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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What should I do if I have psychic tendencies?

I have for awhile and really havent known where to turn, or what to do. I actually really dont believe in psychics or mediums, and am kind of scared of it.

Answer by mary 57whalen
Just psyc out man. enjoy what you can’t control.

Answer by GobyDude
Use them to get people’s passcodes, example credit card or social security numbers, then sell them to scammers and companies.

Answer by drgoodhi
You could be like that faker Sylvia Brown that claims to be psychic and appear on Oprah show and make millions duping ignorant people.

Answer by Ibrahim A
No need to be scared. Take it as it is. It will develop in yourself for your personal use and for helping others in needy circumstances or it may just go off eventually. Just keep calm and be your own self!

Answer by Edmar R
Be not scared and believe what you don”t. Trying would ease your trouble mind.

Answer by mazell41
It’s a gift just as some folks have a beautiful voice, sense of rhythm, artistic ability etc. You can either develop it to the good or ignore it altogether which by the way is rather hard to do. Saying you don’t believe in it doesn’t make any difference, you’ve got it anyway so use it & thank the Good Lord for the gift. Yes, I am a Christian.

Answer by longcoolwoman54
Well don’t be scared. I have them too. And this does not mean your a medium or have to go out and make money being a psychic. You have a gift. Don’t worry about it ok. Your not the only one in the world who has these tendencies. Just use them wisely. If you really want to feel better about it speak to your family doctor. You don’t need to feel scared. And if your going to be worried thinking about it from the time you wake up and go to bed, you will scare yourself more. So don’t be thinking about it all the time.
Relax and take care.

Answer by PIXXIE
I’m not sure what you mean by “psychic tendencies” do you see things in the future or past?

I have these feeling that things will happen. I get this strange feeling that something bad is going to happen or has happen to some one I know. I can also tell when some is a good person i can feel it. I don’t feel psychic just special feelings about things

But if you feel you have it relax get to know the feeling better how it works with you and go with it..Use it well

Answer by pack_rat2
Learn to master them and use them positively. There are plenty of books and other means of instruction that provide knowledge and training. Be careful not to get involved with any charlatans, cults, whackos, etc. You might contact the “Rosicrucian Society” (in San Jose, CA). Also, people at Unity Church, or the Unitarian/Universalist Church might give good advice. There are also Spiritualist churches out there that can help (in Tucson, where I used to live, there was one called the Tamara Foundation. They may have branches elsewhere).

Answer by psychic-junkie
You could think of it as intuition.

Intuition: A socially accepted term for psychic awareness. The meaning of the two words In and Tuition are interesting. IN comes from Middle English and Latin origin meaning SEE. And TUITION from Middle English and Latin meaning PROTECTION. So intuition really means see protection or protective sight. Next time you act on your intuition you can say you are acting upon your protective sight!

Arts of divination or extra sensory perceptions are diverse, numerous, ancient and new. Check out my growing list.

Answer by c321arty
Go to Vegas. Play poker, bet on the games, horse races. I wish I had that ability.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How Many of You Are On the OEC?

I have looked through this section and found many aspiring psions/psychics/mediums, and many who have already begun practicing it.

I really don’t want to advertise, but I am pretty well-known if you say so through the OEC, and I wanted to know how many of you are on the OEC as well.

If you are, talk about some of your skills, and leave some site links in the sources.
If not, feel free to click on the links…

Hello to my fellow OEC’ers.

Answer by John
I have a brother-in-law who used to be on the Oregon Environmental Council, but I never was. Nobody on Y!A I know of is on the OEC.

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