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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What to take in college to be a video game designer?

So I’m pretty sure I want to be a VG designer, from the descriptions I’ve read online and all that jazz.
I know it’s not an entry job, and I have to work myself up to that position.

For college what should I major in?
What kind of classes should I take?
Anything I can do now to prepare myself a bit more?

Answer by Jalen
You need a solid foundation of geometry-to make the game realistic and make objects move naturally.Calculus is important to understand how things change over time.Linear algebra is VERY important to determine location of a object,its speed,and the direction its moving.Algebra is important in a game with shops.For example if each arrow cost 20 coins and you buy 5 then;5(20)=total cost of arrows.Science wise,its important to understand how light works to render real-looking objects.But in general,math and science are essential;however english and history classes wont be of much use.

Answer by Doc Martin
Haven’t you been researching previous Y!A Questions asking the same thing?

There are FAR mare gullible wannabe Video Game designers than there are jobs available. Many jobs in this industry are going overseas, where talented designers make $ 3/hr.

You best strategy is to get a flexible/general degree in Software Engineering Technology, which teaches techniques that can be used in many areas of computing, while keeping the door open for Video Design.

Answer by Frankie M
Study Computer Science focusing on animation.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I get started with video game creation?

I have a book on Python, but I really don’t know much about programming, so I kinda want to be acquainted with the basics before reading a whole book. So what I want are those helping programs that require no programming at all. Can I get some recommendations on good ones? I would prefer free, but the licensed ones are fine too.

Answer by evaohell
You should first find a game that has a level editor…A simple game like Doom, quake, and others have editors…lots of RPGs have toolsets where you can design levels/chapters/dungeons etc.

Most game designers started that way…I know that Stevie “killcreek” Case, who was a major gamer and former ID employee, got her rep as a quake level designer and as a player who beat John Carmac…I personally know a guy at my job who got his start as a game designer because he was playing online with an exec in our company…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What should my first message be in online dating?

I have started online dating and while looking though profiles I think I found some really good matches.

How should I break the ice with first message to them.

I am 20 yo btw, and these girls are in the 18-20 range as well.

Answer by Elisa K
”your fit”;_ylt=As_EWki4LqaPKbUzBnqW1Orsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090726173926AADCroU

Answer by qtpie
“We seem like a good match! If you want to talk more here is my AIM…email…. etc”

Answer by Info-Hog
2 things…

1.) Read 10 Killer Online Dating Tips For Men. It’s free and the link is below.

2.) Watch AJ’s video on how to use Facebook to women. Some good ideas here. The link is below

Answer by Adela
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Answer by princy
dont hesitate in such a mateers , be bold man..You shoud mention in your first message the things like “i hv gone through yr profile and found it very interesting, and you also hv all those traits i am looking in girl who could me my good friend” as i m not an expert , so you can take your own ideas too. I knows an online dating website. you can also visit there.

Answer by bebobob
Make sure it doesn’t read like all the messages that those 18-20 yo girls are receiving from other guys!

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