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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What type of psychic ability is this?

A few times this week, I had different experiences. Example, people in my class were talking about a subject and then in my mind, I heard a voice that said, “She’s going to bring your business into the subject.” Within five seconds later, this female talks about an incident that happened with me. The next day, before I took my fiber pills out my bag to take them, I heard that same voice again saying someone was going to ask, “What am I taking?” And then, it happened.

Is this a sort of psychic ability? If so what kind?

Answer by ?
Sounds like the psychic variety of schizophrenia. Try to use it while you can, I used to have premonitions when I was younger but I out-grew it.

Answer by inteleyes
It’s an ESP ability…to good intuition

Answer by The Whistling Gypsy
There are no psychic abilities. You were daydreaming.

Answer by Richard The Great
You might be developing a personality disorder psychic abilities don’t talk to you it comes naturally during thought no voices

Answer by psiexploration
Your examples better match the idea of intuition than psychic abilities. For instance having a good read on the situation and being able to predict what direction the conversation will go, especially when you provide prompts to help it go there like pulling out pills, is not any form of psychic ability or even intuition it is simply a reasonable guess or predictions that turns out to be right.

For a good read on intuition see the first link below.
To explore psychic ability see the second link below.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone out there that thinks they could have some psychic abilities?

What makes you think you do?
How do things come to you?
Are you ever wrong with your prediction?
Is it like there is someone higher talking to you?
Do you have to know someone really well before you can see things?

I’m going through this right now, but i think i’m in like the “toddler” stages and i have been in this stage since i was a kid and i’m not sure how to go further to make myself better with this…..

Answer by MrM
I have prophetic dreams.
I can sometimes read thoughts.
I sense spirits.
I also have some weather mirroring abilities.
I can also sense death.

My prophetic dreams do come true and I believe they are the work of angelic intervention since these dreams usually show me something I need to avoid. I usually avoid the foreseen problem by ‘remembering’ the future event told to me in the dream. Since I avoid it, I don’t know if it would come to pass or not. So I cannot prove it, but I don’t try to anyway.

I can sometimes picture things others are thinking in my mind. I can also project thoughts, particularly music, into others minds. A very strange thing that sometimes happens is that I will be listening privately to a song with earbuds at a low volume and find someone across a somewhat crowded office begin humming or whistling the tune I am hearing. I know they cannot hear the song being played, so how are they picking it up since it is not on a radio station, but in my personal song list?

I feel and sometimes hear spirits of a non-angelic form. I also can sense where something is dwelling and avoid that place.

I usually see a specter of death before someone I love is about to die or is in danger of dying.

The weather stuff is just too weird and I rather not go in to it. This power is fading for me, now.

I actually find that the strength of your powers fades as you age along with your other strengths. If you develop your spiritual faith and awareness, though, you will find that certain things will come to you more lucidly and you will know their source better.

Answer by Just LiL’O Me
I know I do.Everybody is different.
It just that too many things have been spot on. I do not talk about it much.
I hear and see visions.
I do not make predictions, not a fortune teller. But I ask questions and I see or hear the answer. If I am open too it.
Noone higher is talking it is like a old friend that is telling you. Someone you have known your whole life BUT its not you.
Knowing some one really well can help but it also can hurt. If they are open to their psychic abilities it is easier. If they are very closed I dont go on with it. They are my friend after all.
I understand what you are saying about “toddler stage” . Go get some books and read on it. Ask for guidance. always meditate, and use the white light to protect you in everything you do, everyday too! Email me if you want to chat more!

Answer by SadharaSatguru

Yes. I have worked with spirit for over 20 years.
Things come to me clairvoyantly & direct.
Yes we can all be wrong.
Yes I have guides.
No, strangers can be better to work with.

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Answer by Lanosrep NoitamrofniÔÖü
Because we all do to varying degrees. It’s called intuitiveness. Some have lost their abilities because they were never developed, but everyone is born with them. It’s part of nature, and the word psychic causes the human mind to be deceived by what it really is.

It’s the same as a dog smelling fear. Which is very real.

Answer by BladeRunner
i have a thing for just knowing things, like my phone will say i have a text from across the room and ill know who has text me, even if that person hasnt spoke to me for awhile, ive spoken to people and told them what their mates/other halfs are doing such as walking their dogs or dog, without ever knowing of this person ill just know.

also i can sense things about to happen, like once someone spat a spit ball at me, i didnt see it coming i didnt see them prepare it, but suddenly i just lifted my book to the side of my face and it hit the book instead of me.

I once performed a magic trick and someone caught me out, and they shuffled the cards properly then asked what card was 4 cards down, and the first thing i thought was 10 of diamonds, so i said it, and it saved my magic trick cos 4 cards down was the 10 of diamonds.

also once i suddenly thought “get out of the car” when my dad was driving me to work so i ordered him to stop and i walked to work, later that day my mum called and said my dads engine blew litrally 2 minutes after i got out, he was fine but the car was a wreck.

no one says anything to me, i dont hear any voices i just suddenly speak or just do something that will just well be like the stuff i just told u, or suddenly a thought will pop into my head.

i cant answer peoples queries cant do the lottery etc, i wont get those, its really really random stuff that happens, the card thing was the only time ive ever had to really think.

although i have brill tarot reading skills.

Answer by Justin R
You should kill yourself for being different than everyone else in society. It’s just one of those matter-of-fact things.

Answer by Nari
I keep getting bad feelings… they’re like i feel all dazed and can hardely breathe… once this happened while i was talking to a friend and i felt it. I said, something bad is going to happen in the near future. and sure enough, my bus crashed into the woods but everyone was ok. i almost died that morning. i’m almost never wrong with these things…

Answer by William
Yeah I do to breifly answer your questions-

1) The ghost of Les Dawson tells me things
2) The ghost of Les Dawson tells me things
3) Only when the ghost of Les Dawson is playing a joke on me.
4) No Les Dawson was quite short.
5) No Les Dawson knows all.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any celbrities or well known scientists who believe ANY of the 2012 predictions?

There sure are a lot of predictions for 2012…

Are there any famous people or credible scientists who believe this stuf?

Answer by April
Sylvia Browne-the psychic?

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