Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Should I Expect When Talking To A Psychic?

I’m jealous that I don’t have psychic abilities myself.
But that’s another subject…
I want to get one to talk to, but rather than ask them questions, I want them to make predictions, etc. to see how accurate they are.
I don’t really want to know about love or money.
Just what direction my life is going and is there anything I can do to make it better?

Answer by angryman1n
It’s a little foggy, but for $ 20 the picture may clear up a bit.

Answer by Sangre y Leche
I like angryman’s reaction. Sorry to say so, but I do think he says it all.
Most psychics are not really doing anything else then a ‘wanna-be’- psychologist. I know you don’t want to hear that, because you are jealous at being psychic yourself and you obviously really value their opinions.
But in most cases, they ask a lot of money, and all they do is listen to your story and reflect on that. Sometimes they make it look more mysterious with all kind of little tricks.
Even if people are really psychic, for questions like you have, you are way much better off with going to a counselor, for just one meeting. They will be more professional in helping you to reflect on what direction you are going with your life, and how to make things better.

Answer by Jonquill
You should expect cold reading.

Answer by General Knowledge
If a psychic told you that tomorrow afternoon at 4pm, you’d be driving a car along the main street in your town when a truck coming towards you veers onto your side of the road and flattens your car, killing you instantly.
Do you know what you’ll do?
Exactly, you’ll prove the psychic is a fraud by not being anywhere near your main street at 4pm tomorrow.
Even if you thought the psychic was a total fraud, you wouldn’t try (at your expense) to prove them right.
Therefore, those of us with true psychic ability won’t do fortune telling….not even for $ 20 to make it look clearer.

Answer by wushuboy001
Have them predict the lottery numbers and make sure they tell you which lottery it will be. (for some reason psychics are not interested in winning the lotto themselves, but thats thier issue)
Then if they get the wrong number, or refuse to answer, never go to a psychic again, you are just throwing out your money. Psychic powers are really just a game of making vague guesses and turning peoples reactions around so they think you are making magic predictions.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

As a psychic, I would turn you away if you wanted to test as that would waste your time & mine.

I would wait til you have an issue that you need guidance with & then go to a psychic whom you feel drawn to for guidance with an open heart & mind.

We are all psychic, it is a natural ability that we all own, stronger in some than others & needing to be developed in all!

Check out profile as I have some development packs.


Answer by the_hedda_lettuce
Well, the “psychic” that you are going to visit doesn’t have any psychic abilities either, but that doesn’t stop them from having the uncanny ability to separate you from your money.

They are trained to read your body language.
So if they are on the right track, you will subconsciously move forward in your chair. Your eyes will get larger. Your jaw may slightly drop.

Those are key factors they look for to know they have your attention and are telling you what you want to hear.

You know you best.
You know what your interests are, and what gets you motivated.
Not sure about a career? Then try and use their free tests.
And if you feel you need some sort of fulfillment in your life, try volunteering. Whether at a hospital, animal shelter, or soup kitchen.

Answer by SkepDoc 2.0
Expect them to ask you a lot of vague questions like “I’m getting an M, Mary, Madeline…what does that mean to you? It could be someone you know, or someone a loved one knows.”

Try going to a psychic and not giving them any verbal feedback and keep your facial reactions suppressed. Watch them flounder when they can’t use cold reading. Wild guessing is not very impressive.

Answer by LILY
if u ask some question and he/she answers with concern, guidance, advice and if he/she is understandable or is trying to help u solve ur question then u can say that he/she is atleast a half-psychic.

Answer by Mycroft
Ah, but you are psychic. Everyone is, it is just more apparent in some than others. If you don’t give up and have a continued interest in learning and using psychic abilities you will. That is my fine prediction for you.

Answer by John S
You can expect to hand over money and hear nothing that you couldn’t
have thought of yourself.

Answer by Deenie
Don’t be jealous that you don’t have great psychic abilities. Sometimes it can be more of a burden than a blessing. If you do find a real psychic…they’re not usually 100% accurate…so you really don’t know if what they’re saying is really accurate. What if they tell you something bad and you spend the rest of your life worrying about it? Or, what if they tell you something good that isn’t true and your life is destroyed while waiting on it to happen. A psychic told me I’d be rich and famous. I’m on Social Security. lol I lost everything. I had a good job..but they were against psychics….so it didn’t go over well that I had been to one. Just don’t be blabbing about what they tell you to anyone you can’t totally trust. Even if they tell you something that is true…it can change. Both bad and good can change.

