
In general, and I will get flamed for this, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are more focused on dogma. As for ritual, that will depend on your sect. Buddhism, and some pagan religions focus more on personal spirituality, although, again depending on the group you are with, they can get into ritual too. The rest tend to fall somewhere between them on the spectrum of focus on dogma over spirituality while the emphasis on ritual depends heavily on the individual group/denomination/sect.

Answer by Veers த‌மி‌ழ்
All religions aims to lean toward spiritual. Religion is just a medium to reach Spirituality.But unfortunately most people give importance to the Religion than Spirituality.

Humanity is Ultimate goal.

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