Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What should I do during free time at work as a secretary?

I just got a job as a secretary. I make sure everything is complete but after that I have a lot of free time and I go crazy. I feel like that time of boredom could be used to improve myself somehow but I’m not sure how. Or it could be atleased used for some kind of hobby. I am allowed to bring a book or play on the computer. Any awesome suggestions?

Answer by allison l
Read books?

Perhaps take an online course form a college that does that. (Kaplan, Centenary College, ect)

Or just play the Sims All day

Answer by Christy P
i’m a secretary all soo books are great but sometimes boring .I’ve been trying to build muscle cause im small so i took a small arm weight to work and on my free time i work out my arms. i dont know being a secretary is just boring.

Answer by artistgmg3
Answer a bunch of Yahoo Questions. I’m serious. Its very fulfilling when you are able to help someone.

Find some forum sites about interests that you have and become an active member. Forums can be a lot of fun, even addicting.

Get interested in unworldly things like the supernatural, new age or religious thinking, ufo’s, ghosts, psychics, etc… and use your time to research them online, Can be a lot of fun…and scary too! Just don’t let it take over your life.

When I was working adn had free time, I often enjoyed “researching” stories about miracles that have happened to everyday people and angels. (I am now a full-time college student, so I’m not working).

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s with Psychic questions in the Horoscope section?

Does anyone actually answer these questions seriously? Or is everyone answering them for their two points and a good chuckle?

Answer by Isabelle (second account)
Some people answer them seriously. There are 2 people I know of.

They do not bother me anyway.

people seek help wherever they can.

Let’s put things in perspective. In all paid by the minute sites, fairs etc…..astrologers and psychics are put together. Don’t know if you have ever been to a psychic fair but folks ask ” do you want psychic, tarot, astro, angel reading etc etc..

No wonder people come on here. Do not blame them !!

An astrologer can be psychic as well (or not) and a psychic completely ignorant of astrology.

It is just a reflection of real life !

If some astrologers give answers for free ; maybe some very good psychics do as well.

Answer by Passion
There have been psychic questions in this section for the longest. I used to ask myself the same question your asking. Apparently, some people don’t get that astrology and psychics are two different things. Psychics have nothing to do with astrology but you just can’t get this through some people’s brains!!! I think for the most part majority of people just answer the psychic questions for two points and a good chuckle. You do have a few fakes on here that claim their psychic but for the most part nobody takes the psychic questions seriously. I also want to say that I do believe in psychics because I know that there really are some genuine psychics out there in the world. Not many but they are out there. I just don’t think a really good one would be sitting on yahoo answers all day long predicting and giving out answers to every psychic question asked.

Answer by J Kim
i used to be extremely annoyed by them… but now, i realize it’s just funny… sometimes, i will answer for two points and a “what an idiot” thought in my head.

honestly, i don’t really care if they waste however points they have to ask a question; it’s their choice. 🙂

Answer by Eden – The Sun Will Set For You
Missemotion75 answered mine and she’s pretty accurate 😀

Answer by dumshitz
I answer all questions that are suitable for this type of reading. Details such as name given at birth, date and month of birth and a clear sincere question is necessary.

I will not answer a question if they are too veiled or too vague.

Best Wishes,
Miss Zoe Dumshitz

There is no section for Psychic Questions so far as I know, and people do ask the questions. Clearly there is a need.

Answer by missemotion75
I do take the questions seriously,and i give serious answers.I am not just answering them for the points,i answer because i genuinely want to help those who have questions.I do work on a psychic site,i don’t feel that there is anything wrong with answering questions for free as well.God Bless

Answer by adherentofgod
that’s just a random answer

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