Answer by The One
Hi Ziggy,

It is time to leave the capsule if you dare.

Now that you have done that, please note that there is actually no such thing as anyone having such abilities. No one has yet claimed the million bucks on offer for such proof. Even if they have “no need for money or petty possession” (which btw is just self justification for people with nothing), there are many charities they could give it to if they wanted to really help. So please do not be jealous of things that are not real.
Santa has a flying sleigh pulled by magical reindeer with a sack full of all sorts of wonderful toys too. But that does not make him real.

If you want direction try reading a proper self help book. Such as
“The magic of Thinking Big”
“A Purpose Driven Life”
“Management and Self Deception”
or many many others. But just remember, it you and only you that controls your direction, your purpose, your destiny.
Here is a little saying of just ten, two letter little words that will always hold you in good stead:
“If it is to be it is up to me”.
In other words there are no magic cures.

But over all, you can overcome anything with a positive outlook and a will to succeed in whatever it is you wish to pursue.

Hope this helps

Answer by Fera
Expect Cold-reading.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think psychics and mediums who are legit?

Some make false predictions that never come to pass or make general assumptions about people in the audience (cold readings etc) but do any of them actually possess the ability to communicate with the dead and/or predict future events?

The bible speaks of the dead being either unconscious or on another plane of existence so if you believe the bible you will likely be skeptical or doubtful of someone who claims to be able to talk to the dead as either that person is flat out lying or is being deceived by demons.

Answer by cryptic_non_sequitur
they are all frauds …

Answer by BatMario
Stop at the word Legitimate.

None of them are legitimate, it is all guesswork and collaboration.
There is no such thing as a psychic.
Don’t bring up Nostradamus because he has already been debunked.

Answer by Dogstar: Non angeli, sed Angli
When did you ever hear of someone winning the lottery every single week?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think Phil Taylor was right and the Jets will win the Super Bowl?

In the Sports Illustrated NFL Preview, Peter King predicted that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl (which is, of course wrong) but in the Point After section, Phil Taylor wrote that he went to a psychic named Madame Katherine to ask her who would win the Super Bowl. She predicted the New York Jets, not the Giants. Well the Giants are not in the playoffs and the Jets came back from large odds to reach the divisionial playoffs. So, do you think Phil Taylor and Madame Katherine was right?

Answer by Jordan
Maybe, but if they dont that just proves that psychics are wrong!!!!!

Answer by IronLung™
Doubtful with Sanchez being a rookie.

Last QB rookie to take there team to a super bowl was Dan Marino.
I think Phil Taylor was eating some magic mushrooms.

Answer by Emilio
physics really cant predict the future
so jets colts saints ravens etc can make it to the superbowl and win

Answer by I Bleed Orange & Teal
Wow. As a Dolphins fan I hope not, but I’ll be coming back to this question on Super Bowl Sunday.

Answer by Frank M
In the sense that there is a psychic who can predict super bowl champions, absolutely not. However, the Jets are playing lights out on defense and their offense is protecting the football. As it stands they have a 12.5% chance of winning the super bowl. Not a bold prediction, only a reality. Stick to what you know.

Answer by imkillerblue
i seriously doubt it im not sold on the jets easy #1 Defense,offensive line and run to me that is untrue
like all of it is good but the best is easily debate able. Every team in the play offs has a chance to go to the superbowl no chumps from a easy division running around and i don’t think they will beat the chargers my score is 30-32 San Diego

Answer by Ken
No, I think San Diego ends their season next week.

Answer by football chick
no but I would not be surprised if they upset the Chargers next week

Answer by Brandon
I was thinking the same thing! (But I’m pretty sure she was picking the Bills. They’re from New York, not New Jersey.)

Phil could actually be right about this one. I think the Jets have a great shot at winning the championship with their rushing and defense. If they do, Phil deserves some huge props for that one. No one would have thought to pick the Jets.

Answer by Miracles
Maybe it will be Deja Vu with the JETS… remember Joe Namath..rookie…Rex Ryan..rookie.

You never know but I am with the Jets.

Answer by Oma
I don’t think so.

Although Ben Roethlisberger took the Steelers to the superbowl his rookie season, and that team looked a lot like this Jets team! Kind of wierd!

I don’t think the Jets will be able to eliminate the Chargers, or score enough points to beat the Colts if they do somehow slide past San Diego.

Its deffinitely been a cinderella season, but they won’t live happily ever after.

Written by SuperPsychic

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